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BP Sports Week 

Little Gems Sports Day

Well done to all our Little Gems for such a great

morning of being active and participation. 

We are all so proud of you 


Great to see great team work in their blind folded obstacle course. 

This week we all had a go at playing different xylophones, they all made beautiful music and expressed their  feelings through the different sounds they made.


Everyone on the texture walk indoor and outdoors



Week 8


We had a great time making our very own aquarium/fish tanks.

The children mixed food colouring with cream cheese to make the water for the tank, they then spread it over the rice cake and then they  decorated the tank using peppers, broccoli and tomatoes. 


We all had a go at writing our names in the yellow sand.


We played different games in the astro pitch. 


We all had a go at making patterns using different resources. 


Sophie and her sister Ellie made their very own aquarium at home and they brought it in and showed it to our Little Gems 

Well done girls 







Week 7


We have enjoyed being Kings and Queens 


We are all 'Proud to be British' singing the National Anthem



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Week 5 

Have a look at all the great things we have been getting up to......

We wish you all a great holiday and look forward

to seeing you all soon!!

Week 4 


Little Gems working and playing hard

Week 3 

Our Little Gems have had a great week exploring different activities whilst being Superheroes

We have continued to practice our hopscotch skills in the playground.


Week 2 


More pictures to be added.....


sounds of the week

 matching numbers to quantities

 exploring our Seasons topic

 observed our caterpillars grow and discussing life cycles

 making  play dough

 weather mobiles

 danced to African music whilst playing the drums

 explored the construction area

 performed in our talent show area

 drew beautiful observational drawings of daisies

 we enjoyed playing playground games such as hopscotch

an environmental  shape walk around the school

 we discussed what an author is as well as an illustrator.


On Friday we finished of our busy week and all the children cut up fruit and vegetables and made edible mini beasts. 

On Fridays we have also started our Mindfulness sessions, the children enjoyed it and we had some quite time at last.....


Enjoy the photos more to come 

Week 1 

23rd-26th April 

We have come to the end of our first week back of the Summer term. All the children have settled in well to the class environment and the daily routine.


We would like to say a thank you to Reeah Seewoo for coming in and helping us on Tuesday.


We would also like to say a belated congratulations to Ayla and her family for

their new baby girl.


We had an sizzling start to the term when we welcomed Anna's Animals into Little Gems. All the children were so brave and all had a go at touching and or feeding the animals. Please see photos below.


We have also welcomed our Caterpillars into our class,while we are waiting for them to cocoon, we have housed them in the fish tank temporarily to avoid them being heavy handled, therefore our fish will now be arriving next week.


Our Little Gems have been sharing all their knowledge on our topic of Mini beasts and we have together learnt many new facts.

Appologies that the pictures from our trip to Gobions have not been uploaded til now. 

Thank you all for coming along and sharing the morning with us. We had lots of fun we  hope you all did too. 

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We’re Little Gems, We’re Little Gems, We’re Little Gems that’s us!!! This week the Little Gems have all been learning about stickman. They have thoroughly enjoyed joining in with the story and taking part a range of stickman activities from counting stickmen to making their own. We have also created beautiful Mother’s day gifts and cards and planted our own sunflower seeds for us to watch grow.


This week we said fair well to Elena and Mrs Emmons, we are sad to see them go but we are very excited to see what Mrs Ingram has in store for us too.


Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to our class visit to The Gobians next Wednesday.


This week we read The Very Hungry Little Gems Caterpillar; the Little Gems have eaten their way through the week trying all the different fruits. They have made their own cocoons using matchsticks, explored printing colours and then with the matchstick and colours into beautiful butterflies. Following the theme of life cycles from the book, the children were able to represent the different stages using their bodies and then applying this to their knowledge of a frog and a sunflower. After re-enacting the story in several different ways, the children could talk about how the caterpillar feels at the different stages of its life cycle.


Furthermore, they have re planted carrots, beetroot and pumpkins after clearing out the digging patch. The Little Gems enjoyed playing with the robots and wowed us with the number knowledge, being able to recognise when things are the same.


Enjoy your weekend


This week the Little Gems have tiptoed back into the deep dark woods in search of the Big Bad Mouse. The children have retold the story of The Gruffalo’s Child, explored the idea of creating shadows (using the characters from the story and drawing around these on the playground), baked Gruffalo paw cookies, developed our cutting skills and used bricks to measure the prints left in the snow by the characters.


