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Lower Key Stage 2 (Years 3 & 4)

Welcome to the Years 3 and 4 Blog!  We have enjoyed some lovely weather in our first 2 weeks back at school so have tried as much as possible to engage in outdoor learning.  As you know we have been studying volcanos.  Attached are some photos of our sizzling starter.  The idea, was to create an eruption.  Did we create effusive or explosive eruptions?  Ask your child!  We certainly laughed alot.

We also enjoyed making the layers of the earth using plasticine.  Ask your child whether they can name the 4 layers in order.  Can they tell you anything about the layers of the earth?  Some photos attached.

Lastly, we enjoyed a beautiful walk to Gobions.  We collected some examples of natural beauty and later took to drawing them.  These will be published in the next edition of the blog.


We have certainly enjoyed the first 2 weeks, teaching and getting to know your children.  We hope they have to.  We would like to congratulate the children on their first long piece of writing, which was an explanation on how earthquakes happen.  They all worked hard.


Next week we are starting a new Literacy genre for horror/spooky settings.  If you would like to share any descriptions or ideas on how one might describe a haunted setting (castle/graveyard) then please do.

Onyx Photos - volcano eruptions, layers of the earth and walk to Gobions

Opal Photos