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Upper Key Stage 2 (Years 5 & 6)


End of term message - Wednesday 21st July

Dear UKS2 Children and Parents/Guardians,

Well done for being absolute stars this year. Every child has worked to the best of their ability through a testing pandemic and it has been such a pleasure to have an uninterrupted summer term! Thank you for all our lovely end of term gifts. We hope that you all have a wonderful, well-deserved break.

The UKS2 Teaching Team x 

Year 6 Leavers' Assembly - Wednesday 21st July

Well done and congratulations to the fantastic Year 6 cohort for a brilliant assembly this morning. It was such a privilege for your teachers to hear your memories, present you with your awards and watch you graduate. We are SO proud of you and wish you the best of luck at your secondary schools. We will really miss you next year.

Parents - please look out for the video of your children ringing the bell, which Mrs Davies will post to the 'video library' section of this website. 

Year 6 Leavers' Party - Tuesday 20th July. Thank you to all the parents who ran this wonderful event!

UKS2 Sports Day - Monday 19th July

On a gloriously sunny day, Years 5 and 6 gathered on the field for an action-packed track and field competition! Tasked with placing each member of their house in to a minimum of two events, the house captains led magnificently to organise their teams. The morning track events began with the obstacle course, progressing to other races including the egg and spoon, skipping, relay, 400m and 100m. With the scores very close, we broke for lunch. In the afternoon, our attention turned to field events such as the standing long jump, triple jump, speed bounce, javelin, shot put, cricket throw and target throw. The children all competed with excellent determination, courage and sporting behaviour, supporting each other throughout. The day was brought to a close with Mrs Davies announcing the final scores. Congratulations to our Sports Day champions, Water!

Final scores:

Earth - 700 house points

Fire - 720 house points

Air - 780 house points

Water - 845 house points

Week beginning 19th July

This week, UKS2 will be learning about:

English - completing information leaflets linked to our SRE

PE - rounders and our phase sports day

PSHE - transition activities

Year 6 only - leavers' celebrations

NB There will be no new spellings from now until the end of the term. We will, instead, be recapping those previously learnt throughout the year. 

What a beautiful day for a mini fete! Thank you so much to the PTA for organising this brilliant event for us - Friday 16th July

Year 6 Campout - Thursday 15th and Friday 16th July

What a way to kickstart the Year 6 leavers' celebrations, with an entire year group camping on the field! Year 6 had a wonderful experience together last night as they set up their tents, ate pizza and chips, boogied with DJ Honey Monster, captured the flag, toasted s'mores and spent the night under the stars! We all had such a fun time celebrating the end of your time with us, Year 6. You are all such superstars and it was an honour and privilege to see you so happy with your friends! Huge thanks to Mr Bentall and all of the parent helpers for working so hard to support us having a brilliant time. 

Campout disco time! - Thursday 15th July

Still image for this video

Campout Conga! - Thursday 15th July

Still image for this video

UKS2 Showing support for Saka and anti-racism - Wednesday 14th July 

Last Sunday saw the disappointment of England losing the Euro 2020 final on penalties to Italy, which led to some very unhappy children (and teachers!) on Monday morning. What upset us even more as a phase, however, was learning of the racist abuse which some of the England penalty takers had received on social media. Whilst Miss Kropman was busy thinking of ways we could record messages of support to our England heroes, Raffy (Topaz class) had been planning to write and deliver a letter to local resident Bukayo Saka. Just moments later, a school-wide idea had been born, as each class began to create their own ways of showing their pride in Saka! Topaz and Sapphire wrote letters and messages on Monday and Tuesday, whilst Ruby formed an awesome poster display on the playground. On Wednesday morning, the whole phase dressed in England colours for an aerial photograph to demonstrate their support for Saka. Raffy is looking forward to delivering our messages later this week. Well done, UKS2; Miss Kropman is so proud of the eloquent way you have tackled racism this week and of your passion to stamp this out in our country. 

Police visit to Year 6 - Wednesday 14th July

Year 6 had a great morning today as a PCSO and police officer came to deliver a talk about cyber bullying, online safety and road traffic awareness. What was even more invaluable, however, was the opportunity for Year 6 to ask questions about the law, having now all reached the age of criminal responsibility! Thank you so much to officers Sam and Dean for giving their time to visit us. 

Topaz exploring 'big questions' in RE - Monday 12th July

DT final scones baking - week beginning 12th July

UKS2 have been absolute superstars this week in order to complete their DT projects. They have accurately measured ingredients and followed their own recipes to create unique sweet and savoury scones. We are so sorry that our tea parties had to be cancelled, but hope that you greatly enjoyed tasting the fruits of their labour at home! 

Week beginning 12th July

This week, UKS2 will be learning about:

DT - completing our project by baking our final scones and holding our tea parties (weather dependent) 

English - creating information leaflets linked to our SRE

PSHE/Science - relationships education and drugs/alcohol abuse

RE - Exploring big questions

Art - Amazon art  

PE - athletics and ball games

NB There will be no new spellings from now until the end of the term. We will, instead, be recapping those previously learnt throughout the year. 

Year 6 trip to Lee Valley White Water Centre - Friday 9th July

What an incredible day at Lee Valley! Year 6 enjoyed exploring kayaking and tackling the inflatable obstacle course 'Water Wipeout'. So many smiles could be seen and laughter heard. Mrs Gray couldn't resist getting involved in the action and ended up in a kayaking game 'bonus points for splashing the teacher!' Your daredevil children were an absolute credit to you all and they deserve all of the fun which is coming their way!