The children have also learnt two new sounds ‘e’ and ‘l’, compared the length of snakes and measured them using Unifix bricks and finally the Little Gems have thoroughly enjoyed playing with our new mud kitchen built by one of our lovely parents.


Have a lovely weekend


This week the Little Gems went on a Bear Hunt. We started the week reading the story and followed it up by exploring the story in different ways. The children thoroughly enjoyed re-enacting the story around the school. Along with this the Little Gems created their own white mud to ‘squelch squerch’ in, made a bear to put onto our story display and explored different sounds. On Thursday it was World Book Day – the Little Gems looked amazing in their costumes.


Have a relaxing weekend and we can’t wait to see you all Monday.


This week The Little Gems have taken a trip to the deep dark woods in search of The Gruffalo. The children have created several versions of the Gruffalo using a range of different materials. They also had the opportunity to taste Roasted Fox, Owl Ice Cream, Scrambled Snake, Gruffalo Crumble and finished off making Gruffalo Tea. The children have retold the story, sung the Gruffalo song, built the different characters from the story homes and opened up our very own florists. They have also been continuing to learn new phonic sounds, recognise a sphere and continue to work on their physical development and balance skills both on the bikes and the trim trail.


Have a lovely weekend.


Olá, Hola, Hallo, مرحبا, Bonjour, this week the Little Gems managed to visit three continents, It was a very tight squeeze but we made it in time for half term. We visited Africa as well as North and South America. The children were treated to some special snacks from these areas which included Biltong, humous, guacamole, nachos, tortillas and hotdogs. They also got to make African bracelets, Ojo de Dios, Indian chief headdresses and Valentine's cards.


The Little Gems have made it safely home after all their travelling this half term read to refresh their batteries ready to return after half term.


Have a safe and relaxing half term and we can’t wait to see you soon.


Ni hao,

This week The Little Gems made their way to China. They started the week creating their own Chinese dragon and which they took to the hall and danced around while listening to Chinese music. The children have also had the chance to make their own Chinese vegetable stir fry which they all thoroughly enjoyed making and eating. Along with this The Little Gems got to practice using chopsticks to move jelly, play with noodles, create pictures using tangram shapes, copy Chinese symbols, had the chance to make lucky money wallets, made Chinese lanterns and got to eat prawn crackers.


If that wasn’t enough The Little Gems have also learnt about the story of Chinese New Year and play games with the animals and the Beebots, learnt two new sounds ‘p’ and ‘g’, used positional language to describe who came first, second, all the way up to twelfth and continued to cook in our Gingerbread café.


The Little Gems are now ready for a rest ready for their visit to the next countries.

Have a lovely weekend. smiley

G’day, this week The Little Gems travelled to Australia this week to celebrate Australia day last weekend. The children have been very interested in the native animals to Australia as well as the different foods. All the children managed make lamington and eat fairy bread which the children thoroughly enjoyed. We have created our own Australian flags, tried our hand at aboriginal art and ordered Australian flags.


Also this week the Little Gems have built many different constructions, explored the robots, continued with our balancability, compared different heights (saying who is taller, shorter, bigger or smaller) and learnt the new sounds ‘i’ and ‘n’.


We are now in preparation for the journey to our next country, see you all there.


Och aye, the Little Gems travelled to Scotland this week. At the start of the week the children decided how we could travel there by looking at a map of the U.K. They decided that we could get there by plane, boat (specifically a speedboat), train, car and one child even said we could get there by walking a little bit each day and stopping in a hotel at night, we all thought this was a great idea but would take a very long time. When we arrived in Scotland the children got the chance to make Scottish shortbread, listen to the bagpipes playing and learn to do the highland jig. Some of the children even made their own tartan and tartan paper chains.


We've had a great week exploring Scotland to celebrate Burns night, however, we now have a long journey to our next stop! We look forward to seeing you all there!


This week the Little Gems have been so busy, we started with our balancability for the term with the children learning to weave their bike through a slalom course and working on balancing along the stepping stones finishing with walking up and down stairs carefully.


The children have also been continuing to learn their sounds, they now know ‘m’, ‘a’ and ‘s’ and are looking forward to learning more sounds next week. We went for a walk around school looking for heptagons, however, they didn’t find too many. Some Little Gems brought in some lovely things in to share for show and tell. For our topic we have looked at the Arctic and Antarctic and the animals which live there.


Have a relaxing weekend and we can't wait to see you all next week.


