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Computing - This week we have been creating animated stories using Purple Mash. The children have started creating their own stories and are learning how to make their characters move and add sound effects to their pictures.

Year 2 - Telling the time quarter past and quarter to the hour

How do we know about the Great Fire of London?

This week KS1 have been thinking about how we know about the Great Fire of London even though it happened such a long time ago.  We have looked at different sources of information about the Great Fire, including maps, paintings, newspaper reports, eyewitness accounts and diaries.  We then decided whether they were helpful in giving us details about the fire and then we sorted the sources into those that were helpful and unhelpful.

Great Fire of London Music

Still image for this video
Garnet class worked really hard to add their own actions to London's Burning. They even managed to sing in a round!

Super start to Show and Tell in Garnet class this week.

Investigating forces in Science!

KS1 Sizzling Starter to our Great Fire of London topic


This Wednesday KS1 enjoyed a sizzling starter to our new topic of The Great Fire of London. All the children thoroughly enjoyed dressing up as people from 1666 AD and carrying out various activities as if they were the local shop keepers. These included making perfume and candles, sewing, weaving cloth, grinding ink to write with, making bread, leather work and even a visit to a rather gruesome barber surgeon!!  All the time the children were learning lots of facts about the great fire, how and why it spread and what impact it had on London. It was a brilliant start to our History Topic.  Thank you to all the parent helpers who helped us make this day a special one for the children.