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Autumn Term

Welcome to our Early Years Blog!

We will upload lots of photos and videos each week for you to be able to see.

These will just be a snapshot of all the wonderful learning your children have been taking part in each week.


Key- All of Early Years




Reception- Santa Run and Christmas Dinner


Before breaking up for Christmas, Reception took part in a Santa Run to earn house points. They had to complete as many shuttle runs as they could in a short time to collect house points.

For their efforts, there were very special visitors who came to suprise the children with some chocolate! WOW!!


EYFS Christmas Craft Morning


It was so great to welcome all Nursery and Reception parents to join us for our Christmas Craft Morning! We hope everyone enjoyed coming and taking part in different Christmas activities. A big thank you to all the wonderful EYFS staff for faciliating this!




Mrs Pampel read a story to all of EYFS today to share the Jewish celebration of Hannukah. Mrs Pampel discussed how she celebrates Hannukah with her family and showed the children some of the special religious objects she had with her e.g. dreidel, menorah. 

Thank you Mrs Pampel!


Reception posting letters to Santa and visiting the Local Church


Reception loved walking to the village to look at all the Christmas decorations. Whilst there they posted their letters to Santa aswell as buying a yummy snack from the Bakery.

From there we visited the local church and met the Reverend. He told us the Christmas story that Christians believe in, the story of Mary and Joseph. We got to look at the different religious symbols and other things we could notice in the church too. Thank you to all the parents who accompanied us on this visit!


Nursery posting letters to Santa

Posting Santa's Letter in our local Village.

Nursery Walked to the village to post their Christmas wish list to Santa, they had so much fun! 



EYFS Superhero Day


Today Nursery and Reception dressed up as Superheroes. They all enjoyed practising different super powers and discussing what super powers they would like.

In Reception, we focused on the story 'Supertato' and had lots of fun making posters for Supertato, making our own vegetable characters and exploring messy play with veggies!

We also linked this to our topic of People Who Help Us and discussed Real Life Heroes as Superheroes.


Nurse Visit

Nurse Laura and a St Johns Ambulance Cadet Visited Early Years today!

The children had a great time listening to their heartbeat, having their temperature checked and being bandaged for injuries! They enjoyed asking them lots of questions about how they help people.


Visit from a Dentist and Vet


As part of our People Who Help Us Topic, Early Years had visits from both a dentist and a local vet. 

Mrs Olymbios came to speak to all the children about how to keep their teeth clean and healthy! Early Years knew the importance of brushing their teeth and enjoyed hearing from a dentist about good oral hygiene. Reception also looked as healthy foods/not healthy foods and how to eat a balanced diet.

Mrs Rodda organsied for a local vet to come in and speak to Early Years. Sunny's dog donates his blood for doggies in need and even came along to visit! It was so informative hearing all about the vital work of vets to support poorly animals and EYFS enjoyed playing a game of guess the x-ray!


EYFS- Diwali

Nursery and Reception have been learning about the celebration of Diwali.

We had a special visit from Mrs Devi Patel, who came and told us about 

the traditional Hindi celebrations and customs during Diwali. We also looked at some of her pictures from her celebrations at home with her family. After, the children in Nursery and Reception both made their own Rangoli patterns. In Reception, the children were also able to make their own Diva lamps using clay. In Nursery, the children danced to music and learnt some traditional dancing. We also got to try on some traditional clothes and saris. What an exciting morning!


EYFS- Police visit

On Wednesday we have a visit from our local PCSOs. The children had a great time asking questions, listening to how they keep us safe. We also got to try on some police hats and uniform and use their radios. Although it was raining, the children all enjoyed looking at the features of a police car and listening to the sirens. 


Reception- Bonfire Night


On Friday, we discussed Bonfire Night and how to stay safe when watching Fireworks. The children in Reception made their own sparklers and their own chalk firework pictures!


Early Years- Firefighter Visit


On Thursday, we were so lucky to have the Hatfield Fire Service come to visit us at Brookmans Park School. They spoke to all the children about staying safe near fires and what to do if a fire should arise. They also told the children about all the other helpful and kind things they do as part of their job! Reception were so excited to learn more about their job and to see their fire engine. We got to see all of their equipment and even got to go inside their fire engine too!


Reception- Halloween


On Tuesday, it was Halloween. We had a 'spooktacular' day full of fun!


EYFS- Halloween Disco


To end our first half-term, we were so lucky to have the PTA Halloween Disco! All the children in Early Years had a fantastic time and loved having a dance to the music. It even finished with a foam party too- such an awesome time! Thank you to the PTA for running this event.


Nursery - Walk to our Local Village 


We had a great morning in Brookmans Park Village! We had a walk around the shops and discussed which shops sold an item and which shops sold a service. Thank you to Brookmans Bakery for preparing some yummy flapjacks and fruit for the children to enjoy on the village green too. We also met Sam our local PCSO. She made sure we were all keeping safe and helped us cross the road safely.



Autumn Walk


On Friday afternoon, Reception and Nursery went on an Autumn Walk around the school grounds. We looked at all the different signs of Autumn and gathered some materials to make an Autumn Collage. It was great fun being outside and spotting all the changes that have started to happen in our school environment now that Summer is over. 


House Cross Country


On Wednesday all children in Reception and Nursery took part in the House Cross Country Competition.

Year 6 ran with the Nursery children and the Year 4's ran with their Brookmans Buddies in Reception. It was so fantastic to see the older children looking after and encouraging the Early Years Children.

All of EYFS joined in with this activity and gained house points for their school house! Well done everyone!


Reception- Exploring Wind


On Tuesday, Mrs Gomar made windsticks with all the children in Reception and Nursery. They then went outside and waved these around in the wind to see how they moved! They also took out large pieces of fabric and had so much fun seeing them blow around in the wind.


Reception- Brookmans Buddies


On Friday, Reception met their new Brookmans Buddies! The children in Year 4 have been paired up with all of the Reception children to be their Brookmans Buddies. Throughout the year we will see our buddies for lots of fun events such as eating lunch with them, reading stories together, playing together and even attending trips together. It was so lovely to see so many new friendships already starting to form and to see all the Year 4 children looking after their new Reception buddies.


Reception- First Week

We have had a wonderful first week in Reception this week! It has been so lovely to welcome all the children to their new classes and we are so proud of how well they have settled in. 


Nursery - First Week 

We have had a great first week in Nursery

The children have all settled in so well and are enjoying exploring their

Nursery Class & the Outdoor environment


Nursery and Reception- Woody Corner

Nursery and Reception loved visiting Woody Corner on Tuesday with Mrs Gomar! They had such a lovely time finding lots of minibeasts and even found a treasure box!

Nursery-Celebrating Rosh Hashana 

We celebrated Rosh Hashana -The Jewish News Year 

The children all tried  Apples and Honey and we learnt about all the celebration and traditions in the Jewish culture



School House Cross Country 


Nursery had a great time taking part in the

Cross Country event

We would like to say a big thank you to the Year 6 children for being our buddies for the event.

We are super proud of all the children for taking part.