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LKS2 (Years 3 and 4) 2022-2023

Year 3&4 Stem Week


For our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) week, Years 3&4 took part in a range of different activities. We started the week in our houses building nests, to see who could build the biggest and strongest. The next day, we were excited to take part in a Lego electronic workshop building moving animals. Throughout the rest of the week, we focused on building our own moving toys using a cam mechanism in Design and Technology. To finish the week, we were lucky enough to visit Whipsnade Zoo Wildlife Park where we also took part in an endangered animal workshop. Have a look through the pictures to see our exciting and engaging STEM week! 

Jade Class exploring the habitats within our school grounds.

As part of our Science topic, Living Things and Their Habitats, we went out around our school grounds to explore the different types of habitats there are. The children enjoyed finding lots of different types of creatures and plants. They were able to identify differences between each area and why different animals would want to make them their homes. 

Our Coronation Picnic with our Brookmans Buddies

Year 3 & 4 have been exploring the process of creating tarts in Design Technology. They spent time understanding the process in creating tarts before using their knowledge to design their own tart. The children then carefully thought about the different types of toppings they could use on their own tarts which they then went on to create. 

Onyx have been experimenting with dough and practicing their rolling and shaping skills. Some have attempted adding a lid with decorations to their tarts, others have tried to produce a lattice affect using strips of dough and one or two have gone for a model shape for their filled tarts. 

Onyx's first attempt at jam tarts

Spring 2 UnHomework

Every child in Opal had the opportunity to present their UnHomework to the class. The children demonstrated great presentation skills and the listening audience asked relevant, interesting questions. The classes then had the opportunity to explore the UnHomework contributions from other phases. It was wonderful to see the Easter themed learning in KS1 and we learnt lots of brilliant space facts in Year 5.

Lastly, we welcomed the parents to share and celebrate the efforts of all the children.

Well done to the children for their hard work and thank you to the parents for their continued support.

Spring 2 Brookmans Buddies Update


Although the wet weather may have prevented some of our outdoor carousel of activities, it did not dampen our spirits and the Brookmans Buddies have found plenty of exciting indoor activities to keep them busy together!


The children have spent time discussing their wonderful mummies and the Year 4 children helped their buddies produce some beautiful cards. Other activities have included playing fun maths games and reading exciting stories.


On Monday, the Reception children watched their Brookmans Buddies perform their Spring production of Rock Bottom. They were enthralled by the fantastic singing, dancing and acting and are very excited about their opportunities to shine on stage like their buddies as they progress through the school.


We are looking forward to the warmer weather coming, enabling the Brookmans Buddies to venture together outside of the classrooms and making the most of our school grounds - and perhaps a little further afield!


Hooray, the rain stopped for a little and the Brookmans Buddies got out to play together!

Rock Bottom Rocks! 


LKS2 stepped up to the microphone and into the spotlight to perform Rock Bottom, a Stone-Age story of team work, determination and ingenuity. There was comedy, drama and the struggle of good and evil (and that was just among the staff!). Our children delighted the audience with their performances, singing and dancing their way through a journey to the dawn of time. 


A special thanks to: 

Mrs Johnson and Mrs Burkin for directing the acting and bringing the play together;

Mrs Emmons for directing the Year 3 chorus;

Mrs Pitfield for directing the sound effects;

Mrs LaCorte and Mrs Copsey for directing the props and staging;

Mrs Neiman for getting the scripts organised and supporting with props and costumes;

Mr Croft and Mr King for setting up a superb sound system and managing the mics;

Mrs Panayiotou and Mrs Lenza for supporting with props and setting; 

Mr Bentall for filming our production;

Mrs Tompkins for providing refreshments and supporting on the night;

Jack in Year 5 for supporting Mrs Johnson with the lighting system; 

And to the parents and children in Years 3 and 4 for their hard work, their dedication and their energy in delivering the play to such a high standard. 


Once the video has been made available to us, we shall share it to any who wish to relive the journey of Bobby Cobblestone and the Caveys of Rock Bottom. Do be careful though, as Lady Lava may try to put a spell on you! 

The LKS2 visit to Celtic Harmony saw the children step back into prehistory and experience life in the Iron Age first-hand. We learnt how tools were made out of obsidian and flint, and were able to watch them being crafted using hammer stones and deer antlers; we witnessed fire being made using a bow drill, which relies on intense friction to generate an ember that can be coaxed into life in dry grass or hay; the children became hunter-gatherers and learnt the vital skills of identifying which foods are safe and which are poisonous; we had fun in the rain having a go at building dens from logs, brush and leaves. 


The Wolf, Raven and Mammoth Tribes enjoyed every moment of their time in the Iron Age, and have been able to see history come to life, and live out one of our songs! 


  Tick, tock!

  It’s time to travel on a journey!

  Tick, tock!

  We’re turning back the hands of time!

  The past becoming the future,

  The future fading to black.

  We’ll take a walk into history,

  So stop the clock ‘cos we’re going back!

  Time to pack,

  Hit the track!


  Going back to the beginning,

  Rewinding the clock,

  ‘Cos we’re singing and we’re spinning

  Around on a rock.

  Going back to the beginning,

  Where evil was prime.

  We’re on a journey to the dawn of time!


  Going back to the beginning,

  Rewinding the clock,

  ‘Cos we’re singing and we’re spinning

  Around on a rock.

