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Summer Term

This week we brought our History topic to a close with an online workshop with the SeaCity Museum in Southampton. The children took part in a range of games and discussed what they have learnt by looking at the various sources. We had a game playing morse code, true or false facts and listened to some true stories about people who were on the Titanic. It all ended with the children asking questions. 

KS1 has been busy this week in English and Maths. In English we have been looking at an alternative version of Rapunzel. During Year 2 Maths the children have continued to develop their understanding of fractions recognising ½, ¼ and ⅓ s. Year 1 has been working on doubling and grouping as well as direction.  


In our Science lessons we have been working on our understanding of polar animals, creating clay penguins, which we will paint over the next few weeks. In History we looked at how more people could have been saved during the tragic incident of the Titanic. Finally the children have begun to design their own moving picture based upon the different mechanisms we have worked on over the last few weeks. 


This week KS1 planted seeds for selling at village day, courgettes, dwarf beans and runner beans. We are now looking after them in our classrooms. 

This week we have continued to look at the Titanic in History. We learnt about the 3 different classes of the Titanic. The children worked on looking at a range of sources to identify the different cabins, dining rooms, meal, plates and leisure activities available in each class. 


In D&T the children looked at how levers are used within moving pictures. The children were given the opportunity to make a creature that had a moving part using a lever and pivot.


It’s been lovely to welcome back KS1 this week. The children have enjoyed being back at school and have really enjoyed finding out what our new topics for this half term will be. In Science we are looking at Animals and their habitats focusing on the Arctic and Antarctic animals, History we will be studying the Titanic and DT we are exploring moving pictures.  


We were also lucky enough to have an author visit us, Joanna Gutkin who wrote the story and her 9 year old daughter Maya who illustrated the story. They shared their book The Elephant and the Goldfish with the whole school during assembly and then spent time working with Year 1 and 2 on developing characters for their own stories. It has even inspired some of them to create their own books.