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Year 5

Gymnastics in Sapphire - Thursday 30th January

RE in Sapphire - Tuesday 21st January

Sapphire worked exceptionally hard to represent a Buddhist story through the creative arts in their RE lesson this week. Challenged to consider and select how to interpret either Siddhartha and the Swan or The Lion and The Jackal, they worked in small groups to create a key symbol for the story and to reinforce the meaning of the story using either drama, dance, art or music. See if you can spot the messages of being kind to all living things, not judging others before you get to know them and not spreading rumours: Miss Kropman was very impressed with the outcome of Sapphire's work! 

Sidddhartha and the Swan represented through dance in RE - Tuesday 21st January

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Sapphire's STEM afternoon with Miss Buttle - Monday 9th December

Sapphire's Super Circulatory Assembly - Thursday 5th December

Year 5 Sapphire's completed Viking clay work - Thursday 21st November

UKS2 Completing Joe Wickes' Work Out for Children In Need - Friday 15th November

Year 5 become News Reporters!

Last Thursday, Year 5 had the chance to use our green screen and become news reporters. Our new English unit is all to do with Newspaper Reports and the children were introduced to range of different reports whilst trying to identify the features that these reports all have in common. Please enjoy the videos below but I do apologise for the quality of sound (and some of the floating heads you may see).