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Sports Blog 2023- 2024

Events Timetable 2023/2024


Year 5 Running Festival, 13th September 9.30pm, Monks Walk

Year 5 Tag Rugby (selected team) 20th September, Monks Walk

Multi Sports (Year 3) 21th September 1.15pm, Monks Walk

Year 4 Tag Rugby, 27th September, 1.15pm, Monks Walk

Netball Festival (team) 28th September, 1.15pm, Monks Walk



Running finals practise (selected) 2th October 4pm, Stanborough Lakes

Running finals (selected) 3rd October 3.30pm, Stanborough Lakes

Multi Sports (selected  Year 4), 6th October, 1.15pm, Monks Walk

Year 4 Indoor Athletics 9th October, 1.15pm, Stanborough

Football Fixtures (Year 5/6) 10th October 3.30pm, Monks Walk

Netball Fixtures (Year5/6) 10th October 3.30pm, Monks Walk

Year 3 Tag Rugby 18th October, 1.15pm, Monks Walk

Netball Fixtures (Netball club) 18th October 3.30pm, Stanborough

Table Tennis (KS2 selected) 19th October 1.30pm, Monks Walk




Basketball Competition (Year 5/6) 6th November, 3.30pm , Stanborough

Table Tennis (selelcted) 7th November, 1.15pm, Ridgeway

Multi Sports (Year 5/6 selected) 15th November, Hatfield Leisure Centre

District Basketball (Repeat Year 5/6 team) 17th November, 1pm, Ridgeway

Netball Fixtures (team) 21st November, 3.30pm, Stanborough

Girls District Football (Year 5/6) 23rd November, 9.30am, Monks Walk

Boys District Football (Year 5/6) 23rd November, 12.30pm, Monks Walk 

Year 4 Indoor Athletics, 24th November, 3.30, Stanborough



Archery Competition (Year 6) 6st December, 1pm, Ridgeway

Chess Tournament (KS2) 11th December, 3.30, Mill Green Golf Club

Year 5 Running Festival

On Wednesday our Year 5 children took part the first event of the school year with great anticipation and excitement. They were given the choice between taking part in a Fun Run or the Competitive Race both of which were a long way around a very big field!

Our children ran brilliantly and absolutely deserved to be the overall winners. Congratulations to our Star Performers who were chosen because they displayed fantastic effort and resilience.

Well done and Good Luck to Amelia D, Marina, Rosie, Elina, Isobella, Alfie, Jaxon, Jack, Harvey and Phoenix for qualifying for the Finals at Stanborough Lakes in October.  

National Fitness Day

At Brookmans Park this week, we have been celebrating National Fitness Day (Wednesday) by asking the children to focus on being active and the benefit this has on their fitness and general wellbeing.  On Monday, we had an active assembly where the children took part in an on-the-spot exercise circuit.  All week, we have been running a house competition where each day the children have taken part in 5 minute shuttle runs to earn points for their houses.  It has been a lot of fun.  At lunchtime, when the weather has been kind, some children have enjoyed running and exercise circuits on the field.  Even when raining, Just Dance has provided some active fun inside.  Well done to everyone for focusing on their fitness this week.

Y4 & 5 Tag Rugby Tournament

On Wednesday, Y4 and 5 took part in a tag rugby tournament at Monks Walk.  All the children did incredibly well, showing great determination, resilience and sporting behaviour.  The Year 5 boys' and girls' teams both finished second, the Year 4 girls' team did fantasically well to finish third and the Year 4 boys' finished a creditable fifth, in a very strong group of experienced schools.  A special mention to the star players - Amelia and Toby in Year 5, and Ayla and Leo in Year 4 - however all involved should feel very proud of themselves.