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Lower Key Stage 2 (Years 3 & 4)

Homework Tasks:

Please find attached our Summer homework grid. Please ensure your child completes 1 task per week otherwise they will have to complete a task during their golden time on a Friday. 

Celtic Harmony 

On Wednesday 24th April, Year 3/4 went on an exciting adventure to learn all about the bronze, stone and iron ages at the wonderful Celtic Harmony Education Centre. 

The children had a fantastic day, learning through a range of hands-on activities that included:

  • Shelter Making 
  • Hunting Animals 
  • Gathering Food

To finish our day, we headed to the roundhouse where the tribe leader told us an thrilling story which was full of adventure and excitement. 


Please find this weeks spellings. The children were pre- tested one Tuesday 23rd April and will be retested on Tuesday 30th April.

Picture 1

Stone Age Afternoon 

Year 3 + 4 had a fantastic time on Tuesday Afternoon as we took part in a range of Stone Age Activities. Firstly, we made unsophisticated clay pots. After that, we made jewellery using beads and pasta. Then, we all had a go at cave painting using pastels and finger painting. We also 'attempted' to build our very own Class Caves which the kids absolutely loved making and visiting. 

New Spellings

Please find attached this weeks spellings. The children were pre-tested on Monday 4th February and will be retested on Monday 11th February. Please note there is no spelling pattern associated with these words as they are 10 random words the children should know how to spell.

Picture 1

New Spellings

Please see below the children new spelling words. The rule was adding suffixes beginning with a vowel letter to words. The children were pre-tested on Monday 14th January and will be retested on Monday 21st January.

Picture 1

New Year in LKS2

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and have all come back feeling fully refreshed. 

Please find attached our new homework grid which the children have been given already to stick in their homework books. We still expect one homework task to be completed each week by Thursday.

The children will still be tested weekly on both their timetables and spellings, the latter of which will be put up on the blog although the children will be given a sheet to bring home as well.

As the temperature is starting to drop, please can you ensure that your child brings to school a full PE kit which includes a jumper and tracksuit bottoms. 

We shall very shortly be sending out a parentmail with an attached letter covering everything you need to know about what is happening in LKS2 this term.  

If you have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to speak to your child class teacher.

Only 15 sleeps to go!! Image result for santa gif


It's nearly Christmas and time for a well earned rest! What a busy term it has been! Firstly, well done to all of the children for their effort in the house spellings contest. They all did fantastic and earned lots of house-points for their teams. On the topic of spellings, the new spellings for this week have been handed out and they will be the last set of this term. We think that the children definitely deserve a rest, so we will not be asking for any homework to be completed during the holidays. Instead, we would love to hear all of their wonderful stories in January about playing board games, eating mince pies and going for lovely (possibly snowy) family walks! Also, don't forget that it is Christmas Jumper day on Friday (14th) and our annual trip to the panto next Thursday (20th). 

Next term, we will very excitingly be learning about the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age for our topic. Please do top up your child's pen box with any missing stationery before the new year. Lastly, is you are sending money in for your child to buy toast at break, please do send this in a purse/wallet/sandwich bag as we have had a few children who have lost their 20p and been toast-less!


Merry Christmas from all of the Year 3/4 team! 

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Spellings 10.12.18

Spellings 10.12.18  1


Below are this weeks spellings. The children were pre-tested on Monday 26th November and will be retested on Monday 3rd December. The spelling pattern is adding the suffix -ation 

Picture 1


Please see below this weeks spelling. The children were pre tested on Monday 19th November and will be retested on Monday 26th November.

Picture 1


Please find below the new spelling for this week. The children were tested on Monday 12th November and will be retested on Monday 19th November

Picture 1




Please see below this weeks spellings. The children were tested on Monday 5th November and will be retested on Monday 12th November.

Picture 1

Spellings (ALL CLASSES)


The children have worked really hard this half term to learn their spellings and I think you'll agree that they've earned a week off for half term! 


Week Beginning 22-10-18

All Three Classes:




Kensuke's Kingdom is thoroughly enjoyable.  We have seen some lovely work as a result of reading this book together daily. I've loved the children's own versions of what the main character Michael might look like and their descriptions have been thoughtful.  The children have been able to express much empathy towards the main character, as their letter writing showed.

Writing speech marks will be a focus this week.  In a recent reading test, lots of children didn't know that speech marks show what a character is actually saying.  It might be an idea to point speech marks out in their own reading books this week, to get them to be able to identify what speech is.


Design and Technology


We will introduce our design project this week, which is to make light signals to warn of an earthquake!  We will investigate making circuits to light bulbs ands buzzers using switches.  The children need to start thinking about what their alarm might look like and how their circuit could be attached.  If as many families as possible could collect kitchen rolls and cardboard boxes during half-term, this would really help us out.  Thank you.


Cross Country Run


Thank you to all of the children for trying their very best.  Well done Oliver (Jade), Isobella (Onyx) and Hannah, Leila, Freddie and Daniel (Opal) for winning a medal!