Topaz's awesome Mayan masks made with Mrs Jackson - Wednesday 7th July

DT Week in UKS2 - week beginning 5th July

UKS2 have been having a fun time in Design and Technology Week this week, exploring classic British dishes. We have researched sweet and savoury dishes and chose to make scones given the nutritional data supporting them being the least unhealthy sweet snack! Following a recipe with great accuracy, each pair chose a different sweet or savoury ingredient to add to their mixture. We then had a fantastic afternoon tasting our scones in order to decide our preferences! This has enabled us to plan our own scone recipe for next week's tea parties. We have carefully considered the baking process for these and look forward to welcoming our guests! On Thursday, we shared our homework research about different cuisines from around the world and enjoyed comparing these to our classic British dishes. 

Sapphire's Circle Time web of memories from this year - Monday 5th July

Week beginning 5th July

This week, UKS2 will be learning about:

DT WEEK! - We will be learning about the history of British foods and the importance of culinary customs. We will also be baking scones and then designing our own in preparation for tea parties the following week. 

Maths - problem solving 

Art - Amazon art  

PE - athletics

NB There will be no new spellings from now until the end of the term. We will, instead, be recapping those previously learnt throughout the year. 

WELL DONE FOR A FANTASTIC WEEK OF JOSEPH PERFORMANCES, YEAR 6! Thank you to Mr Kelly for taking such wonderful photographs!

UKS2 Virtual Big Sing! - Thursday 1st July

This afternoon, we took part in a national initiative to encourage Covid-secure bubble singing in schools, as we joined thousands of other children across the country in a virtual pop concert. Broadcast live from Abbey Road Studios in London, famous faces took to the stage including Professor Green, Gabrielle, Aston Merrigold and Becky Hill. The favourites amongst our phase, however, had to be the performances by Nathan Evans (the Wellerman Sea Shanty) and Joel Corry and MNEK's Head and Heart. Here are a few pictures of Topaz enjoying listening to the interviews and singing along!  

Topaz superbly exploring the key achievements and legacy of the Ancient Maya - Tuesday 29th June

Year 6 Positive Minds - Tuesday 29th June

Year 6 completed their eighth Positive Minds session this morning, with a specific focus on emotional literacy. We explored a range of different emotions through the medium of drama and then considered emotional regulation techniques. An informative video signposted us through the five different stages of grief before we discussed our experiences with stress and worries. At the end of the session, we created our own stress buckets, with the taps to drain this linked to coping strategies. Miss Kropman and Mrs Pollington were very impressed with the mature suggestions made. Well done, Year 6!

Week beginning 28th June

This week, UKS2 will be learning about:

NB This is our 'Joseph' production week for Year 6, with multiple performances throughout the week! In addition, the phase will be learning about:

English - Year 5 portal stories

Maths - Year 5 geometry

PSHE additional for Year 6 -  Positive Minds Education - Transition for Secondary School  

History - having a debate about the important legacies left by the Ancient Maya

Music - Virtual Big Sing 

PE - athletics

NB There will be no new spellings from now until the end of the term. We will, instead, be recapping those previously learnt throughout the year. 

UKS2 Dance Festival - Wednesday 23rd June

Thank you to all the parents and family members who came to support our socially distanced dance festival this afternoon! We hope that you enjoyed watching our dances and that you were suitably proud of your talented children! 

Well done to Mrs Pollington's dance group, Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz classes. You were all absolutely incredible today! Mrs Pollington will be sharing the links to the videos of your performances via the website's video library, so look out for these! In the meantime, here are some photographs of our dress rehearsal yesterday. 

Week beginning 21st June

This week, UKS2 will be learning about:

NB Year 6 will be rehearsing for their 'Joseph' production in the mornings throughout this week! The whole phase will also be rehearsing and performing in our dance festival! 

English - Year 5 portal stories

Maths - Year 5 geometry

PSHE additional for Year 6 -  Positive Minds Education - Transition for Secondary School  

History - creating a Diamond 9 for what the Ancient Maya have done for us today  

Art (on rotation) - Amazon art

PE - athletics 

UKS2 Spellings for week beginning 21st June

Jewish Museum Workshop - Tuesday 15th June

On Tuesday 15th June, UKS2 were lucky enough to have a visit from Shereen from The Jewish Museum, Camden. Shereen led a workshop for each class about discrimination and the events that led to Jewish people being persecuted by the Nazis during WW2. We began by exploring art work detailing Jewish-owned shops being boycotted in Germany and discussed how this might have impacted on young, Jewish people at the time. Shereen explained that the British government wished to help protect vulnerable Jewish children and how, as a result, they set up the Kindertransport (kinder = German for child). The Kindertransport was a train which brought hundreds of Jewish children to Britain just before the start of the war, where they were then fostered by British families. We got the chance to explore objects behind their stories which are housed at the museum, including a Havdallah spice box (used at the end of Shabbat) which a man who had been on the Kinderstransport had found buried at his home in Berlin when he returned there some years ago. Sadly, his parents had perished in one of the concentration camps, yet he had managed to escape a similar outcome due to the kindness of his British foster family. Throughout the morning, UKS2 revisited much of their WW2 and Judaism learning from during the year.  It was an engaging and interesting morning and we would all like to thank the Jewish Museum for visiting us.

