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At Brookmans Park School we intend for our children to develop knowledge, skills and understanding to play a positive role in contributing to school life and the wider community. We want children to leave our school with the knowledge, understanding and emotions to be able to play an active, positive and successful role in today’s diverse society.

In PSHE lessons, children develop resilience and respect for themselves and others and are taught about the importance of physical and mental health. The PSHE curriculum also covers relationships and what constitutes a healthy relationship online and offline.

Our PSHE curriculum is delivered through a combination of lessons, assemblies and experiences across and beyond the curriculum. During these lessons, children are encouraged to listen actively to the opinions of others and respond appropriately, express their own thoughts and opinions confidently.

We encourage our PSHE learners to:

  • Develop a ‘Growth Mindset’ to enable them to build resilience, independence and confidence.
  • Develop their sense of self-worth by playing a positive role in contributing to school life and the wider community.
  • Consider their own feelings and needs through the use of ‘Zones of Regulation’ and circle time sessions where there is a specific need.
  • Consider their own wellbeing during weekly assemblies, themed weeks (Feel Good Week) and national events (such as Anti-bullying week).
  • Express their thoughts and feelings during structured discussions. We also allow children to consider and reflect on their learning in all areas of the curriculum.

In addition to PSHE lessons children’s learning is further supported through a range of extra-curricular activities such as:

  • Charity events – Children in Need.
  • Global awareness days/weeks – Anti-Bullying Week, Feel Good Week and Online Safety Day.
  • Caring for the environment – Eco-monitors.
  • Assemblies and visitors – NSPCC, Anti-Bullying and Wellbeing assemblies.



PSHE Progression of Skills