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UKS2 (Years 5&6) 2021-22

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Week beginning 13th September

UKS2 have worked hard this week to complete their poetry unit (see examples below) and to explore mental maths strategies in maths. We have started our RE unit exploring Buddhism and have also enjoyed practically learning about when the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings were in Britain. Each class has learnt about the exciting Pupil Parliament which is going to be helping to make major decisions in school and application forms have gone in Mrs Davies' inbox from children hoping to be members of this! The teachers are looking forward to speaking with parents at our virtual 'Meet the Teacher' meetings on Monday. Please bring with you and questions that you might have about this year. 

Poetry Examples:

This is the opening of Daniel W's poem 'Lemon Sherbet'. Miss Kropman loved his use of metaphors and strong imagery, plus his awesome use of ambitious vocabulary!

A shimmering golden teardrop of joy,

Infiltrates my senses.

A vibrant daffodil dancing in a field,

Happiness fills my heart.

Here is a cleverly written rhyming extract from Jasmine P's poem, entitled 'Sherbet Lemon':

A beaming drop of sunlight,

A dazzling daffodil,

It's clementine in colour,

Opening it is my ploy.

Maths - Topaz exploring different mental maths strategies for solving a range of calculations

History - timeline activities in order to understand when the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings were in Britain

RE - Topaz experiencing meditation!

On Monday, Topaz experienced a meditation session, accompanied by calming music, candles and some Buddhist symbolic items placed around the room. Miss Kropman also had a singing bowl in order to alert everyone's senses to the vibrations. Topaz enjoyed relaxing on the floor and, afterwards, were asked to paint their responses to the question: Why do Buddhists meditate? We will explore this in more detail and look at different Buddhist responses in our next RE lesson. 

Week beginning 6th September

UKS2 have had a fantastic first full week back at school! They have enjoyed getting to know each other in their new classes and have taken part in a number of fun lessons, as documented below! 

PSHE - revising our learning powers and exploring good relationships!

English - peer assessing our writing challenge and tasting lemon sherbet sweets to inspire poetry word building!

We kickstarted our English in Year 6 with the opportunity to write a short narrative extract based on interesting pictorial stimuli. Mrs Gray and Miss Kropman were so impressed with the children's use of ambitious vocabulary and accurate punctuation choices! Later in the week, we got the opportunity to EAT SWEETS in a lesson in order to create figurative language and scintillating adjectives covering each of the five senses. Our excellent mind mapping will be used to support writing poems about sherbet lemons next week. 

French - learning the parts of the body in an interactive way!

French Skipping

Some interesting large elasticated objects infiltrated the UKS2 classrooms this week (a kind donation from Hertfordshire Sports Partnership), which filled our children with wonder and intrigue. What could these be used for? Daniel and Harry in Topaz asked if they were bungee ropes, whilst Izzy thought they were strengthening cords. Could they create new games, Turquoise questioned? In Topaz, Miss Kropman taught the children were then taught the old French Skipping game: England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Inside, Outside, Inside, Rails! They then had time to practise this and create their own skipping games. We hope you enjoy watching us having so much fun with this brilliantly simple invention! 

French Skipping

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French Skipping

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French Skipping

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French Skipping

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