‘We found it really enjoyable to learn a bit more about what life was like for Jewish people before the war.’ – Poppy and Sienna

‘I found it really cool to learn that our government was brave enough to create a train scheme to save Jewish children in the late 1930s, even though they knew it would anger Adolf Hitler.’ – Boris

‘I found it interesting to learn about Jewish children’s lives and how they changed in the war.’ – Jersey

Ruby and Topaz exploring water resistance in science - Monday 14th June

Week beginning 14th June

This week, UKS2 will be learning about:

English - Year 5 portal stories, Year 6 drama 

Maths - Year 5 geometry, Year 6 statistics

PSHE additional for Year 6 -  Positive Minds Education - Transition for Secondary School  

Science - forces - water resistance

History - the Mayan Gods and exploring what the Ancient Maya have done for us today  

Art (on rotation) - Amazon art

PE - athletics and dance festival preparation

UKS2 Spellings for week beginning 14th June

UKS2 SSG Day - Friday 11th June

UKS2 rounded off Sports Week with an incredible day of activities provided by SSG today. During the morning, we each got to try rock climbing an insanely high wall which had been erected on the field. Showing no element of fear, Years 5 and 6 demonstrated excellent core strength and agility with many hitting the bell at the top! The fun didn't stop there, though, as we also got to take part in the Spider's Web, Toxic Waste and Inflatable Terminator courses throughout the afternoon. This was a fantastic end to our week and we would all like to thank Mrs Davies, Mrs Zerny and Mr Williams (Schools' Sport Partnership) for organising the activities for us over the past five days. 

Year 6 Water Games with Mrs Zerny - Thursday 10th June

UKS2 Lacrosse Workshop with Mr Tiley from Welwyn Lacrosse Club - Thursday 10th June

Topaz creating bunting for the Stitch N Knit village display to promote mental well-being - Wednesday 8th June

Year 6's fun morning of multisport activities at Monk's Walk School - Wednesday 9th June by Elise and Kirsti 

On Wednesday 9th June, Year 6 took a trip to Monk's Walk School in Welwyn Garden City, where we did a variety of different sports including: dodgeball, football, hockey, archery and kick rounders. There were also many different stations with other activities for us to try, which were led by Year 7 students from the school. We were split into six groups, with three on each side of the large astroturf court throughout the morning, and we enjoyed competing against each other! Everyone had a great time and we would like to thank Mr Williams and his pupils from Monk's Walk. 

UKS2 Pok-a-Tok Afternoon - Tuesday 8th June

UKS2 enjoyed a lovely afternoon of beautiful weather today, learning about the Mayan ball game 'Pok-a-Tok', which historians believe was the first ever team sport. After learning about the game through exploring a series of artefact images, we were amazed at how difficult it sounded! To score a goal, the team of five players had to get a small rubber ball through a suspended hoop...but without using your hands, feet or head! Only knees, elbows and hips were allowed to elevate the ball which, as you can see from the photographs below, required a great deal of skill when we came to have a go ourselves! 

Year 6 Dance Workshop - Monday 7th June

Year 6 Dance Workshop - Monday 7th June

Week beginning 7th June

This week, UKS2 will be learning about:

English - Year 5 portal stories, Year 6 drama 

Maths - Year 5 regular and irregular polygons, Year 6 pie charts

Art/DT - Craft work for a village display for 

RE - exploring Christian beliefs about forgiveness

History - the Mayan ball game  

Art (on rotation) - Amazon art

PE - athletics and dance festival preparation

SPORTS WEEK! - dance workshop, Pok-a-Tok, Monk's Walk multisport trip for Year 6, lacrosse workshop, water games and inflatables day! 

UKS2 Spellings for week beginning 7th June

Happy Half-term, UKS2! - Thursday 27th May

Dear UKS2,

Thank you for another excellent half term's work. We have loved having an uninterrupted seven weeks and are very pleased to have so much to look forward in the remainder of the term. There will be no Google Classroom homework set over the break, but please do continue to read for pleasure and mark this on your bookmarks. Year 6 - please also continue to learn your 'Joseph' lyrics and don't forget to complete your comprehension for 10th June, too.

We hope you have a relaxing and fun week off and that the weather continues to improve! Well done for being such an incredible phase and for being a credit to our school.

Mrs Gray, Miss Kropman and Mr Neiman x 

UKS2 History Day - Wednesday 26th May

UKS2 began their new history topic with a fun day of learning about The Ancient Maya today. In our first lesson, we discussed what we already knew and what we would like to learn about the Maya. We then explored how we could learn about an ancient civilisation today by becoming archaeologists! After carefully extracting multiple pieces from our sand, we pieced together the artefacts to establish what we thought they were used for. We then learnt that they were: a temple, a calendar, a death mask, an ocarina, a hoop from the ball game, a king’s pendant and cocoa beans used to make chocolate.

After break, we took part in a timeline of world history activity to secure our understanding of when and where the Mayan Civilisation was. We located Central America on a map and then sequenced the different historical periods throughout our time at Brookmans Park, adding in facts that we could remember about each one. Finally, we compared two time periods and accurately placed the Ancient Maya within our timeline.

During the afternoon, we explored how Mayan society was organised. We firstly had to decide which Mayan job role we had been assigned and then linked this to hierarchy both in the past and in the modern day. We then drew a diagram of this to demonstrate our understanding, completing our history day!

Topaz's Five Note Swing with improvisation - Monday 24th May

Week beginning 24th May

This week, UKS2 will be learning about:

English - Year 5 portal stories, Year 6 transition tasks

Maths - Year 5 arithmetic, Year 6 transition tasks

PSHE additional for Year 6 -  Positive Minds Education - Transition for Secondary School  

PSHE (all) - compassion 

Music - performing and improvising within 5 Note Swing 

History - an introduction to The Ancient Maya 

Art (on rotation) - Amazon art

PE - athletics and rounders

NB: There will not be any new spellings taught this week 

Maths Challenge Award Year 6 Winners - Friday 21st May

Four of our most talented mathematicians from Mr Parkes' maths group took part in the National Maths Challenge earlier this month. As the youngest participants (the award is open for schools Years 6 - 8), our four competitors were tasked with solving complex problems using all of their mathematical knowledge and they all performed brilliantly! The highest scorers across the country are awarded with certificates in bronze, silver and gold categories. In a phenomenal feat of achievement, we had three children awarded silver and one win the gold award. She will now progress to the national Kangaroo Challenge next month, where she will be pitted against fellow gold students from across the country. Well done to all four children pictured below! 

