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Key Stage 1

Parents' Meeting - End of KS1 testing


Thank you to all those parents who attended our meeting this week.  We are glad you found it informative.  For those of you who could not attend or would like to refer to it, we have attached the presentation slides below.  


If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of the KS1 class teachers.

Florence Nightingale workshop


This week we were lucky enough to have History off the Page visit us to deliver a history workshop.  We were learning about the life and work of Florence Nightingale and the impact she had on hospitals in the Crimean war.  


We started the day creating items that Florence Nightingale might have taken with her on her travels.  The children got to make items to take home with them to remember the day.  


After break, we explored different suitcases containing victorian artefacts.  We had to investigate the items in the suitcases in order to work out what type of person the suitcase might belong to.


In the afternoon, we all took part in an enormous role-play, re-creating Florence Nightingales hospital in Scutari.  We used lots of artefacts to act out the roles of soldiers, hospital workers and nurses.


The day was fantastic and the children throughly enjoyed their learning.  Thank you very much to History off the Page and all the parent helpers that made the day possible!


Spring Term


Happy New Year and welcome back for the Spring term!


This term, KS1 will be studying two shorter topics rather than a whole term’s topic.  Before February half term, our topic will be ‘Keeping Healthy’ and after half term, our topic will be ‘An Island Home’.  


Keeping Healthy



Learning about how we can keep healthy and how we change as we grow.  

(This topic will continue throughout the Spring term).


Learning about nurses from the past and the impact they had on the way hospitals are today.


Data – Creating pictograms.

Algorithms – creating instructions to direct a moving object.

 (This will continue throughout the term).


Creating pieces of art related to Florence Nightingale and artists who painted from their beds.

(This topic will continue throughout the Spring term).


Gym Sequences

Ball Skills


Learning about special places and how we behave in them.


Responding to and creating patterns for Rock music.



An Island Home


Continuing some of the topics above, plus:



Learning about the countries of the UK and comparing life on a Scottish Island to where we live.


Scottish dancing.

Football Skills.


Creating moving pictures related to our topic.


KS1 Nativity


The KS1 children have been working very hard on learning their parts for this year's Nativity - The Inn-Spectors.  The Year 1 children are singing and dancing, whilst the Year 2 children will be taking the acting parts!

Christingle Service


The children were lucky enough to have volunteers from the local church come into school this week to support them in making Christingles.  They learnt about the meaning of the Christingle and learnt a Christingle song.  Thank you very much to all the helpers!

Children in Need


The children came to school in their 'sporty/spotty' wear for Children in Need.  The whole of KS1 went into the hall to take part in a Joe Wicks workout session.  We came away feeling very invigorated indeed!

Wellbeing Walk


The children had a lovely time walking all the way up to Gobions Open space and around the ponds.  We stopped in the open area to collect all sorts of signs of Autumn.  When we returned to school, we created beautiful pieces of art to display in Brookmans Park village.  Our art was inspired by our walk and the colours of Autumn.