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Key Stage 1

Week beginning 3rd December...


This week we are in the final week of our play rehearsals.  The children have learnt their lines and are working on performing at the right moment without prompting.  Costumes are coming in this week.


In Literacy this week, we are planning and writing our own version of the Jill Murphy story - On the Way Home.  We have been thinking of characters that could be used in the story.


In Maths, we are completing units of work on mental addition and subtraction strategies within larger numbers in Year 2 and 2D shape work in Year 1.



Making Christmas Decorations


In KS1 we spent some time making Christmas decorations in order to decorate our classrooms for the festive season.

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Sorting shapes by properties


In Year 1 we are looking at shapes and learning their properties.  We have sorted shapes according to the similarities of their properties.

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Week beginning 26th November...


This week we are in full swing of the rehearsals of our Christmas play, learning songs, dances and acting parts.  We are focusing on using nice loud voices that will be heard by the audience and remembering where we are supposed to be!


In Literacy, we are learning the story of On the Way Home by Jill Murphy, acting out the events in the story and learning the fabulous new vocabulary that is in the story.


In Maths, Year 1 are learning about 2D shapes and Year 2 are developing the mental maths skills we have been learning within larger numbers and problem solving.



Acting out stories and vocabulary in Literacy


We have been acting out parts of the story On the Way Home by Jill Murphy and thinking of actions to help us remember new vocabulary.


We had a great time pretending to be the story characters!

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Week beginning 19th November...


This week we are starting a new unit of work in Literacy.  We are looking at the narrative genre and we are aiming to write our own stories about a journey home from school at the end of the unit.


In maths, Year 2 have been completing their work on multiples of ten that can be added to make 100 and are moving on to learn mental addition and subtraction strategies for adding a two-digit number to a one-digit number.  In Year 1, the children are applying their addition and subtraction skills to 'number stories'.


In Science, we are completing our ice investigations and thinking about what we have learnt.


We will also be starting to practise our Christmas Play on the stage for the first time, along with learning the dances and songs to go with the acting.

Children in Need and Anti-Bullying week


The children had a great day on Friday dressing up to celebrate Children in Need.  The children donated toys and money to the Bring and Buy sale and learnt about what the charity Children in Need does to help children in the UK.  Throughout the week, we have also been completing Anti-bullying activities and thinking about how to be a kind friend.

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Week Beginning 12th November...


In Literacy this week, we are conferencing to recieve feedback on our recount writing and we will be editing and improving based on our feedback.  


In Maths, the Year 2 children will be completing their unit of work on mental calculation strategies and moving on to adding multiples of 10.  Year 1 children are continuing to explore how regrouping can be used for addition and subtraction, moving on to apply this to solving problems of unknown numbers.


In Geography we will be following up from our mapping walk and recording our journey on our own maps.


In Science we are beginning an investigation into how to keep things cool.


It is also Anti-bullying week this week, so we will be thinking about how we behave within our friendships and how to be kind to our friends.

Gobions Mapping Walk

Week beginning 5th November...


This week we are focusing on recount writing in Literacy.  We will be building up to writing recounts of our mapping walk to Gobions Wood.


As part of our Geography unit, we will be meeting at Gobions Open Space and tracking our walk back to school.  On the way, we will be looking out for landmarks and finding where they are on the map.  Whilst up at Gobions, we will play a mapping game, go for a walk around the ponds and make some seasonal observations.  


In maths, we are focusing on mental strategies for addition and subtraction.  Year 1 pupils are looking at the different ways at number can be 'regrouped' or split and Year 2 are looking at how we can apply this to mental calculations to 20.

Parent Meeting - 6th November - Reading and Spelling support


Thank you to the parents who attended the reading and spelling talk by Mrs Davies and Miss Mitchell.  We appreciated the positive feedback and were glad you found it useful.


Please find the Powerpoint slides below:



Celebrating the Seasons - Autumn!


This week we were celebrating the season of Autumn.  We made some observations about the weather, temperature and daylight hours this time of year and we thought about the changes that happen in Autumn.  


We celebrated the season by creating some Autumn artwork!

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Week Beginning 22nd October...


This week we are completing our Explanation writing in Literacy.  We have been learning about the process of how a letter gets delivered.  


In maths we are going to be working on the passing of time in relation to days of the week and months of the year.


We are also having a theme of Autumn this week.  We will be celebrating the seasonal changes and observing our surroundings.  We are hoping to complete some lovely autumn art work!