Topaz learning the lead melody for 5 Note Swing in music as part of our Jazz unit - Wednesday 19th May

Still image for this video

Topaz's science lesson - Wednesday 19th May

UKS2 have been learning about air resistance this week, which is a type of friction which occurs between air and another material. We looked at examples of objects travelling through air and the effect of the different forces in action (gravity and air resistance) before turning our attention towards parachutes! After a super discussion about factors which could affect the speed at which a parachute falls to the ground, we set about investigating the impact of different sized parachutes. In groups, we planned our investigations and then created our sky divers using bin liners, string, tape and a paper clip. To ensure we carried out a fair test, we kept the drop height, weight, strings and location the same and completed each drop three times to ensure accurate use of our stop watches. From our results, we were able to conclude that the larger the surface area of the parachute, the longer the parachute took to fall to the ground. This was due to increased air resistance. We hope you enjoy looking at the photographs of our investigation in action! 

Year 5 English drama work to explore The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe - Tuesday 18th May

Still image for this video

Year 5 English drama work to explore The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe - Tuesday 18th May

Miss Kropman's Year 6 maths group using manipulatives to demonstrate their understanding of finding percentages - Tuesday 18th May

Sapphire and Topaz exploring what the Christian concept of a loving and holy God might hate about the world today - Monday 17th May

Jayden's chicks come to visit Sapphire! - Monday 17th May

Topaz's geography lesson - Monday 17th May

Topaz explored deforestation in more detail today, arguing for their personal beliefs about the negative effects of this on the Amazon rainforest. They created their own diamond 9 to demonstrate the different levels of consequence and tried to persuade others. In addition to the super video clips featured below, Miss Kropman was also particularly impressed with:

Jersey - 'I put plants might not be able to be used as medicine at the top, as cures for diseases such as cancer and childhood leukemia could one day be found within the rainforest. If we cut down too many plants, they could become extinct and the cures would die with them.'

Maximos - 'I put people being forced to leave their homes and move to cities at the top of my diamond, as I don't think it is fair that they should have to move when they have always lived there. It could also lead to an increase in crime if too many people live in cities and clash.'

Well done, Topaz. It was lovely to see how passionate you are about caring for our planet!


What did you put as the worst consequence of deforestation and why?

Still image for this video

What did you put as the worst consequence of deforestation and why?

Still image for this video

Week beginning 17th May

This week, UKS2 will be learning about:

English - Year 5 portal stories, Year 6 transition tasks

Maths - Year 5 problem solving, Year 6 transition tasks

Geography - deforestation

PSHE additional for Year 6 -  Positive Minds Education - Transition for Secondary School  

Science - forces - air resistance

Music - learning and appraising 5 Note Swing 

RE - exploring the Christian concept of a loving and holy God 

Art (on rotation) - Amazon art

PE - athletics and rounders


UKS2 Spellings for week beginning 17th May

Topaz art colour wheels with Miss Shaw - Thursday 13th May

Deforestation groups posters in UKS2 - Wednesday 12th May

UKS2 Geography - Monday 10th May

UKS2 have been learning about shifting cultivation in their topic lessons this week, with a particular focus on the Amazon rainforest. We began the lesson by exploring the term 'shifting cultivation', which is a farming system in which plots of land are cultivated and then abandoned. Whilst discussing how communities change over time, we also viewed a documentary clip about a tribe living in the rural area of the Amazon basin. We then drew a diagram of shifting cultivation before listing advantages and disadvantages for both rural and urban communities. This was quite a tricky concept to learn about, and UKS2 all demonstrated a super understanding throughout the lesson. Well done, everyone! 

Year 6 Cycling Proficiency - each day, week beginning 10th May

Week beginning 10th May

This week, UKS2 will be learning about:

English - Year 5 environmental persuasion, Year 6 completing a narrative

Maths - Year 5 problem solving, Year 6 summary of this year's learning 

Geography - shifting cultivation 

PSHE additional for Year 6 -  Positive Minds Education - Transition for Secondary School  

Art (Topaz) - colour wheels 

PE - athletics and rounders

As it is Bikeability Week for the Year 6s, we will be completing some fun topic work across the phase when in class during the remaining lessons this week. 

UKS2 Spellings for week beginning 10th May

Year 6 Positive Minds PSHE - Friday 7th May

This morning saw the third of Year 6's Positive Minds transition programme, supported virtually by Watford FC's Community Trust. The session began with us exploring the importance of looking after both our physical and mental health, and discussing signs of health and struggles in both of these. Next, we looked at different coping strategies that can be used at school, at home and if we are feeling angry. We also learnt box breathing, which is an effective method to use to regulate ourselves if we are ever feeling stressed. The final challenge of the day involved us lying down and balancing a cup and ball on our heads. We were tasked with standing up using both hands (bronze challenge), one hand (silver challenge) or no hands (gold challenge) - a real test of our resilience! We hope you enjoy looking at the photographs and watching the videos of two successful gold challenges!   

Positive Minds Challenge Success! - Friday 7th May

Still image for this video

Positive Minds Challenge Success! - Friday 7th May

Still image for this video

Year 5 English - Thursday 6th May

Year 5 have been studying how to create persuasive arguments about deforestation in their English lessons this week. Today, they practised using Point, Evidence, Explain to strengthen their ideas. 

