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Spring Term

Week beginning 23rd January

Please see below some of the wonderful learning that UKS2 have been demonstrating this week! Year 6 have also participated in some indoor athletics (see Sports Blog) in preparation for a competition later this term. 

Topaz English - Wednesday 25th January

This week, we have been exploring using ambitious vocabulary to create dramatic narratives. Using Malorie Blackman's 'Pig Heart Boy' as inspiration, here are two of Miss Kropman's favourite examples:

I am drowning. I feel like I have been trodden on by the water. I have been engulfed. My lungs are on fire and I feel sick. I'm going to drown. Terrified, I look up through the grey-white sparkling water to see the clouds moving fast. I need to breathe, although I know I will be inhaling water. Just one breath. Just one. My blood is roaring. I am paralysed. There is nothing but roaring silence. I am going to drown. 

By Mabel

I am drowning. 

I am going to die.

I am roaring for help.

Death is striking.

High above, I can see the sky opening up to heaven. I close my eyes. Is this the end?

I am drowning.

I hear myself screaming, but I am silent. 

My heart stops.

Just one breath. One more.

Pain pervades my body. I open my eyes.

I am going to drown.

By Ray

Sapphire perfecting the Three Note Bossa with improvisation solos in music - Thursday 26th January

Topaz Rainbow Writing - Friday 27th January

In order to develop writing stamina across the school, we have introduced Rainbow Writing this week. This gives children the opportunity to express themselves on paper however they choose. Topaz began this today and Miss Kropman was delighted to read a selection of narratives, poems, explanation texts and even a rap! 

Week beginning 16th January

A very chilly week has seen some excellent learning in UKS2 and an epic football tournament win from our mixed A team (see Sports Blog for details). We hope you enjoy seeing what we have been up to!

Three Note Bossa expertly performed by Topaz in today's music lesson, featuring some wonderful improvisation - Tuesday 17th January

Not to be outdone, Turquoise also performing Three Note Bossa with aplomb! - Tuesday 17th January

Topaz's 'Feel Good' boxes, filled with symbols representing kind things that their classmates said about them, in Miss Shaw's Art lesson - Wednesday 18th January

UKS2 Science - Thursday 19th January

Ruby and Topaz classes came together on the playground this afternoon to actively explore the relationship between the Sun, Earth and Moon. Ably directed by Mr Neiman, the children represented the Sun (remaining still) whilst the Earth (a small amount!) slowly orbited as a scaled year, whilst also rotating at the same time. Meanwhile, one of our (fastest) Year 6 girls represented the Moon orbiting the Earth every 24 hours. Back in the classroom, we then created card models of this before writing a paragraph to explain our learning. Finally, working in small groups, incredible videos were made to demonstrate what we had been doing this afternoon. Well done, Ruby and Topaz - Mr Neiman and Miss Kropman were so impressed with your excellent science this afternoon!

Sun, Earth and Moon

Four members of Topaz demonstrating their learning from science this week!

Week beginning 9th January

Our first full week of 2023 began with an awesome Explorer Dome experience as our Sizzling Starter to the Space topic! We have also enjoyed our DT shelters topic and plenty of additional learning too! 

UKS2 Sizzling Starter to Space with the Explorer Dome - Monday 9th January

We were treated to an incredible experience this morning with the visit of the Explorer Dome to introduce our Space topic. Before entering the dome, we discussed some of the things that we already knew about our solar system and were shown how to safely use the tunnel to go in and out! Once settled on the floor, there were audible gasps of amazement as we viewed the beautiful night's sky projected around the dome. We were then shown close up images of each of the planets, which Ellie and Zack (the dome's guides) taught us about. They particularly focused on explaining why Earth is a 'Goldilocks' planet and why the other seven planets are not habitable. We also looked at the dwarf planet Pluto and learnt why it is now called this. Most interesting in this session, was gaining the knowledge that the Sun is the only star in our solar system, and the other millions of stars visible in the sky are actually outside of this. In the second half of the experience, we learnt about various different constellations and the history and stories associated with these. Zack particularly encouraged everyone to look at the sky tonight and make up our own ways to name and memorise what we can see. 

This was a wonderful and different way to kickstart our learning about space and we would all like to say thank you to the Explorer Dome, Ellie and Zack for such a super morning. 

Topaz starting to make their space shelters in Design and Technology - Tuesday 10th January

UKS2 Design and Technology Space Shelters - Thursday 12th January

This week has seen Years 5 and 6 analyse, design, build and evaluate shelters! With our Space topic at the forefront of our minds, the children were tasked with creating a brief for their shelters at the beginning of the week (including the need for it to be sturdy, stable and providing cover) which they then had to stick to as they built their own design. They worked incredibly hard to measure and saw wood accurately and then join various pieces together to form cube or cuboid frames. Following this, they then created sides and roofs before adding further space themed aesthetics and then evaluating their successes. Please see below Topaz's finished shelters, which I'm sure you will agree look amazing! 

Week beginning 2nd January

Welcome back to school! We began the term on Thursday with Year 6 practising their sawing technique ahead of designing space shelters in Design and Technology, and with a brilliant 'Get Back to Fitness after Christmas' PE afternoon led by Mrs Zerny! 

Year 6 DT Sawing - Thursday 5th January

UKS2 Getting back to fitness after Christmas workout followed by tag rugby - Thursday 5th January