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Autumn Term


Christmas Fun

Week beginning 11th December

The start of D&T week

Wow! What a start to our D&T Sewing Week! The children have been busy researching Christmas decorations before practicing a range of different stitches. Such resilience is being shown and some children, who weren't able to thread a needle, are now attempting blanket stitch. We could not be prouder!


Watch this space for our final products...

Piano Assembly

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It was our penultimate music assembly of the term this morning as ten of our superb pianists performed to us. Learning each Monday with Mrs Kropman (Miss Kropman's mum!) ten of her brave pupils absolutely shone with their recitals. They were: Evie, Christian, Hugo, Ayla, Theodore, Ruby, Alis, George, Liam and Florence. Ranging from Jingle Bells to Tarantella, their pieces were well-polished and great fun for the audience. Well done to all of them; they should be so proud of themselves! A special well done to Theodore, who has only been learning since the start of this half term and played brilliantly!

To see more photos and videos of our assemblies please visit our music blog!

Just when we thought you couldn't love Harry Potter anymore Mr Mears! Never a dull moment here in LKS2! laugh

Week beginning 4th December

Stop-Frame Animations in Computing

Superstar Guitarists

Max and Jessica performing in this week's guitar assembly. We could not be prouder of the confidence you displayed - absolute superstars! Yet another fine example of 'risk taking' in our phase. Is anyone else inspired to learn the guitar?

Week beginning 27th November

Plotting events on a timeline

Whoever knew plotting events on a timeline could be so much fun! First, the children drew their own timeline to show prior knowledge - it was abundantly clear how much they had remembered from the previous years (Stone Age, Great Fire of London... to name but a few things...). They then were given pictures from several historical time periods and had to work together to order them. An excellent discussion of prehistory, ancient history and modern history was had to round off a great lesson. Well done boys and girls!

Week beginning 20th November

Recreating ancient artefacts using clay

In History we have been learning about Ancient Civilisations, focusing on Ancient Sumeria, the Indus Valley and the Shang Dynasty. Using photos of some of the artefacts from these times and places, we have attempted to reproduce them using clay. The children worked really hard at making sure they caught as much detail as possible from the pictures, and had a wonderful time doing it!

LKS2 River Study


Years 3 and 4 had a wonderful time at the River Colne in London Colney, and the weather was extremely kind to us! 


The children were able measure the depth, width and speed at three different points of the river and discuss the physical, human, economic and environmental features of the river; the children were brilliant at listening, observing and recording their findings.


We were lucky enough to have some involvement from local residents who live in the cottages along the river bank and give us a personal insight into what life is like so close to a river. 


Back at school, we completed our river project with bar graphs to show the data we collected, a river sketch identifying key features and an ordnance survey map of the river. The children have worked extremely hard to bring their real-life learning back into the classroom, and they will have the opportunity to apply it across our upcoming humanities topics in Spring: the Egyptians and Somewhere to Settle. 

Week beginning 13th November

Listening to, reading and performing persuasive speeches

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Wow! We were blown away by the confidence of LKS2 in performing a persuasive speech. Talk about risk taking in action! Which skills can you see from our 'Successful Speech Checklist?'

- Show confidence
- Using expression and intonation
- Loud, clear voice
- Hand gestures
- Pauses (to make the audience think)
- Eye contact
- Appropriate speed
- PASSION shown!

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Weekly Update (Mon 6th - Fri 10th Nov)


Another great week here in LKS2! Here are just some of the things we have enjoyed learning:


Maths - Numbers to 1000 (Yr 3) and 10,000 (Yr 4).

English - The Rhythm of the Rain character investigation

Science - Electricity introduction and safety

Geography - Map work and OS 4 figure grid references

P.E - Tag Rugby/Dance

History - Introduction to Ancient Civilisations

Week beginning 6th November 

Hot seating in Literacy - Tuesday 7th November

We are very much enjoying our new Literacy topic based on our book 'The Rhythm of the Rain'. Today, using what we already know about the main character, we generated high quality, open-ended questions we would like to ask Issac. High quality questions certainly led to high quality responses which will influence our writing. 


What do you like/dislike about living near a river?

‘I like the fact I can disappear into the wilderness where it is calm and quiet. It gives me a chance to regulate my emotions. However, it can be loud at night (especially the gushing waterfall). Unfortunately, there is always a risk of flooding but that is a risk we are willing to take.’  


Why is there a wheel behind your house?

‘It is a water wheel which is a machine for converting the energy of flowing or falling water into useful forms of power.’(Cian)


Weekly Update (Mon 30th - Fri 3rd Nov)


We have loved being back after the half term break! Here are just some of the things we have enjoyed learning:


Maths - Numbers to 1000 (Yr 3) and 10,000 (Yr 4).

