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Read Write Inc.

In Reception and Key Stage One we base our teaching of phonics and reading around the Read Write Inc. phonics programme. This incorporates phonics, reading and writing skills, linked together to reinforce learning.  Children are taught in ability groups to enable us to more effectively target our teaching at this crucial stage. Children are very successfully taught sounds using systematic phonics. They then apply these skills by reading every lesson and writing a range of genre.  Children are taught early skills of editing and transcription, designed to teach them to reflect on their own work.


Once children are confident readers, they progress into developing their writing style.


To apply Literacy skills in a wider context we also teach cross curricular writing; for example a History report or  an information text about Rivers. This allows children’s reading and writing to be linked to their wider topic learning. We believe it is this holistic approach to writing which enables the children to become confident, skilled writers.

For additional information on how you could help your child at home please see the following documents: