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Topaz (Year 6)

Day 3

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Today Mrs Davies' group had great fun climbing - we even did it blindfolded! Then we used maps to orienteer round the woods and then spent another evening on the beach.
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A break during cycling...

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Cheers to the coasteers

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Day 2

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Time for a quick swim!

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Day 1:

After a long day we enjoyed sausages for dinner, we are all ready for bed, but looking forward to what tomorrow has in store!


Today Mrs Davies' group went on n extremely long walk where we really enjoyed seeing lots of different birds, including puffins.

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We have arrived safe and sound! We will try and keep you posted as much as possible over the coming days...

The moment we crossed the Welsh border

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At Leigh Delaware services!

At Leigh Delaware services!  1
At Leigh Delaware services!  2

We are not even on the m25 yet!

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And we are off!

And we are off!  1

Our Wales Adventure


The teaching staff will try to provide updates and pictures from our trip to Wales, subject to internet and phone signal.



Sports Week

During Sports Week, we certainly had lots of fun.  Please see our pictures from the week below.






Teaching a dance to Reception Class

Welcome to Topaz Class

Welcome to Topaz Class 1 During our Tudor Day, we had lots of fun!

DT week 


During Design and Technology Week, we planned, designed, built and evaluated our own shelter.  Firstly, we started planning our shelters and picking materials to prepare for the building day.  All of us succeeded in planning our shelters and the next day we set to work.  As we began to make our designs, many groups found the process extremely challenging! However, everyone successfully created a shelter, which made our teacher content.  Finally, we evaluated our designs by testing our shelters with 3 tests. The 3 tests were to see if our shelter could handle rain, wind and additional weight.  Most of our shelters survived and we had a lot of fun.  We thoroughly enjoyed the week and cannot wait for the weeks to come!


Written by Rowan and George

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Science Week 


On Monday 13th March, our first science lesson of Science Week at Brookmans Park School took place.  We had two science lessons on Monday, one first thing in the morning and the other last thing in the afternoon.  Both lessons were enjoyable and they both included eggs! In the morning, we all had the job to bring in various objects to protect an egg from a metres drop.  We were all determined to prevent our egg from cracking and we all succeeded.  We found that bubble wrap seemed to be the most popular material and marshmallows (strangely enough). 


In the afternoon, we planned our own investigation using parachutes.  We had an hour to plan, design and create a parachute out of the following resources: plastic bags, cardboard, tin foil, paper and many others.  We timed the parachute drop.  After our investigation, we had to work with our group to present our findings. 


By William

Creative Arts Week


In Creative Arts Week, we worked in different Year 5 and 6 groupings, which was certainly a lot of fun.  We created our own tribal masks, that are now proudly displayed in our classrooms.  In addition, we made bead jewellery with Miss Melchionno and Sunset pictures with Mr Neiman.  With Miss Winwood, we worked in groups to design, plan and perform a traditional tale.  However, there was a twist! We had to perform the traditional tale in less than 60 seconds, which was far trickier than we anticipated.  

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Here are our finished egg protection designs!

Here are our finished egg protection designs! 1
Here are our finished egg protection designs! 2
Here are our finished egg protection designs! 3
Here are our finished egg protection designs! 4
Here are our finished egg protection designs! 5
Here are our finished egg protection designs! 6
Here are our finished egg protection designs! 7
Here are our finished egg protection designs! 8
Here are our finished egg protection designs! 9

During Science Week, we did many fun experiments, one of which was a light maze.  The light maze is when we had to either reflect a beam of light onto 4 faces of a cube (or shine it on 2 sides of a piece of paper) using mirrors.  Throughout the experiment, all of our class succeeded in creating a mirror maze. 


This week, we also made telephones out of string and plastic cups.  This was an interesting experiment to learn about how sound travels through objects.  All of us came up with different questions to investigate, for example: does the size of the cup affect the volume?  We found out that the bigger the cup, the longer it takes for sounds waves to travel.


By Lily B and Amber

Visit from Chris Ryan


Yesterday, on Thursday 16th March, we were kindly visited by Chris Ryan- who is the captain of the Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby Team- and he told us about himself.  Firstly, we welcomed Chris and his dad to our school.  Followed by, tentatively watching some of Chris' Paralympic highlights from Rio 2016.  Next, he gave us the opportunity to ask him some probing questions about his life.  Subsequently, we were given the chance to take a ride in his famous rugby wheelchair.  We have learnt a lot and enjoyed meeting Chris, who is an inspiration to us all.


