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Key Stage 1

Microhabit Exploring


KS1 had a great morning exploring a range of microhabitats.  We found an enormous number of creatures, particularly in the dark, damp 'Woody Corner' and the lovely, colourful flower beds.  In the pond, we spotted a number of newts and waterlouse.

Friut Salad making in Design and Technology

We've had a great time this week tasting, chopping, designing and making our fruit salads.  The children have been very careful practising their cutting skills and have been adventurous in trying a good range of fruits!

Sports Week

What a fantastic time we had during Sports Week.  Mrs Zerny organised an amazing timetable for us, full of exciting activities.  We learnt dances, play outdoor games, had water competitions, bounced on inflatables and climbed and enormous climbing wall.  We were so impressed with the children's bravery and willingness to take part!  Thank you to all the organisers and leaders of the events.

Seasonal Changes - Planting Seeds

As part of our study of Spring, we planted some seeds.  Spring is a good time to plant the seeds because the weather is getting warmer, there is plenty of rain and more hours of daylight.  We planted some herb seeds which hopefully will make a tasty addition to our cooking at home.

African Drumming

Today we were lucky enough to have an African drumming workshop.  We learnt how to hold the drum between our knees and how to use our hands in two different ways to make two different sounds on the drum.  We them practised different rhythms.  What a great experience!

Africa Talk

This week we were lucky enough to have Mrs Over come in and share her experiences from her travels in Africa.  She brought her slide projector and screen to share with us some amazing pictures of the sights she had seen.


She then took us on a virtual 'safari' and talked us through the experience of waking up in a tent on safari, playing us the animal noises you might hear.  Some of them were very unexpected!

Celebrating Spring!


To start our term, we were learning about signs of Spring.  We had a whole phase planting session on the field to plant herb seeds.  We will keep them in class to water them and hopefully we will be bring home some herbs soon to use in our cooking!

Gobions Walk


We the children walked all the way up to Gobions and searched in the woods for signs of Autumn.  We collected lots of leaves, conkers and eventually found some pine cones!  On the way back, we used our maps to navigate home and spot some landmarks along the way.  As we found a landmark, we had to mark on the map where we had found it.

Cross Country Competition


The children in KS1 took part in their cross country competition.  The children had to complete 5 laps around the field.  They ran very hard and earned lots of house points for their teams!



As part of our Geography learning we used maps to navigate the school grounds and complete an orienteering task.  Numbers were marked on the map and the teachers sent the children to a numbered location.  At the locating they had to identify the picture and return to the teacher to tell them what they had found.

Harvest Celebrations


This week we were lucky enough to have a selection of activities provided to us by Christ Church in Little Heath to help us think about Harvest.  We discussed the things we are thankful for at this time of year and learned about some stories from the bible that remind us about the different types of harvest.  We then completed some art activities based on the stories.

Scooter Training


The Year 2 children had the opportunity to take part in scooter training last week.  We managed to find a gap in the nasty weather to learn how to ride our scooters safely.  The children started by learning how to use the brakes on their scooters rather than their feet to stop.  They then practised riding with control and the ability to turn accurately.  Finally we learnt about how to recognise the different coloured lights we might see on the back of a car reversing out of a driveway.  Hopefully we all left feeling more confident in how to ride our scooters safely on the pavement and being able to control our scooters effectively when we need to.

Treasure Hunt


The children started their Geography unit of work with a treasure hunt.  In our unit of work, we are mapping out our school and our local area.  We started with a treasure hunt of clues that took us around our playground to find a piece of treasure on the pirate ship at the end!