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Spring Term

This week we have been working hard in KS1. In Year 2 Maths lessons we have started to work on multiplication by looking at grouping things in equal groups and then turning this into repeated addition number sentences. Within our History lessons we have been comparing Mary Seacole with Florence Nightingale and the importance of the work that they did during their time helping the soldiers in the Crimean War. In our English lesson we have been writing the next story of the Storm Whale, the children have really worked hard to produce excellent stories. 


As it was Wellbeing week we have been engaging in daily activities to promote good mental health and wellbeing. The children have looked at a range of quotes to help remind them how it feels when people show us kindness, these have inspired the children to also want to make their friends feel valued. We have also taken part in a daily mindfulness session. 


It’s been a busy few weeks in KS1. The children have been continuing to work on their English and Maths within their groups. During our other lessons KS1 have joined Year 5&6 in their bootcamp PE sessions. It has been hard work but thoroughly enjoyed by all. 


In Science as part of our healthy eating topic the children tried a range of different fruit juices to find out which was the class favourite, not many children enjoyed the tomato juice!  


For History this week the children were introduced to Mary Seacole. They found out lots of interesting facts about her and made comparisons between her and Florence Nightingale. 


This week KS1 had a more normal week back to usual class routines. With Phonics and maths back in full swing the children have been working hard in their groups. In our History lessons we have continued to learn about the life and times of Florence Nightingale, developing our knowledge of chronological order and ordering events from Florence's life. Within Science and PSHE we are learning about a healthy lifestyle. The children have been thinking about all the things that we need to do to be healthy; eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, exercise and sleep well. The children’s knowledge of these areas has been excellent. Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday. 


Happy New Year KS1.


It has been lovely seeing you all back in school again this week. We have started 2024 with some amazing activities to kick our learning off. All the children have worked so hard at designing, building and developing bridges which the children thought would make it safer for pedestrians to cross the village in Brookmans Park. During these Design Technology Lessons the children learnt to use a range of techniques to make their bridges stable and secure. They showed fantastic team work whilst completing these. They should all be proud of their efforts and construction. 


All the children in KS1 were treated to a fantastic workshop this week where they got to meet Florence Nightingale and complete a range of activities that related to her life and the Victorian time period. The children also got to explore a range of Victorian artefacts to help them solve who the different suitcases belonged to. Finally in the  afternoon they were given the opportunity to complete some role play activities based within the Scutari hospital in Turkey.