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Autumn Term

Welcome to our Early Years Blog!

We will upload lots of photos and videos each week for you to be able to see.

These will just be a snapshot of all the wonderful learning your children have been taking part in each week.


Key- All of Early Years




Reception- Brookmans Buddies


On Friday, Reception met their new Brookmans Buddies! The children in Year 4 have been paired up with all of the Reception children to be their Brookmans Buddies. Throughout the year we will see our buddies for lots of fun events such as eating lunch with them, reading stories together, playing together and even attending trips together. It was so lovely to see so many new friendships already starting to form and to see all the Year 4 children looking after their new Reception buddies.


Reception- First Week

We have had a wonderful first week in Reception this week! It has been so lovely to welcome all the children to their new classes and we are so proud of how well they have settled in. 


Nursery - First Week 

We have had a great first week in Nursery

The children have all settled in so well and are enjoying exploring their

Nursery Class & the Outdoor environment


Nursery and Reception- Woody Corner

Nursery and Reception loved visiting Woody Corner on Tuesday with Mrs Gomar! They had such a lovely time finding lots of minibeasts and even found a treasure box!

Nursery-Celebrating Rosh Hashana 

We celebrated Rosh Hashana -The Jewish News Year 

The children all tried  Apples and Honey and we learnt about all the celebration and traditions in the Jewish culture


Nursery - First Visit to the Library 

Nursery visited the school library for the first time, they enjoyed a story & will visit weekly to choose a new book to take home and enjoy the

Love of Reading