Pencil Boxes

Could children have new pencils and glue for the next half-term please?  If your child's blue pen smudges can you also replace this.  Blue biros are fine or blue berol handwriting pens.  Thank you.   



Jade Class 

Sports stars this week were Demetri and Sarah-Jane!  Demetri is so incredibly fast, he makes it very difficult for anyone to tag him in rugby.  Sarah-Jane is also quick!  She is a tenacious defender and will do anything to defend her team.  Well done both of you. 


Well done too, to Daniel.  We have a presentation king this week.  Daniel has worked hard for the last few weeks to present work very neatly and to the very best of his ability.  Super!


Congratulations to Isabella for receiving a headteacher's award for one of the most beautiful homework books I have ever.  Keep it up Isabella!

I have to say, I have been very impressed with the quality of Jade's home learning.  Thank you parents for supporting this.



A few days left to practise addition and subtraction.  Children will employ all the methods they have learned to work mentally with numbers.  We will go over how root facts help (if you know 2 +3 = 5 then you know 20 + 30 = 50.  What else do you know?), complements to 10 and 100, using cherry diagrams to add numbers logically in easier chunks.  The week after half-term will be looking at multiplication and arrays and understanding multiplication as repeated addition (3 x 3 = 3 + 3 + 3).






The children were 'pre - tested' on these spellings on Monday 15th October and will be retested on Monday the 22nd October.

Picture 1



All Classes



Over the next two weeks we will be reading 'Kensuke's Kingdom' by Michael Morpurgo in our lessons.  We will base all our writing and comprehension upon this book.  We will be looking at the main character, Michael, in some detail on Monday and from then on looking at writing diary entries based upon the character's experiences, engaging in debate about travelling the world, writing dialogue between characters using speech marks among other things.

We hope the children enjoy the story. There's nothing like getting lost in a book.  Let's hope we can escape reality for a fortnight and immerse ourselves in literature!


Cross Country Run

Next Thursday - 2.30pm for Years 3 and 4.  Please feel free to cheer us on. I do believe there's tea and cake on offer too!


Jade's Maths

Mental addition.  Can we add 3 numbers in a row looking for complements/bonds?  So for example;  32 + 5 + 8  makes much better sense to add 32 to 8 first as this makes 40 and then add 5 equalling 45. Can we do this in a problem solving context?


XTable Test will be on division by 2.  


Presentation Queen this week was Ellie.  Very well done Ellie!  All your work is beautifully presented.  Keep it up!

Sports Stars were Daniel, for being very strategic in 'Capture the Flag' and playing a mature game!  Brody too, was exceptional, in that he sacrificed himself in order for his team to score a point!  Great team play boys!




magma, lava, Richter scale, tectonic plates, seismometer, volcano, volcanoes, earthquake, eruption, dormant



Click on document below if your child has come home and told you they are practising alternative spellings.  Thank you. 

Jade class are being tested on the 5 times table next week.  We have completed x2 and x3 already.  



We are all writing non-chronological reports next week about earthquakes and volcanoes.  We need to ensure we include topic specific vocabulary (see our spellings), write in paragraphs with sub-headings, use rhetorical questions, have an opening and conclusive statement to the report.  Possibly, if we have some good work, they can go up on display!  Here's hoping!


All teachers are looking out for beautifully presented work in every lesson!  Jade's first presentation queen was Isabella.  Congratulations!



Mental subtraction is continuing next week.  We're teaching the children strategies to subtract numbers mentally.  Ask your child what a cherry diagram is.  Can they show you how to find bonds in order to subtract sensibly?  Knowing number bonds is extremely important.  Please ensure your child can easily reel off number bonds to 10, 20 and 100.  Can they tell you the patterns?  We've looked at root facts for subtraction this week.  So if we know 4-2 then we can work out 40-20 or 400-200 or 440-220 by understanding 4-2=2!



We continue to have fun playing tag rugby.  Oliver and Lewis have stood out to me so far in Jade class as formidable rugby players.  I will try to take photos next week. They are speedy, strategic and dodge well.  Agnes and Oliver were the sports stars of the week.  Congratulations.  I have never seen so much determination on Agnes' face before!  Sam was nominated sports star last week for being a brilliant team leader.  Well done Sam!

Council Reps


Each class has been very democratic and voted for their school council representatives.  Jade class have voted for Rocco and Lexi.  Congratulations children.  Thank you for taking on this role and representing our views for how we feel about school and putting forward the ideas that we have to continue to make it the best place that it can possibly be.

Onyx Class Spellings 

These are our new spelling words. The children were pre-tested on Friday 28th September and will be retested on Thursday 4th October. 

Picture 1

Only One You

By Linda Kranz 


Everyone in the school has been reading 'Only One You' (a lovely book about a fish starting school) and we have been creating our own unique pebbles as a response to this.

We will be putting these all together in the school grounds to celebrate how wonderful it is that we are all different! 

Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Natural History Museum

What a fantastic time we all had at the Natural History Museum on Tuesday! We learnt so much about earthquakes and volcanoes, and we even got to go in an earthquake simulator! You can see from all of our pictures how great it was and the exciting things we did! 


Class Assembly Lines 

Below is the word document containing the children's line for our class assembly. Tomorrow they will be given only their lines on a piece of card to bring home to practice.

Class Assembly Lines

Class Assembly Songs 

Attached below are the words to the songs the children will be learning for our class assembly next Wednesday. Attached also are the youtube links to the songs although the words have been slightly altered for the 'Shake it all' songs.

Picture 1



These are our new spelling words. The children were pre-tested on Wednesday 19th September and will be retested on Tuesday 25th September

Picture 1

Year 3 + 4 Recommended Reading List 

Below are a selection of reading books we suggest the children read. Enjoy smiley

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Timetables Practice 

From June 2020 onwards, every child in Year 4 will be checked on their timetables knowledge up to and including 12x12. The children will be learning these in school but we would also like the children to practise regularly at home. Below are a few great apps/websites that allow children to learn their timetables in a fun, interactive way. Hit The Button is a free resource and very easy to use and is compatible with all devices. However as a school we have signed up to a service called Number Gym but this website only works on laptops or computers. There is an app available from the app store for Ipads and tablets although this costs £1.99. Number Gym also requires a username and password which will be written on the inside page of their homework books. The children will be shown how to use the these websites and we would love for them to practise these at home, possibly even competing against friends and family. If you have any questions about this or if you would like to be shown how to use these websites, please feel free to come and speak to me about it. - Laptop/Computer only - App available at cost of £1.99 - All devices

Meet The Teacher Slides 

Please find attached the powerpoint used at the Curriculum Meeting with myself on Wednesday. It covers everything you need to know about Timetables, Reading and Homework.

Layers Of The Earth

As part of our new topic Shake, Rattle N Roll, on Wednesday when learning about the layers of the earth, we used play dough to make our own models of earth with the hope that when we cut them in half, it would clearly show the four layers that make up our planet.

Onyx visit Gobians 

As part of our RE unit this term on creation, on Tuesday afternoon we visited Gobians to look at the natural world in all its beauty. We collected a wonderful variety of items including feathers, stones and leaves.


Every Monday, the children will be given new spelling words to take home to practice. In case they lose these words, they will be put on the blog every week.

Picture 1

Homework Grid 

Please see below the homework grid for the Autumn Term. Homework is due in every Thursday however if your child has not completed a piece of homework, they will instead complete this during Golden Time on Friday.

Picture 1



Welcome everyone to Year 3 Jade!


We thoroughly enjoyed our local walk on Tuesday afternoon.  The weather was kind and we saw lots of beautiful, natural sights.  This walk will form the beginning of a discussion in RE next week on how the world came to be and what we can do as good citizens in order to take care of it.


The children have all settled well.  Thank you to all parents who came to meet me at the curriculum evening.  It's so important to get to know the children's families and link them to their parents.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can ever help you with something over the next year.


Week Beginning 17-9-18


Maths:  We are working on being able to count on and back in tens and hundreds with 2 digit and three digit numbers.  Some of us will be using base 10 equipment to help us grasp this important maths concept, whilst some of us will be using our knowledge of adding and subtracting 10 and 100 in problem solving contexts. It is important that the children grasp adding 10 and 100 crossing a boundary.  So what is 92 + 10? What is 198 + 10? Can the  children discuss what has changed and what has stayed the same?  Can the children explain to you what regrouping is?


English:  We looked at settings this week.  We have begun to try and write similes, we have begun to try and write expanded noun phrases.  Next week we will read more good examples of setting descriptions and try to write our own.  We will need to include expanded noun phrases and similes.

Spellings:  grown, great, affect, effect, through, grate, threw, fare, groan, fair

We will learn these in class but I will write them on the blog if anyone fancies extra practise!

There will be a test next Thursday.


Geography:  Our sizzling starter will be our museum trip which is on Tuesday don't forget! We leave Brookmans Park car park at 9.00 am after (a quick prompt)registration as normal in class.  We aim to be back in Brookmans Park between 3.15 and 3.30pm.  The latest time should be 3.45pm depending on traffic.  The children will need to be dismissed from the classrooms not the car park in The Brookmans, for safety reasons.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

The topic is Volcanos and Earthquakes.  We hope to learn a lot!


    Music:  Mrs Yeldham teaches music every Thursday to Jade.  Our unit involves learning about composition, leading up to the children making their own musical radio jingle!


  PE:  Outdoor PE is tag rugby.  We can all put our tag rugby belts on now and are practising dodging, changing direction and speed!  We will learn how to hold a rugby ball next week.  During inside PE we will be engaging in lots of team games and activities to support our teamwork when playing tag rugby.


Looking forward to next week!

Mrs Kleiner-Mann