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KS1 (Years 1&2) 2021-22

PTA Fundraising Day

We dressed up in our pyjamas and onesies!  The PTA asked us to make a donation to the school if we wanted to dress up today.  The money raised is going towards improving the KS2 playground.

Observing Trees

We have been going out and drawing a tree at different times of year.  We noticed that the tree is now bare and has lost all its leaves.  We think that this must mean that it is a deciduous tree.

Parking Survey

We went out onto the road outside our school.  First we looked for safety signs that showed there was as school nearby.  Then we drew the safety signs onto our map of the local area.  Finally we started at the bottom of the road and walked all the way to the top of the road, counting how many cars were parked on the road at that time. We'll go back out at the end of the school day to count how many cars are parked there at pick up time.  Then we'll compare the two different times of day and see if we can reduce the parking at the busiest time of day.

Children in Need

For Children in Need day, all the children dressed up in something that made them feel happy.  There were lots of lovely outfits, costumes and football kits that were being worn.

Odd Socks Day

To start Anti-Bullying week, we wore our odd socks to school today.  What a fun and colourful sight!

Remembrance Day


We held a two minute silence on the KS2 playground to remember the brave people who had fought and lost their lives to protect our country.  Children who are in the Rainbows and Beavers wore their uniforms.

Scooter Training


We had a fabulous time learning how to ride our scooters safely.  We learnt that you must stop, look, listen and think before you start crossing the road with your scooter.  We also learnt how to use our brakes to stop instead of using our feet.

Designing and Building model houses

We have been practising our skills to develop our own model houses.  Architects usually build a model before building their real building.  We had great fun joining our boxes together to start thinking about how we wanted to make our models.

Cross-Country Race

We race our best race to try and win the House Cross-Country competition!  Yet more resilience needed!  There were some amazingly fast runners but great efforts all round!

Historical Objects from the Museum

We have been learning about how homes have changed in our History lessons.  We have been looking at what houses were like in the 1980s and 1950s when our parents and grandparents might have been children.  We heard from people that age about their experiences.  However, to find out about Victorian times, we borrowed objects from the museum because there are no longer people alive we can talk to.  We explored how clothes were washed in Victorian times.

Hello Yellow

We are celebrating 'Hello Yellow' day by wearing yellow or something that makes us happy.  We've also chosen decorate biscuits during our Golden Time as a happiness treat!

National Poetry Day

We have been learning a lot of poetry this term.  For National Poetry Day, we performed one of our favourites - 'Cats' by Eleanor Farjeon.  We love the poem for its long list of places that cats will sleep and enjoyed devising and adding actions to our performance.


Still image for this video


We had a great time learning to skateboard.  Before we went out we talked about being resilient when you learn something new.   During the session, we learnt how to use our scooter skills to learn to skateboard.  Then we practised jumping onto our skateboards and performing 'pancake' flips.  What a fantastic time we had!

Local Area Walk

To start our 'Me and My Environment' topic, we went for a walk around our local area.  We were looking at the shapes we could see in the different houses we passed.  When we design and make our model homes we might use some of what we have seen to include in our design.