UKS2 Handball session with Mr Williams from the Schools Sports Partnership - Wednesday 6th May

UKS2 enjoyed an afternoon of PE today with Mr Williams. We began by working in pairs to practise throwing a handball and then developed our running skills. The lesson ended with a handball tournament, which was great fun! 

UKS2 exploring friction - Tuesday 4th May

Week beginning 3rd May

This week, UKS2 will be learning about:

English - Year 5 environmental persuasion, Year 6 drama with scenes from 'Joseph'!

Maths - Year 5 angles, Year 6 revision of key concepts 

Science - exploring friction

PSHE additional for Year 6 -  Positive Minds Education - Transition for Secondary School  

Art (on rotation) - Amazon art

PE - athletics and rounders, plus handball with the School Sports Partnership on Wednesday afternoon 

UKS2 Spellings for week beginning 3rd May

UKS2 Running ‘England does the Daily Mile’ - Friday 30th April

UKS2 took part in a national celebration of the Daily Mile today, with a fun outdoor assembly kickstarting the proceedings. After discussing the many physical and mental health benefits of running the mile, we began the race! Everyone completed this brilliantly and won points for their house. The overall house winner will be announced next week, but congratulations to our top finishers: Girls - Izzy D and Izzy M (joint), Leila and Dollie  Boys - Daniel, Zac and Rocco

Year 5 Maths lesson exploring angles inspired by the artist Kandinsky - Thursday 29th April

UKS2 Rounders Club - Wednesday 28th April

UKS2 Science - Tuesday 27th (Ruby and Sapphire) and Wednesday 28th (Topaz) April

UKS2 worked exceptionally hard during their science lessons this week to understand that unsupported objects fall towards Earth because of gravity. We began by learning that weight (how heavy something is) is caused by Earth's gravitational force and we compared this to the Moon, which has no atmosphere and less of a gravitational pull. We looked at images of craters formed by meteorites and predicted how the depth and diameter of these might change according to the weight and size of the meteorite. To practically investigate this, we got into small groups and were given a box of flour and cocoa, and a variety of objects. We weighed each object and dropped it from the same height -  to ensure a fair test - before measuring the depth and diameter of the crater. From this, we were able to conclude that the more a meteorite weighs, the deeper the crater and the more dust, earth and rock is scattered! The diameter of the crater, however, depends on the size and shape of the meteorite. We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures of our investigation in action!

Topaz using primary and secondary sources to learn about the Brazilian city of Manaus - Tuesday 27th April

Sapphire playing tennis in PE - Tuesday 27th April

Topaz's stained glass window designs after exploring symbolism within the Christian church in RE - Monday 26th April

Week beginning 26th April

This week, UKS2 will be learning about:

English - Year 5 environmental persuasion, Year 6 writing a narrative

Maths - Year 5 angles, Year 6 revision of key concepts 

Science - assessment for learning task and an initial exploration of forces

PSHE additional for Year 6 -  Positive Minds Education - Transition for Secondary School  

Geography - writing a report about the Brazilian city of Manaus 

RE - exploring symbolism within the Christian church 

Art (on rotation) - Amazon art

PE - athletics, tennis and rounders 


UKS2 Spellings for week beginning 26th April

Year 6 Positive Minds Transition - Friday 23rd April

Year 6 began their Positive Minds programme this morning, supported with resources from Watford FC's Community Trust. We started by discussing what mental health is, and how everybody has a sliding scale of good and poor mental health. Then, we played a fun activity of Human Bingo (well done to Jersey, who won this in Topaz!) and had to find a different person to fit 25 criteria. Next, we learnt about celebrities who have publicly talked about their issues with mental health, including Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Lady Gaga and David Beckham. We completed a quiz about mental health terms and then ended the lesson with an 'elephant in the room' (Nellie!) activity. Individually, in pairs and as a class, we discussed possible reasons why people are sometimes reluctant to talk about mental health. Miss Kropman was incredibly impressed with the mature answers suggested, which included how people might feel embarrassed or how they might fear being judged by others. We discussed how to overcome these worries and reiterated the message that it is always important to talk about our mental health. Well done, Year 6. This was a super start to this term's well-being and transition unit! 

Miss Kropman's Year 6 English group - Thursday 22nd April

We have been continuing to explore powerful narratives this week and, today, viewed a clip from Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban which created plenty of drama for the viewer! Have a look at these excellent examples of writing to create tension, which were inspired by the clip:

Anger running through his veins, Harry’s body was engulfed in the blinding darkness. He was running alone in the night. At least, that’s what he thought…Harry, exhausted, took refuge on the hard, concrete pavement. An ominous flicker took place above. Suddenly, Harry’s ears were burned with the infernal screech of playground equipment which gradually got louder. Louder and louder. A rustle was emitted from the bush. A black figure appeared…Fear lit up in Harry’s blue eyes like a burning candle as a bus entered the scene. The ‘Knight bus’. Harry let out the small fragments of a sigh. Relief. His belongings scattered on the ground, Harry stood up and entered the bus…


Rage enveloping his veins, Harry charged out of the house into the blinding darkness of the night. After winding along street after street, Harry decided to take refuge on the pavement, where a street light overhead aided his vision. Like a dangerous premonition, the light began to flicker, extinguishing and leaving Harry in the pitch-black. An ear-piercing wail made him turn around: alerted. The see-saw crashed down. The roundabout screamed.


Engulfed with fury, Harry thundered into the bitter night. The infernal sounds of the rusty swings enveloped his ears as the oxidised see-saw smashed against the ground. The playground, however, was completely deserted. Blinding darkness. Roaring silence. Flickering lights. A groaning roundabout. Harry’s soul was embraced with mixed emotions. Frustrated, he slumped on the damp pavement and paused. What did this all mean?


