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Spring Term


World Poetry Day - Opal

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We based our poems on 10 Things Found in a Wizard's Pocket, and the children adapted the poem to include their own ideas.

World Poetry Day - Onyx

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Saltmine Theatre Production

On Monday 11th March, the whole school had a fantastic afternoon today watching the Saltmine Theatre’s performance of ‘The Rhyming Bible’ as support for our RE curriculum. Based around the story of the Bible (namely creation, Moses and Jesus) the play featured excellent enthusiasm from the young actors and some super audience participation!

On Monday 4th March, we got to experience a cultural presentation full of fun activities that truly brought religious education to life! It's amazing how much you can learn from experiencing something first-hand. From feeding cows, to a delicious curry lunch - this day had something for everyone!

Friday 1st March 2024  


LKS2 have had a fabulous day learning all about life in Ancient Egypt: from making canopic jars for mummification to perfumed wax melts; from using papyrus and powdered inks to scribe in hieroglyphics to making their own bread; from designing and making their own jewelry to carving scarabs into soap. 


Every single child has behaved in an exemplary way and enjoyed every aspect of today. Our morning was spent working around the different stations, creating different items common to Egyptian life, while our afternoon was spent in celebration with singing, dancing and acting - some criminals even had their hands cut off to please the Pharaoh! 


The photos are a small representation of the fun and learning that has happened today, and I am sure all the children are fizzing with new facts and experiences. Many of them even dressed up as funky pharaohs themselves! 

Who doesn't love a good book recommendation?

Outdoor Geography Fun!

Today, we embraced the sunshine to take our geography learning outdoors! ☀️ The children were tasked with finding the best settlement site, from our school surroundings, building upon all of their prior learning. Here are some reflections to showcase their fantastic findings.


'My settlement had water, defence and food. My settlement was near the pond, although that does present the risk of flooding.' (Dylan, Year 4)


'My settlement was good because it was up high so we could see enemies approaching. There was lots of water and food nearby.' (Max, Year 4)


'Our settlement was good because it was close to water, but not too close for flooding. There was lots of space for farmland, shelter and we were high up to see enemies! (Ayla, Year 4)


'I think my settlement would come in handy: it has shelter, water (which is not that far away), food and farmland. Next time, I would make sure there is greater defence!' (Mary, Year 4)


'Our settlement was effective because we were near farmland and there was lots of shelter. We had walls and quick transport links. We are luckily near a water supply and had entertainment (e.g. slide, pole, climbing frame). We were also off ground, which helps us see any intruders so we can prepare.' (Bella, Year 4)

George did make it to school on Monday! 😃 🎯