Happy New Year to all, it’s been great having the Little Gems back this week. They have loved exploring the classroom again trying out all the new activities, games and role play. We have been working hard this week developing our fine motor skills in our new early morning groups, exploring the new robots and beebots, learning in our new Gingerbread Café along with sorting shapes, recognising patterns of dots on the dice and experimenting with the giant sponge in the water tray.


We have been learning the phonetic sound ‘m’, recapping our shapes and numbers to 5, looking at the globes and talking about New year and making resolutions all in our carpet sessions without continuing mindfulness and recapping our class rules.


Have a lovely weekend, we can’t wait until next week.


Congratulations Little Gems on completing your first full term. You have all come so far in the last 14 weeks and we have enjoyed watching you grow and flourish.


This week the children have enjoyed some lovely Christmas activities. Creating their own Christmas bauble, creating a picture for their calendar using the iPads with the help of Ruby class, making beautiful Christmas cards, as well as taking on the role of being Santa and playing with snow. This week we also had our Christmas party and an amazing Music session with Sophie’s Mummy.


Have a Wonderful Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.


Wow, the Little Gems have been amazing this week. They all performed their Christmas Concert brilliantly three times, twice to the parents and once to the rest of the school. They all knew what they had to do and their singing was fantastic. We are so proud of them!


Not only did they perform so well they have had great fun exploring a range of Christmassy activities, enjoying our Santa’s Grotto and playing in snow tray. The Little Gems have also been mastering how to put on their own coats and zip it up independently to keep out the cold weather that we have had this week.


We are looking forward to celebrating our last week before Christmas.


The Little Gems have been working incredibly hard this week, practicing their Christmas Concert. This week we enjoyed reading The Gingerbread Man and we kicked off the week with a visit from a real Gingerbread Man – however he didn’t stay long before he ‘ran, ran as fast as he can’ around the school. The children thoroughly enjoyed using their detective skills, moving around the school following clues that he had sent them. On Friday we finally found him sitting in Mr Conway’s chair! In amongst all this, we still managed to get some work done in our class: finishing off our vehicles they have made with Mrs Magdich, decorating their own gingerbread person, exploring our new role-play area and working in Santa’s workshop. Finally we had a visit from Matilda's Grandma, who taught us about the festival of Chanukah.


Have a relaxing weekend smiley

The Little Gems have been incredibly busy this week learning all their songs for our Christmas concert. We have also had two visitors in this week starting with the Dogs Trust who came in to talk to the children about how to be safe around dogs as well as learning how to pet a dog sensibly. The next day we had a visit from Mr and Mrs Thomas who brought in their puppy who is in the early stages of guide dog training. He was welcomed into the class by the children and they all got the opportunity to practice what they had learnt the day before.


Enjoy the long weekend smiley

The Little Gems have been very busy this week, with lots of amazing role play based on our visitors this week, Potters Bar fire brigade. The children really enjoyed the visitors – learning about fire safety and watching Mrs Magdich try on one of the fireman’s uniforms. The children then got the chance to explore the fire engine itself, even getting to sit inside the truck and having a go at spraying the hose.


The children have been working on their number knowledge, by using numbered emergency vehicles; they have been talking about different people who help us and using play dough to make different tools that people need to fulfil their jobs. The children have continued to enjoy using our police station too.


Have a great weekend.smiley

This week the Little Gems joined the rest of the school in celebrating anti-bullying week, by coming into school with odd socks on Monday. We continued this theme throughout the week by colour mixing our favourite colours and creating a hand print in that colour to add to our friendship wreath. We were also talking about being kind to each other and how this makes us feel – highlighting how important it is for us to try make people feel the same.


On Thursday we had a visit from Paramedics Lisa and Michael, who came in to talk to the children about their roles in the London Ambulance Service. The children learnt about who to call when someone is seriously injured and the different types of vehicles, that are used by the emergency services. The children also got the opportunity to test their blood oxygen levels and their heart rate, as well as trying on some of the uniforms. Finally, they got to go inside a real ambulance and try out the different seats.


We have had a very busy week, so we wish you a restful weekend and look forward to seeing you all again, when we have another exciting visitor!smiley

It has been great to see the Little Gems back this week. We have been really busy learning about the Gunpowder Plot, Diwali and Remembrance Day. This was in addition to introducing our topic for the term, “People Who Help Us”. We had a visit from our local Community Police Officer Sam, who showed us her Police car and allowed us to talk to her friend on her radio. The Little Gems have really enjoyed playing in our own Police Station in class - making their own finger prints and suspects!