Topaz improvising within the 'Three Note Bossa' in their music lesson - Wednesday 21st April

Still image for this video

An excellent Year 5 rap poetry example! - Wednesday 21st April

Still image for this video

An excellent Year 5 rap poetry example! - Wednesday 21st April

Still image for this video

Topaz's completed art work with Miss Shaw - week beginning 19th April

Week beginning 19th April

This week, UKS2 will be learning about:

English - Year 5 rap poetry, Year 6 exploring how to create tension within a narrative

Maths - Year 5 3D shape nets and translation, Year 6 revision of key concepts 

Science - assessment for learning task and an initial exploration of forces

PSHE - Rights and Responsibilities

PSHE additional for Year 6 -  Positive Minds Education - Transition for Secondary School  

Geography - exploring the Brazilian city of Manaus 

Music - Jazz, improvising within 'Three Note Bossa' using the notes G, A and B 

Art (on rotation) - Amazon art

PE - athletics and rounders 


UKS2 Spellings for week beginning 19th April

UKS2 Homework Grid for the Summer Term

Mrs Gray's English group exploring poetry - Friday 16th April

Year 6 exploring narrative texts in English and writing some inspirational openers! - Thursday 15th and Friday 16th April

Henry's incredible example, inspired by Malorie Blackman's 'Pig-Heart Boy':

I am drowning. What is left? Life? Death? As the water engulfs me, my lungs are on fire, blood twisting, turning and roaring around my body. My brain is screaming. I have no choice. The white, shimmering surface is fading every time I gaze at it. I am drowning. I am going to die. Water is all around me. The surface seems a million miles away. What will happen to me? The water is ferocious, knocking me side to side. I am drowning in the roaring silence. I am drowning. I am going to die. 

Topaz PE with Mr Fennell - Thursday 15th April

Topaz playing 'Three Note Bossa' by Ian Gray on the glockenspiels - Wednesday 14th April

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UKS2 Geography - Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th April

UKS2 kicked started their topic learning this half term with some excellent work to further explore the Amazon! We began by discussing the difference between weather and climate (feel free to test your child on this at home!) and then compared the average temperature and precipitation in London and Manaus. Incorporating some impressive maths skills at this point, the children created accurate line graphs and detailed descriptions of the patterns and differences that they found. We then turned our attention to how animals and plants have adapted to the environment in the Amazon rainforest, and particularly enjoyed researching sloths, jaguars, geckos and spider monkeys! This was a super start to the half term - well done, UKS2!  

Week beginning 12th April

This week, UKS2 will be learning about:

English - Year 5 Cinquains, Year 6 exploring narrative texts including 'Pig Heart Boy' by Malorie Blackman and 'Feather Boy' by Nicky Singer

Maths - Year 5 formal multiplication and division, Year 6 algebra

PSHE - British Values 

Geography - investigating climate in the Amazon and creating line graphs to demonstrate our findings 

Music - Jazz, exploring 'Three Note Bossa'

Art (on rotation) - Amazon art

PE - Dance and athletics 

UKS2 Spellings for week beginning 12th April

End of term thank you - Friday 26th March

Dear UKS2 Children and Parents/Guardians,

Thank you for a fantastic return to whole class teaching at the end of this rollercoaster term! We have been very proud of the phase throughout the whole of this academic year and are just so pleased to have spent the last three weeks all together again. Please enjoy a well-deserved break over the next two weeks. There will be no homework set other than reading for pleasure and marking this on your bookmarks, which we hope is a relaxing pastime! Chag Pesach Sameach to our Jewish families and Happy Easter to our Christian families celebrating over the holidays. 

We look forward to seeing you at 8.55am on Tuesday 13th April for what will hopefully be an uninterrupted, fun term of learning!

The UKS2 Team x 

UKS2 enjoying the PTA Easter Scavenger Hunt! - Friday 26th March

Topaz and Sapphire's English freeze-frames for 'Cosmic' - Thursday 25th March

Sapphire and Topaz's brilliant work recapping their learning about Space - Wednesday 24th March

Mrs Gray's Year 5 Maths Group demonstrating an excellent understanding of fractions - Tuesday 23rd March

UKS2 observing a minute's silence to remember all victims of the COVID19 pandemic - Tuesday 23rd March

Our phase gathered together on the playground at 12pm today to mark a minute's silence, remembering all those who have died as a result of the pandemic. We discussed the sadness that the past year has brought, but also the hopeful collaboration and resilience which we have experienced. Finally, we had some reflection time to consider the things that we are grateful for now that we are all back together in school. All of the children were incredibly mature throughout and should be proud of their respectful behaviour. 

Week beginning 22nd March

This week, UKS2 will be learning about:

English - completing 'Cosmic' and exploring new technical vocabulary

Maths - Year 5 recap of skills, Year 6 pie charts, mean average and graphs 

Science - creating a double page spread to recap our learning about Space 

Geography - exploring South America and locating the Amazon

RE - studying the festival of Pesach (Passover) 

PSHE - fun for the end of term!

Art (Ruby) - completing a WW2 study

PE - Dance and ball skills


UKS2 Spellings for week beginning 22nd March

UKS2 House Cup Stacking Challenge - Friday 19th March

The four mighty houses of Air, Earth, Fire and Water battled out the ultimate cup stacking challenge this morning with great success! Gathered outside on the playground, Mrs Gray explained that, working in teams of 4, they were required to stack 6 cups in various formations. Easy, right? WRONG! The real challenge came with the realisation that they were not allowed to use their hands to move the cups in any way! Armed with only string and an elastic band, UKS2 were encouraged to use their teamwork, creativity, logic and problem-solving skills to stack the cups in four increasingly difficult formations. For each stack that they achieved, house points were awarded! Mrs Gray, Miss Kropman, Mr Parkes and Mr Neiman were incredibly impressed with how well the children worked within their groups (mostly made up of two Year 5s and two Year 6s) and loved watching them collaborate to overcome any challenges. The final scores were incredibly close, with only eight points separating all four houses! Congratulations to everyone but especially to our winners, Water! 