English - The Rhythm of the Rain Introduction

Science - Electricity

Geography - Map work and predictions prior to local study

P.E - Tag Rugby

Week beginning 30th November

On Thursday, we took our Literacy learning outside! To complement our focused text, 'The Rhythm of the Rain, we got on our waterproofs and danced, splashed, reflected, even rolled for one brave child in Onyx, in the rain. We explored all our senses and discussed how the rain felt, looked, sounded, tasted and even smelt in different parts of our beautiful school grounds. It was a Literacy lesson never to forget!

Exploring Local Maps

We have been busy this week with prior learning before our Local River Study. We have been predicting answers to questions before our visit to the River Colne, along with exploring local maps. Who ever knew exploring maps could be so much fun! laugh

Today, as part of our Sikhism topic, we learnt how a langar is the community kitchen of a gurdwara, which serves meals to all free of charge, regardless of religion, gender, economic status, or ethnicity. People sit on the floor and eat together, and the kitchen is maintained and serviced by Sikh community volunteers who are doing seva (selfless services).


We linked the values shown to our school values here at Brookmans Park.

Take a Moment

Weekly Update (Mon 9th - Fri 13th Oct)


It has been yet another fantastic week in Lower KS2. Here are just some of the things we have been learning:


Maths - Column addition and subtraction (with regrouping)

English - Writing our non-chronological reports

Science - Tooth decay experiment findings and conclusion

Geography - River Thames

PSHE - Black History Month/Mental Health Day

R.E - Spring festival of Vaisakhi

French - Greetings

P.E - Tag Rugby


(Pupil Parliament has started with a bang and our Pupil Parliament members represented their classes wonderfully!)

Yr 4 Indoor Athletics - Stanborough School

On Monday, some Y4 children went to Stanborough School to take part in an indoor athletics festival.  This was a non-competitive event, where the children were able to take part in some new events and also use the skills they have been developing during PE lessons.  All the children had a great time and represented the school wonderfully.  


Weekly Update (Mon 2nd - Fri 6th Oct)


Wow! What a week it has been in Lower KS2 from Cross Country excitement to Pupil Parliament presentations! Here is what we have enjoyed learning:


Maths - Column addition

English - Conjunctions and planning our non-chronological reports

Science - Tooth decay experiment

Geography - Features of a river from source to mouth 

Pupil Parliament Update


A very special congratulations to the freshly elected Pupil Parliament members Jesse, Liam and Liam! We know that they will represent our classes wonderfully in the Parliament meetings and be a credit to our school. 


A very special well done to all who put themselves forwards for the position - the Risk-taking and Resilience needed to present a campaign or manifesto to one's peers is massive, and we are so proud of our children. 

It has been an exciting week for the British Value of Democracy this week in LKS2. Lots of children have put themselves forwards for Pupil Parliament and delivered some outstanding presentations to their classes in the hopes of garnering votes; the voting has taken place, the campaigns have been fought and the hearts and minds of the children have been won. 


In today's assembly the victors will be announced...

Brookmans Buddies Are Back!

We are very excited to announce that Brookmans Buddies are back! Our wonderful Year 4 children have been partnered with a Reception child within the same house. The children met last week and had their photographs taken (for classroom displays) whilst completing a 'getting to know one another' card that the Reception children could take home to share with their families.

Some Brookmans Buddies had time to share a story together. We are so proud of how the Year 4 children conducted themselves around the Reception children - what great role models they are!

Also, such kindness was displayed. One such example is when Wilbur showed his Brookmans Buddy how to tie his shoelaces. We know Wilbur worked hard on achieving this last year and it is truly wonderful to see him sharing his new-found skill with his Brookmans Buddy - well done Wilbur!

We can't wait to watch these special friendships flourish.

RE and English performance

We love to perform to an audience in Lower Key Stage 2, working on development of our resilience and risk taking! In RE (Sikhism) we have been showing our understanding of how the Khalsa began and have enjoyed performing a range of poetry in English.

Generous Book Donations

As a phase, we cannot even begin to thank you for your generous donations from our Amazon Reading Lists so far. We have truly been overwhelmed and the excitement from the children every time a package has arrived is clear to see! The books have already had, and will continue to have, such a positive influence on reading. The discussions and buzz around reading so far this year has been WONDERFUL to see.


If you would like to donate a book here are the links:


Jade Class


Onyx Class


Opal Class 


Year 3 and 4 Poetry inspired by The Lost Words

Fern, by Jade Class

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We have rehearsed, learnt and performed the poem 'Fern' from our book The Lost Words. We also managed to put the poem to a performance of a fern growing, based on a time-lapse video we watched online!