  Going back to the beginning,

  Where evil was prime.

  We’re going back in time!

  Going back, going back!


Onyx's attempt at building a human skeleton from cotton buds.

World Book Day fun in LKS2!


Year 3 were set the challenge to re-create Stonehenge as part of our History topic about The Stone Age this week. We were very impressed by their creations; the children demonstrated excellent perseverance as their structures kept falling down!

LKS2 UnHomework

Once again, the children have impressed us with their love of learning, their dedication to their passion projects and their execution of a range of multi-media. We have had working models, detailed information posters, videos and raps to share and a snapshot of the varied and thrilling pursuits of our children. We are delighted to share these with you on this page, and are already looking forward to our next round of UnHomework and seeing what our wonderful children come up with next! 


Spring 1 UnHomework - videos

UnHomework 1.mp4

Still image for this video

UnHomework 2.MOV

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UnHomework 3.MOV

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Still image for this video

UnHomework 5.MOV

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Unhomework 7

Still image for this video

Unhomework 9

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Safer Internet Day 2023 


The theme for Safer Internet Day 2023 was 'Want to talk about it? Making space for conversations about life online’. In Opal class, we used our role-play skills to act out different scenarios and how we would manage these safely. We discussed how it is always best to tell a trusted adult if you become worried about something online and we looked at some of the dangers of using the internet and how best to avoid these. 



Still image for this video

FLIP Theatre Workshop


On Tuesday, Opal class took part in a fantastic workshop delivered by FLIP Theatre Company who taught us all about how to manage social situations and how to feel great about ourselves. We role-played some strategies for being kind and we played lots of games to help us to connect. 


We certainly all came away with a smiled FLIPPED onto our faces! 

Wellbeing Week Day 2 - Inventing a game

Well Being Week Day 1 - Rainbows

Brookmans Buddies Update


After the fun of making Chinese dragons, we decided to get outside in the Winter sunshine and explore the equipment to learn new ways of moving and challenging our bodies. Some children made the most of the Astro surface and enjoyed some great team games.


Next week, the Year 4 children will be reading their Stone Age stories to their Brookmans Buddies. The children have written their individual stories especially for their Brookmans Buddies; they are hoping they will be well-received and that they are hopefully even given a little feedback about what their Buddies have enjoyed most.

The next round of cave paintings, courtesy of Opal Class...

English in Opal Class

It was a week where we reminded ourselves that 'nice' is not a word to be used in our good quality writing but, instead, a biscuit enjoyed best in the company of friends! Mrs Johnson's favourite 'nice' synonym was 'salubrious.' She wonders how often she will see this word in Opal Class' writing tasks!

Rock Bottom Auditions!

A little insight into our warm-up for the Rock Bottom auditions...


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Year 4 as Hunter/Gatherers of the Stone Age


As part of our History topic of the Stone Age, the Year 4s had to step back in time and experience how our distant ancestors would have found and collected their food. Scattered around the school grounds were various pre-historic animals for them to hunt and assorted berries, fungi and nuts to gather - but beware! These animals are dangerous and will turn on the hunters if they are not accurate... and some of the plants and fungi are poisonous...

Friction Investigation

Year 3 & 4 have been investigating different surfaces, finding out which ones cause the most friction. Working in groups, the children tested a range of surfaces from different types of carpet, foam and bubble wrap to sand paper and plastic. Each group recorded the distance their car travelled down the ramp, in centimeters. They were very surprised by some of their results as they were not what they had predicted!

Some maths, English and science work from across LKS2

LKS2 Chess Club

Moving Monsters

In Design and Technology, Years 3 and 4 have been working to develop their own pneumonic systems to create a moving monster.

Have a look at their fantastic creations!

LKS2 UnHomework - a fantastic display and selection of truly wonderful projects built by our children

Brookmans Buddies Christmas Songs - Thursday 8th December 2022


It was a chilly but beautiful morning for the Brookmans Buddies’ Christmas walk to the village green on Thursday. Our wonderful Year 4 and Reception children sang Christmas songs around the Christmas tree to an eagerly-awaiting crowd. The Brookmans Buddies then gifted their carefully crafted Christingles to members of the crowd as we remembered that Christmas is a time of giving. To finish proceedings, the children were treated to some chocolate delights for all their hard work. A huge thank you to all the parents and carers who braved the cold to support the children. It is very special to watch these friendships between the Year 4 and Reception children flourish.

Photos showing the making and gifting of Christingles with our Brookmans Buddies

We began Mental Health Day with music and dancing!

We loved making Autumnal collages with our Brookmans Buddies.

Common Wealth Medalist Amy Platten - judo workshop

Brookmans Buddies!

Last Thursday, there was much excitement when Year 4 met their Reception Brookmans Buddies! We began by discussing the important roles and responsibilities this job entails. After having our photo taken with our buddies, we completed an activity card that each Reception child took home to share with their families. We are really looking forward to sharing our Friday lunch with our buddies this week. Hopefully, if the weather holds, we'll be able to have a short play together on the multi-surface area after lunch.

Meet the Teacher slides

Logging on to Number Gym 


School username: Brookmans

School password: Park

Student login: First three letters of their first name and the first three letters of their surname (e.g. John Smith = johsmi). 

Well done to these brilliant children who completed the Opal Summer Reading Challenge!