Results: 4th = Earth 107 points, 3rd = Fire 112 points, 2nd Air 114 points, 1st Water 115 points

Topaz's English lesson - Friday 19th March

Topaz took their speaking and listening levels to 'Cosmic' heights this morning with an exploration of whether Liam (from our class text) should go in to space or not! We began by studying the most recent chapter of the text and listing points for and against this suggestion. Next, we went outside and took part in a drama conscience alley, where half of the class gave reasons supporting Liam's mission and the other gave reasons against this whilst our 'Liams' walked down the middle. Many were swayed to the other side afterwards, showing the high quality of reasons given and strong supporting evidence. Back in the classroom, we then took part in a formal debate, with three speakers for either side, a time-keeper, chairperson, adjudicators and audience. After some fantastic and passionate debating, including confident speakers and awesome audience challenges, the adjudicators declared the 'no' team the winners. Liam should NOT go to space! Well done, Topaz. You were absolutely brilliant throughout today's lesson! 

A fun afternoon practically exploring the phases of the Moon (aided by biscuits, Oreos and Jaffa Cakes, of course!) - Wednesday 17th March

UKS2's Virtual Parliament Workshop - Tuesday 16th March

Although we are not currently able to go on any trips, Miss Kropman was delighted when she found out that the UK Parliament were offering (free) virtual learning experiences! On Tuesday afternoon, our phase logged into Teams and joined two members of staff from the parliament offices, who delivered an excellent presentation to introduce us to all things politics! We learnt about the House of Commons and the House of Lords, before exploring what a member of parliament does. Grant Shapps' role was discussed and we also studied how a new law is passed. We were encouraged to take part throughout, and the organisers were very impressed with how well we responded to their questions. This week's homework links to this workshop, so I hope there is plenty that you can discuss at home! 

Topaz exploring strengths and weaknesses of four key characters in 'Cosmic' through a carousel activity - Tuesday 16th March

Air Ambulance on the field - Monday 15th March

UKS2 were busy enjoying a drizzly playtime on Monday morning, when Miss Kropman and Mrs Jackson looked above to see a helicopter hovering over the playground, and getting lower by the second! After signalling to the pilot that he could land on the field, Miss Kropman had to hastily evacuate everyone to the safety of the school building, and was genuinely so proud of how quickly the whole phase responded. After the doctors had left the field through the gates, the pilot came to thank us for our prompt evacuation and said that the speed in which we did this may well have contributed to saving the life of a local resident, who was suffering a medical emergency. Due to their excellent behaviour, all of UKS2 were invited to have a closer look at the helicopter and have their pictures taken. Well done, everyone!  

Week beginning 15th March

This week, UKS2 will be learning about the following:

English - continuing 'Cosmic' and exploring how characters can change over time and studying the author's style and voice

Maths - Year 5 recap of skills, Year 6 volume and measures

Science - phases of the Moon

Geography - exploring what we already know about the Amazon 

PSHE - virtual Parliament workshop, speed stacking and Red Nose Day fun!  

Art (Sapphire) - completing a WW2 study 

PE - Dance and ball skills

UKS2 Spellings for week beginning 15th March

PE with Mr Williams from our School Sports Partnership - Friday 12th March

UKS2 were very fortunate to have a visit from Mr Williams today, from the Welwyn and Hatfield School Sports Partnership. Mr Williams led an active, engaging and fun outdoor lesson focused on throwing and catching skills, which was greatly enjoyed by everyone!

Topaz exploring real-life teenage problems linked to 'Cosmic' in English - Thursday 11th March

UKS2 learning about Purim - Wednesday 10th March

As the Jewish festival of Purim fell during lockdown on 25-26th February, we felt it necessary to wait until we were all back together at school to explore this practically! Each class spent the afternoon learning about the story of Queen Esther, who saved the Jewish people from the evil Haman, who was intent on killing them due to Mordecai (Esther's cousin) refusing to bow down anyone other than God. We acted out the story through drama and were very enthusiastic to join in with the custom of drowning out Haman's name through booing, stamping and clapping! It is also traditional for many Jewish people to dress up during this festival, mimicking Esther concealing her true identity until it mattered. We designed and made masks to represent this and also reflected brilliantly about how to stand up for what we believe in. Thank you to all those families who also completed the optional homework of making Hamantaschen at home. These amazingly tasty cookies represent Haman's pockets (or ears as he hung on the gallows, for those of us that learnt the gory details!). 

Topaz exploring lockdown situations through role-play - Tuesday 9th March

Week beginning 8th March

Welcome back to school!

I cannot believe that it is three months since our last phase blog. Our period of self-isolation and then the national lockdown and wider school closures have meant that we haven't been able to share our learning through this forum, but I trust that you have all seen the evidence of the children's amazing home learning on Google Classroom! Now that we are back in school, the children are learning about:

English - continuing our study of 'Cosmic'

Maths - Year 5 recap of skills, Year 6 angles

PSHE - our transition back to whole class learning and our experiences during lockdown plus role-play activities

RE - learning about Purim

PE - Dance and ball skills 

Art (Topaz) - completing our WW2 study 


UKS2 Spellings for week beginning 8th March

Cosmic Book

Week beginning 7th December

This week, UKS2 will be learning about....REINDEERS! In addition to this:

Design and Technology - designing, making and evaluating a scaled reindeer shelter 

Maths - reindeer problem solving activities 

PE - orienteering and netball 

Art (Sapphire) - creating a collage for a WW2 scene

NB There will not be any new spellings for the remainder of this term. We will be reviewing all spelling rules covered in our remaining sessions. 

