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Super Map Homework - 15th December 2022

Thank you to all those children who produced some fantastic maps for their homework this term. We were all really impressed with the wide variety of interpretations of the brief and the fantastic models and maps that were produced.  The children received large numbers of house points as a reward for all their hard work.


UKS2 Making Christmas Cards with KS1 - Thursday 8th December

Years 5 and 6 combined with Years 1 and 2 this afternoon in a collaborative project. Mrs Yeldham had tasked us with making Christmas cards for all the shop and business owners in the village, which will be delivered by members of the Pupil Parliament next week. As you can see, we LOVED doing this. Thank you to UKS2, who were fantastic buddies to our children. We are all looking forward to doing something together again soon.


Maths - This week year 2 have been using manipultatives to help them with their addition skills.

KS1 Visit from World Champion Gymnast Courtney Tulloch 

Today we had a visit from Courtney Tulloch, who is a British Bronze medal winning World Champion gymnast on the rings. First, he wowed the whole school with an assembly showing off his skills including a walking handstand and a leaping forward roll (over some brave teachers!). He also talked about the resilience that he has needed to overcome some of his gymnastic challenges, including failing to be picked for the British team some years ago.

After the assembly, the children took part in a fitness circuit organised by Courtney. Despite being challenging, the children showed brilliant resilience, cheered on by Courtney, and we are very proud of everything they achieved. Thank you to all the parents who sponsored the children to participate in this fantastic fitness event.

Science - KS1 have enjoyed investigating whether different materials are waterproof this week.


Key Stage 1 have had a busy start to the new school year.  We have been looking at place value in our maths learning this half term.  We have played games using all our maths manipulatives to help secure our understanding of these concepts.  We have also been looking at shapes - both 2D and 3D.  We particularly enjoyed guessing the shape from clues about their properties.

In our history lessons, we have been looking at toys  – both now and in the past.  The children really enjoyed sharing both their own toys from home and toys owned by their parents and grandparents.  Thank you for sharing these with our children! They were fascinated by these older toys.  The children also enjoyed investigating some Victorian toys, which we were fortunate to be able to borrow from the Hertford Museum.  We compared how these toys were similar and different from their own toys.


In our science lessons this half term, we have been looking at materials and their properties.  The children have been looking at lots of different objects, sorting them by type of material they are made from.  We then looked at the different properties that materials have and have started some investigations into these properties.  We will be continuing these investigations after half term.

Finally, we have rounded off this half term with our Autumn week.  Thank you to all those children who brought in their findings from their Autumn walks.  We looked closely at all the Autumn objects the children found and they then used these observations to write some fabulous Autumn poetry.


What a busy half term we have had!