Black History Month


At the moment KS1 are reading stories related to black history and black culture.  We are thinking about the way attitudes have changed towards race and how we can celebrate individual differences.  




KS1 put their map skills to use in an orienteering competition last week.  TAs placed pictures around the school grounds and children had maps showing where different number locations were placed.  After orientating the maps towards north, the children had to work in pairs to use their maps to find a number station they were sent to. They then had to report back the picture they had found at that station.  


There was lots of 'tearing' about which was fun to see.  The children were extremely enthusiastic and had lots of fun!

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House Cross-Country competition!


The children put their 'mile-a-day' training to the test on Thursday afternoon by running the house cross-country race.  All the children put in a great effort and showed great resilience.  Well done to those children who gained a medal or were noted in Friday's assembly for having put in a significant effort.

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Week beginning 15th October...


This week we are coming to the end of our unit of work on place value in maths.  In Literacy, we have started a new unit of work and we are looking at Explanation texts.  In this unit we will be reading explanation texts and talking about the features.  Then we will be writing our own explanations of how a letter gets delivered.


In Geography we are going to be testing out our mapping skills in the school grounds.  We are going to be going out as classes and completing an orienteering challenge!  Let's hope we find all the things we are looking for!

Geography - Near and Far


In Geography, we have been thinking about places that are near and far from our local area.  We sorted a selection of pictures into 'near' and 'far' and thought about places we would like to visit that are far away.

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The place value of 2-digit numbers


In maths we have been continuing to explore the place value of 2-digit numbers.   In Year 1 we are beginning to show that when a number is larger than 10, we can 'regroup' ten ones for a 'ten stick' instead.


In Year 2, we have developed this concept more to begin to show that we can regroup a 2-digit number into a variety of representations of tens and ones.

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Week beginning 8th October...


This week, the children are continuing to develop their understanding of the place value of 2-digit numbers.  They will think about how to use this understanding to help them with estimation.  In Literacy, we will complete our 'On the way to school' poetry and re-draft some poems in our best handwriting for display.


In Geography we are thinking about where our local area is in comparison to the rest of the world.  We will be asking what places are near to Brookmans Park and what places are far away.


In Science we are continuing our series of investigations, exploring the world around us.  

Brilliant Ball Skills!


In Games lessons, the children have been learning different ways to pass a ball and incorporating them into games.  We have covered underarm and overarm throwing, bouncing and rolling.  We have thought about the way we should stand when we are passing and the way in which we should move our arms.  We have also realised that it is important to aim well and to have a good catching technique!

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Exploring Place Value


In maths, KS1 children have been exploring the place value of 2-digit numbers.


 The Year 2 children have been focusing on how we need to 'regroup' ones for tens and tens for ones depending on whether we are counting forwards or backwards.  This will support them in their understanding of column addition and subtraction as they move on to KS2.


In Year 1, the children have been learning about the 'teens' numbers.  We are exploring them as '10 and some more' and building them with many different types of equipment and pictorial representations.  

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Week commencing 1st October...


This week the children will be learning...


Literacy - Writing poetry about our journey to school

Maths - Exploring the place value of 2-digit numbers

Geography - mapping journeys in the local area

Science - Exploring magnets and magnetic materials

Music - Exploring sounds in our school

PSHE - Children's rights

PE - Brilliant Ball skills and Gym Circuits



Gym Circuits


In our Gymnastics lessons, we have been learning about ways to move around the apparatus and how we can balance.

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Exploring our school environment and local area...


In Geography we have been out and about in our school environment and thinking about what is in our local area.


The children had to sort out landmarks of Brookmans Park into those they visited often and those they visited rarely.



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Starting the new year...


The children in KS1 have made a great start to the year and we have launched into our 'Where do we live?' topic.  We will be exploring our school environment and the local area.  To start our topic we organised a treasure hunt around the school grounds, looking for clues to lead us to the next place in the school.  There was extreme excitement!  Some of the clues were easier to find than others!


We have also been starting a series of scientific investigations exploring the world around us.  We have completed a 'sound hunt' around the school and investigated whether objects will float or sink.  


In Music, we have been exploring sounds within our classroom using real-life objects and thinking about how we can make music using these objects.



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Parent Information Meeting


Thank you to all the parents who attended the KS1 Parent Information meetings at the beginning of term.  For any parents who could not make it, here is a copy of the PowerPoint slides that we used.  If you have any questions, please speak to your child's class teacher.