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LKS2 (Years 3&4) 2021-22

We have had a busy, inspiring, creative and reflective term in Years 3 and 4.  The children have played hard and worked hard.  I hope these pictures give you a flavour of what we have all been up to.  Ending the term, with our trip to Bhaktivedanta Manor felt special.  The message we all took from the Hindu Teachers was to ultimately respect one another, afford kindness to one another and to cherish all life forms, whether human, animal or plant.  A poignant message in our current times.  One I think the children took to heart. Here's looking forward to a fun-packed summer!

We're very proud of our puppets that we made in Design Technology. We programmed them to move with spheros!

A visit to a secondary school in Welwyn Garden City for some fun sports activities led by the secondary pupils!

New Play Equipment: What can we say? The pictures say it best.

Ruth Craig, our visiting author brought her very cute pug along! We all enjoyed dressing up and writing lovely poems about animals. They are in a class book on display in the library. Please read them.

Another week another dog! For mental health week we learned that animals can be therapeutic. This is Mrs Thomas's lovely dog that she brought to school.

We all enjoyed reading our class story in Onyx so much (Varjak Paw), that during Science we made our electrical circuits into Varjak's eyes!

Bhaktivedanta Manor: Hope these give you all a flavour of the day!

Last but not least, the premier trophy came to visit!

Look at our cartouches!   They ward off evil.  We all need that!  Hope you enjoy these.  We certainly enjoyed making them.

A warm welcome to the Autumn Term to Years 3 and 4.  We have enjoyed meeting all of our children and getting to know one another.

In Onyx, we had a fun Literacy lesson last week, trying to internalise a fable.  Enjoy looking at these photos to see the children having a go!

In Science we looked at digestion this week.  We learnt a lot of new words!  I wonder if your children can remember any.  We used tights (which in itself made the children giggle) and an apple to model how food has to squeezed in the process of digestion before it exits the body as waste.