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Key Stage 1

Week beginning 15th October...


This week we are coming to the end of our unit of work on place value in maths.  In Literacy, we have started a new unit of work and we are looking at Explanation texts.  In this unit we will be reading explanation texts and talking about the features.  Then we will be writing our own explanations of how a letter gets delivered.


In Geography we are going to be testing out our mapping skills in the school grounds.  We are going to be going out as classes and completing an orienteering challenge!  Let's hope we find all the things we are looking for!

Geography - Near and Far


In Geography, we have been thinking about places that are near and far from our local area.  We sorted a selection of pictures into 'near' and 'far' and thought about places we would like to visit that are far away.

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The place value of 2-digit numbers


In maths we have been continuing to explore the place value of 2-digit numbers.   In Year 1 we are beginning to show that when a number is larger than 10, we can 'regroup' ten ones for a 'ten stick' instead.


In Year 2, we have developed this concept more to begin to show that we can regroup a 2-digit number into a variety of representations of tens and ones.

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Week beginning 8th October...


This week, the children are continuing to develop their understanding of the place value of 2-digit numbers.  They will think about how to use this understanding to help them with estimation.  In Literacy, we will complete our 'On the way to school' poetry and re-draft some poems in our best handwriting for display.


In Geography we are thinking about where our local area is in comparison to the rest of the world.  We will be asking what places are near to Brookmans Park and what places are far away.


In Science we are continuing our series of investigations, exploring the world around us.  

Brilliant Ball Skills!


In Games lessons, the children have been learning different ways to pass a ball and incorporating them into games.  We have covered underarm and overarm throwing, bouncing and rolling.  We have thought about the way we should stand when we are passing and the way in which we should move our arms.  We have also realised that it is important to aim well and to have a good catching technique!

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Exploring Place Value


In maths, KS1 children have been exploring the place value of 2-digit numbers.


 The Year 2 children have been focusing on how we need to 'regroup' ones for tens and tens for ones depending on whether we are counting forwards or backwards.  This will support them in their understanding of column addition and subtraction as they move on to KS2.


In Year 1, the children have been learning about the 'teens' numbers.  We are exploring them as '10 and some more' and building them with many different types of equipment and pictorial representations.  

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Week commencing 1st October...


This week the children will be learning...


Literacy - Writing poetry about our journey to school

Maths - Exploring the place value of 2-digit numbers

Geography - mapping journeys in the local area

Science - Exploring magnets and magnetic materials

Music - Exploring sounds in our school

PSHE - Children's rights

PE - Brilliant Ball skills and Gym Circuits



Gym Circuits


In our Gymnastics lessons, we have been learning about ways to move around the apparatus and how we can balance.

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Exploring our school environment and local area...


In Geography we have been out and about in our school environment and thinking about what is in our local area.


The children had to sort out landmarks of Brookmans Park into those they visited often and those they visited rarely.



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Starting the new year...


The children in KS1 have made a great start to the year and we have launched into our 'Where do we live?' topic.  We will be exploring our school environment and the local area.  To start our topic we organised a treasure hunt around the school grounds, looking for clues to lead us to the next place in the school.  There was extreme excitement!  Some of the clues were easier to find than others!


We have also been starting a series of scientific investigations exploring the world around us.  We have completed a 'sound hunt' around the school and investigated whether objects will float or sink.  


In Music, we have been exploring sounds within our classroom using real-life objects and thinking about how we can make music using these objects.



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Parent Information Meeting


Thank you to all the parents who attended the KS1 Parent Information meetings at the beginning of term.  For any parents who could not make it, here is a copy of the PowerPoint slides that we used.  If you have any questions, please speak to your child's class teacher.