We look forward to meeting another member of the emergency services and to the Anti-bullying and Children In Need events this week.


Have a lovely weekend Little Gems.smiley

Congratulations to the Little Gems for completing their first half term. They have all been fantastic at learning your new routines and making new friends. We finished this half term off with the lovely village trip; the sun even came out to make it feel a little warmer.


This week we have enjoyed taking part in lots of different spider activities; the children were able to explore pumpkin puffy paint, which when it dried was really bouncy to touch - we used our number knowledge to match numbers and quantities, as well as using tweezers to try and pick up spiders and creepy crawlies.


Have a relaxing and fun half term and we look forward to our next half term, where we will be learning about "People Who Help Us" and celebrating other significant events and festivals which will be happening.smiley


See you soon!

We have been so proud of our Little Gems this week. It was so lovely to see so many coming back for the cross-country event on Thursday. Congratulations to all who took part.


The rain did not stop us on Tuesday, with the children putting on their puddle suits and wellies on and continuing to play outside; the experience of using the mud kitchen, or using chalk on the floor in the rain, was thoroughly enjoyed by all.


The children also got to build on the balance skills, in our balanceabilty session; the children were all able to remember how to put their helmets on and were learning to undo them independently, along with being able to control the bike while walking.


This week the children have loved exploring the new den making set, and have built several different structures, which they have then enjoyed taking turns to explore inside. They have been so proud of their creations.


We can't wait for our Village Trip on Monday.

Have a Lovely weekend.


The Little Gems have been very busy this week.


We started this week with our first Balancability session, with all the children taking part in a balancing agility course; they also learnt how to put on and take off their own helmet, then walk around the hall with their balance bike trying not to drop them.


The Little Gems have loved exploring the mud kitchen this week. They have really enjoyed making mud cakes, pancakes, bread and pastas. Another favourite this week, has been using the play dough to make characters – surprisingly characters with ‘giant eyes’ were very prevalent. The children have all taken part in a pattern making activity, using the small teddy bears;


We look forward to seeing you all again on Monday. smiley

Village Trip Information

It has been a fun filled week in the Little Gems classroom.


We started the week joining the rest of the school for the harvest assembly (thank you for all your donations for the Potters Bar food bank, they have all been greatly received). This was then followed by a wide range of different Autumn/harvest activities, from leaf and bark rubbing, making kites, making bread, digging up carrots and finally planting some herbs. Along with all these activities we have still had time to run our mile a day with Year 4, play a matching game in groups, watch the circus tent being erected and share several items from the children’s cultures or heritages. We have thoroughly enjoyed sharing all the items the children have brought in Thank you.


Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday morning. 




Parent curriculum meeting.


Thank you to everyone who joined us today for our curriculum meeting.  We hope it was helpful.  Please do not hesitate to ask us if you have any questions.

The Little Gems have been amazing this week, continuing to explore the classroom environment while spending time with their key workers. We started our daily mile this week with the help of Opal class. The children have each made a new buddy to run with; it has been lovely to see them running and talking together. We are excited to continue joining up over the next week.


Have a great weekend. smiley

This week was our first full week in Little Gems, they have all settled in so well, it’s like they have been here forever. The Little Gems have continued to explore their new learning environments, particularly using the painting areas. This week we have also enjoyed opening up Little Gems Lunchtime Café, with the children all bringing in a nutritious and healthy packed lunched.


On Monday, we ventured to the hall to join the rest of the school for the library challenge celebration assembly; it was so lovely to see the Little Gems up on the stage with the rest of the school.


We are already looking forward to having you back next week, have a lovely weekend. smiley

What a fantastic first week in the Little Gems Classroom, all the children have settled in so well. Together we have all explored our new classroom and playground areas. It has been great fun making new friends and learning to play together.


Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday!smiley

Welcome Little Gems!

It was great to visit so many of your beautiful houses over the last few days and get to share all your wonderful toys and books. We can’t wait to share all ours with you next week! We have lots of fun things planned to do throughout the term, such as a walk to the village and having visits from emergency services.


We have heard so much about all your new uniforms and bags, so make sure that you pack your bags with your Mummies and Daddies the night before so that you have all the things ready to bring to school on your first morning.


Throughout the next few weeks we will be learning about Ourselves. We will be learning about how we are all different/same as well as the things we need to make us fit and healthy.


We can’t wait to start your Little Gems journey next week.

Mrs Emmons, Mrs Magdich and Mrs McInnes .