Burning in our science lessons - Week beginning 30th November

UKS2 enjoyed interactively exploring changes when materials are burned during their science lessons this week. The following items were (safely) set alight: polyester filling, cardboard, fabric, paper, cotton wool, plastic and foil. After observing the changes, we decided that burning is an irreversible change! We were pleased to see that polyester, which is contained in most soft furnishings, was not very flammable. The plastic, meanwhile, disintegrated in a matter of seconds! 

UKS2 RE - Week beginning 30th November

Year 5 and 6 worked very hard in their RE lessons this week as they explored Shabbat. We first learnt about customs that some Jewish people follow and then started to discuss the benefits and possible problems facing people observing 25 hours of rest in the modern world, such as what this might actually entail. After considering all aspects of Shabbat, we had a 'tug of war' to try and persuade others to side with our opinions. Well done for the excellent reasons put forward, UKS2! 

UKS2 carrying out historical enquiry skills to explore methods of protection during WW2 - Week beginning 30th November

Week beginning 30th November

This week, UKS2 will be learning about:

English - writing a narrative 

Maths - Year 5 - multiplication; Year 6 - SATS questions practice

PE - orienteering and netball 

Art (Topaz) - creating a collage for a WW2 scene

Science - burning

History - methods of protection used during Blitz attacks

RE - exploring Shabbat 

UKS2 Spellings for week beginning 30th November

A Virtual Vet Talk for Year 6 - Thursday 26th November

Year 6 had a very enjoyable half hour talk this morning from Melissa, a veterinary surgeon who trained locally at the RVC and now works in research with the Dogs Trust. This was arranged for six schools in our area and was tailored towards Year 6 pupils who might be considering working with animals. Melissa spoke about her career and the importance of caring for dogs. We then had the opportunity to ask questions about the best and worst parts of her job, the most difficult animal she has performed surgery on (it was a lion!) and whether she always knew she eventually wanted to work with dogs. Well done to everyone for participating so brilliantly; it was lovely to hear so many of you are interested in working with animals in the future! Thank you to the Wroxham Partnership and Ms Hart for arranging this virtual event and for inviting us along. 

Mr Parkes and Miss Kropman's Year 6 maths groups combining for an arithmetic scavenger hunt - Wednesday 25th November

Topaz's excellent WW2 timelines - Tuesday 24th November

Year 6 English - Tuesday 24th November

As part of our literacy heritage unit, Year 6 have been inspired by J. R. R Tolkien's The Hobbit. Take a look at these amazing character descriptions of Gollum!

Issy E:

Deep down by the dark water lived old Gollum, whose voice was as loathsome as a stealthy snake. The puerile creature lurked around, inspecting his surroundings. He was a strange, slimy being, deformed in body. The hair rising out of his skin, which appeared deadly cold, rose in long bristles. Bloodthirsty for his next meal, I wondered: would he throttle me? His gaze was spine-chilling; his egotistic heart pulsed as his orb-like eyes stared at me.

Ollie W:

Lurking in the depths of the shadows by the lake, there lived an old creature. He was Gollum: frail and vile. His thin, brittle bones curved round in flexible loops, making him a slight and solitary being. His bulky feet were as solid as metal, usually hanging low over the sides of his weathered wooden boat. The mysterious being’s hands grasped out with abominable, bony fingers attached to its palm – engulfed in the putrid entrails of his nose contents. Gollum’s venomous glare exposed his glinting yet penetrating eyes. His gruff, hissing voice scared the wits out of any mortal, while his ominous presence allowed him to pounce on prey, a leopard-like creature he was.


Deep down in the black, soul crushing water, an unimaginable creature lurked below. The gruesome demon was dressed in ripped sheets of ogre skin and, with overgrown toenails, scratched the path he walked. It hobbled around on its bony legs and skeletal arms, his torch-like eyes leading the way through the utter darkness of the mountain. The Gollum’s feet, that could crush anything in its path, paddled the boat of bones through the water with no ripple in sight. Villagers believed he was a monster. Villagers believed that whoever walked into the cave would never come out. Some said if you become too close to the water’s edge, like a crocodile he would leap, thrashing and splashing, pulling you back down. Down, down, down, into the murky, black, soul crushing water, never to be seen again…


In the very roots of the mountain lurked a shadowy column of despair. Its name? Gollum. Searching, ever searching, for food in its ancient, tiny rowing boat. Rapidly, the creature was plunging its manky hand into the water to grab out a fish and eat it alive. Abruptly, his head intruded my hiding place (a large rock). I thought: would it end my life gruesomely? A pungent smell, a vile noise and a foul figure slowly appeared…

Topaz exploring how rules can impact upon daily life in their RE lesson - Monday 23rd November

Week beginning 23rd November

This week, UKS2 will be learning about:

English - exploring narrative writing 

Maths - Year 5 - addition and subtraction; Year 6 - Circles 

PE - orienteering and netball 

Art (Ruby) - creating a collage for a WW2 scene

PSHE - changing friendships

History - completing a WW2 timeline and exploring events leading up the declaration of war

RE - Moses and how rules can impact upon daily life

UKS2 Spelling for week beginning 23rd November

Miss Kropman's Year 6 maths group exploring 3D shapes through building (using wooden sticks and PlayDough!) and by creating nets - Thursday 19th and Friday 20th November

Well done to the Year 5&6 archery teams who competed virtually against other schools in our district. We eagerly await the results! - Thursday 19th November