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Autumn Term

Week beginning 26th September

A lovely week of including going to a live classical music concert and learning about cultural events has been occurring in UKS2. Shana Tova to all those who have been celebrating this week! Don't forget to check out our Sports Blog to see some EXCELLENT footballing news, too! 

See the Sports Blog to learn what this momentous event was! - Wednesday 28th September

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Week beginning 19th September

During a week of historical significance (Her Majesty's funeral), UKS2 have worked phenomenally hard to display typically British Values within their learning. We hope you enjoy looking at some examples of what we have been up to.

NB - Don't forget to check out the Sports Blog to see Year 5's wonderful running festival news, the Year 6 elite athletics and Year 6 girls netball news! 

Topaz's PSHE - Tuesday 20th September

Topaz greatly impressed Miss Kropman this afternoon with their maturity and deep thinking as we explored the importance of respect in relationships. We began the lesson by considering what we mean by the term 'relationship' (and decided upon it being a connection between two or more people) and discussed different sorts of relationship. We then watched an animation about respect and worked in pairs to highlight why this is important in each type of relationship. We rolled a dice to generate sentence starters for discussion and recorded our answers in our books before creating acrostic poems about RESPECT. We hope you enjoy seeing some examples of our work!

Topaz exploring the most efficient strategies for solving calculations in maths - Wednesday 21st September

Year 6 carrying out a dissolving investigation in science - Wednesday 21st September

UKS2 Music Workshop with Jill Knight from Hatfield House - Thursday 22nd September

Years 5 and 6 enjoyed an interactive and interesting music workshop today ahead of our trip to Hatfield House for a concert next week. One of the pieces that is going to be performed is 'In the hall of the Mountain King' by Edvard Grieg. Jill introduced the story behind this, and we heard a clip of it being performed. The children were then tasked with exploring the rhythm and dynamic contrasts, before engaging in some body percussion exercises. Using tuned and non-tuned percussion instruments, they worked in groups of three or four to re-create events in the story, using a crescendo and accelerando to build tension and excitement! This was a great way to prepare for the festival. We would all like to say thank you to Jill for coming to school today - we can't wait for next week!

Topaz's body percussion to learn a rhythm from 'Hall of the Mountain King' in their music workshop - Thursday 22nd September

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Year 6 using instruments to represent part of the Peer Gynt story in their music workshop - Thursday 22nd September

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Year 6 using instruments to represent part of the Peer Gynt story in their music workshop - Thursday 22nd September

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Year 6 using instruments to represent part of the Peer Gynt story in their music workshop - Thursday 22nd September

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Topaz Poetry - Friday 23rd September

Topaz Class have been working exceptionally hard to use figurative language in their poetic ideas over the past two weeks. Here are two of Miss Kropman's favourite finished pieces:

The Moon by Bella

The moon is a snow white wolf,

Eager and bright.

He slowly spins all night.

With his dark green eyes and glorious wings,

Light and hope he brings.

The sparkling, silver fur,

His great lure, lure, lure.

The white wolf then floats down,

Dominating the Earth’s own ground.


Horror Storm by Christopher

Thunder rumbles and lightning strikes,

In the middle of a stormy night.

Like the omnipotent eagle, the king of all,

Bringing terror to the scared mortals.

Rapidly raking the rocky roads,

The lightning’s a lion, murdering toads.

It terrorises trees,

And melts metal keys so dangerously.

The thunder roars, the loudest sound,

And it’s your window that it pounds.

It’s the raging tiger on all fours,

Slashing the world with its mighty claws.

But in comes the day

Peace remains,

The stormy empire’s over,

It no longer reigns.

Week beginning 12th September

With our first full week in school this term, UKS2 have been very busy learning about WW2 and how it affected people living in Hertfordshire on a trip to Lincolnfields and in also covering some brilliant learning in the classroom across the curriculum. We hope you enjoy looking at what we have been up to!

Turquoise studying a timeline for key dates during WW2 and creating a human line before researching some of the main events - Tuesday 13th September

'The Sea' by James Reeve, performed by Topaz members in their English lesson today - Wednesday 14th September

Turquoise busy learning 'The Sea' in English - Wednesday 14th September

UKS2 WW2 Local History trip to Lincolnfields, Bushey - Thursday 15th September

Today, Years 5 and 6 made the short journey to Bushey to further their WW2 learning experience! As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by a number of staff who were in role as adults living in Bushey in 1940. They placed us in five groups and sent us to take part in our first activity. 

Miss Kropman's group were sent to a garden which featured a vegetable patch, rabbits and an Anderson Shelter. Whilst there, we learnt about the Dig for Victory campaign and the importance of home shelters. Suddenly, the air raid siren went! We filed into the shelter (which was small, dark and damp) and waited for the all-clear. Unfortunately, an unexploded bomb had landed on the roof of the home nearby, and we were tasked with forming a chain line to then put out the smoky remnants using a pump and hose. This was very hard work, and it was alarming to think that such tasks would have fallen to young people during the war. Next, we went to a school room. We experienced a WW2-style lesson, typical of that experienced by evacuees in Hertfordshire, including some tricky maths and very strict behaviour expectations!

One of the most harrowing experiences of our day was the Blitz shelter, where a gentleman who had lived through the war as a child led us into a mock North London shelter. Whilst bombs rained down overhead, we continued with our school lesson. We then witnessed the devastation that the raid had caused and were thankful that this was not a real situation for today. 

After lunch, we visited the on-site museum, where we were fortunate enough to hold a backpack and real gun from 1940 and view many objects that were kept on the US air base at Bushey from 1942 - 1945. To end our day, we visited a house that had been recreated to represent one from 1940. We were taken on a tour of the laundry room (and got to try out a mangle!), the kitchen, the lounge, bedroom and games room, where we enjoyed playing some typical childhood games. 

The trip really brought to life what war would have been like for a child living in Hertfordshire, and was made all the more realistic by us dressing up as evacuees. A great time was had by the phase, and Miss Kropman would like to say a huge well done and thank you to all of the children for demonstrating such excellent learning behaviour throughout the day. 

Week beginning 5th September

Welcome back to the beginning of the school year! 

Welcome PowerPoint shared at Parent/Guardian Meet The Teacher Mornings

First day activities - Tuesday 6th September

During our first day back, Topaz have had great fun getting to know each other using a 'snowball' activity and ultimate rock, paper and scissors! We also enjoyed creating watercolour washes and writing compliments for each other around our photographs. After doing some writing, we also did a Book World Cup to decide on our class book for this term, and I am pleased to report that we have chosen...Crater Lake by Jennifer Killick. This afternoon, we created some goals and a support network in PSHE before revising our five learning powers. Can you spot risk taking, resilience, relationships, resourcefulness and reflectiveness in the children's creative representations? 

All 5 Learning Powers represented in one short video! Well done, Topaz boys! - Tuesday 6th September

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Topaz poetry lesson - Wednesday 7th September

Topaz kick started their poetry unit this morning by creating contrasting poems about what they DIDN'T do in the Summer holidays, thinking carefully about the needs of the reader. Here is a great example by Teddy:

I Didn't

I didn't fly across the world in a private jet,

but I did jump from my armchair to my sofa.

I didn't go to Disney and go on the best rollercoasters,

but I did a couple of flips on my trampoline.

I didn't fly a day to go to Australia to meet my family,

but my family from Australia came to me.

I didn't fight the fiercest warriors in the world,

but I did have a mini wrestling match with my brother.

I didn't wear a suit and tie to get shot in slow motion,

but I did shoot myself in the head with a Nerf gun!

Sapphire and Turquoise's indoor circuit training PE - Thursday 8th September