By Isabelle and Lauren  

Drumming Workshop

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Drumming workshop

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Drumming workshop

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Drumming workshop

Drumming workshop 1
Drumming workshop 2
Drumming workshop 3



In English, Year 6 have been learning about famous explorers and writing a biography about them.  All of these breath-taking people have discovered new things in life, such as: food, land and animal species.  We chose one explorer with our partner, then we researched their key information using Ipads and recorded notes.  After this, we wrote a biography using lots of grammatical features (like our brackets for parenthesis).    Our family can see our writing during Parent Consultations.     Below is an example of Albert’s biography writing (in green). 


By Brooke and Lewis


In approximately 1540, (the exact date is unknown) Francis Drake was born in Tavistock, Devon.  Proudly, he set a good example to his younger siblings, who insisted on following in his inspiring footsteps.   


Although Drake had a gift for raiding ships for financial gain, he set out on his maiden voyage aged 23.  Using his skills to his advantage, when the crew were aggressively attacked by the Spanish Navy, he was left unharmed but many of his sailing family were fatally killed.   Consequently, Drake eagerly wanted revenge against the Spanish Navy. 


After this catastrophic setback, Drake wanted to be the first merchant to navigate around the world.  On the 13th December, Drake had the privilege of collaborating with Nuno Da Silva- who had considerable experience of circumnavigating the South American waters- to set sail around the world.  The treacherous, unpredictable oceans had securely been conquered by Nuno and Drake’s ships.  After many years, Drake was the first Englishman to successfully circumnavigate the world. 


By Albert (17/4/17)



As part of our new topic 'To Infinity and Beyond', we are creating a futuristic space dance.    During our lessons, we have focused on experimenting with the timing of a canon sequence, moving patterns and facial expressions.  Please watch each groups (who had to choose their best fragment of their Dance for our blog) video below.  



PE: Dance

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Science  1

In Science, we are learning about forces.  During our lesson, we worked in group to carry out experiments to see how forces affect the motion (movement) of a Malteser. 


English  1
English  2
English  3
As part of our English sequence of learning, we collaborate in groups to generate actions, which enables us with prompts to remember a key text.  We have found this beneficial to our writing process and enjoy working together to create our 'Talk for Writing' actions. 

15 minutes- stop and pick up a book

15 minutes- stop and pick up a book  1
One morning, the whole school -including the staff- had to stop what they were doing and read a book for 15 minutes.  In Topaz class, we enjoyed reading a variety of intriguing and enjoyable texts.  

Tudor Day

Tudor Day  1 During the banquet, dancers performed to the Lord and Lady.

Collaborating with one another

Collaborating with one another  1 We have been focusing on working in groups.

The Joy of Reading


On the 18th October 2016, Year 6 went on a school trip to The University of Hertfordshire to see an author, Caroline Lawrence.  She spoke about her books and love of reading in a massive auditorium.  She gave us lots of tips on how to write our own intriguing books.  Afterwards, we took some pictures with her and collected our books, which we ordered beforehand. Every book was personally signed.  It was lots of fun at The Joy of Reading event.  


By Ffion and edited by Louis

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Gobions Wood trip


On Friday 21st October, the whole of Year 5 and 6, the teachers and parents went on a trip to Gobions Wood.  We all went to Gobions Wood to plant Crocus and I took photos of all the children planting them! 


Please see the photos I took below.


By Emre 




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English lessons


Throughout our English lessons in Year 6, we have been learning how to use colons, semi-colons, story maps, setting description, diaries and letters.  My favourite lessons were when we wrote our diaries because we got to write in the form of a Tudor monarch, Henry VIII or one of his six wives!  Please see a few examples of our letters below.  Also, I enjoyed the letter writing; however, it could be quite nerve-racking when we were writing them up neatly. 


By Louis 

Picture 1 By Harry
Picture 2 By Ffion
Picture 1 By Ruby
Picture 2 By Louis

Life in Year 6 


Year 6 is the most exciting year because you have lots of activities to do, like the school play and the school residential trip to Wales.  All lessons are really fun as they are made as exciting as possible.  As well as all the fun, it's quite scary for some of us because it's SATS year but our teachers make it as fun as they can.  We learn lots of different topics, such as The Tudors, To Infinity and Beyond and Over the Hills and Into the Deep.  All of us are really excited for the upcoming year. 


By Lily B

Year 5 and 6 Spellings from Autumn 1 to practise at home

Curriculum Meeting 2016