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Topaz (Year 6)

Welcome to Topaz Class!

Welcome to Topaz Class!  1

Class Assembly

Thank you to everybody that came to watch our assembly, we certainly enjoyed it and hope you did too.  


To consolidate our learning this week, the Homework due in for Thursday 19th October is...

  • Guided reading Task for week three (in your green comprehension book)
  • One creative piece of homework (in your red creative book)

Thank you and I look forward to seeing your fabulous homework!


To consolidate our learning this week, the Homework due in for Thursday 2nd November is...

  • IXL Maths (10 minutes on each activity)

J.4 Equivalent fractions

J.11 Put fractions in order 

K.3 Add and subtract fractions with like denominators

  • IXL English (10 minutes on each activity) 

J.1 Words with pre-

  • Please note: no Guided Reading homework
  • One creative piece of homework (in your red creative book)

Thank you and I look forward to seeing your fabulous homework!






On Thursday 2nd November, in Topaz Class at 3.30pm, a meeting will be held about our upcoming residential to Wales.


We look forward to seeing you there.

Cycling Proficiency 


"Cycling Proficiency was really fun because we learnt how to cycle on the road safely and to indicate with our arms using only one hand to steer." Lily.


"In Cycling Proficiency, we learnt to ride a bike safely by ourselves and why we need to be safe on the roads." Maya. 


"I like Cycling Proficiency because the instructors were very kind, even when you struggled.  My favourite part was when we were cycling as a group." Issy.


"In Cycling Proficiency, we learnt how to hold our bike with one hand and signal with the other.  We also learnt how to start in the 'Ninja Position' (which is when you put your right foot on the right peddle, whilst keeping your left foot on the floor to stabilise the bike and holding your handlebar with both hands)." Anastasia. 


"Cycling Proficiency was a fun activity, that I enjoyed because we got to go on our bikes in the village.  We learnt about all the rules of the road." George.


"It was very fun and we learnt how to cycle on the roads properly." James. 


"I learnt that a U-turn can be dangerous, if you do not stop and look." Ben. 


"I learnt that before you do a major turn, you must do a life-saver look." Harry. 

Rosh Hashanah Day 


On Monday 25th September, Topaz class learnt about Rosh Hashanah.  We had three activities throughout the day, to maximise our learning!  First, with Miss Winwood we made stained glass windows with representations of Rosh Hashanah to display in our classroom (due to cycling proficiency we are still making them this week, once they are completed we will show you a picture of our finished display!).  After this, we made honey biscuit dough with Miss Buttle (we hope you all enjoyed these at home).  In the afternoon, we researched Rosh Hashanah with Mr Neiman and created posters to display what we learnt.  

Viking Day


On Wednesday 6th September, our 'Vikings and Anglo-Saxons' topic started with a fantastic sizzling starter.  Year 5 and 6 had a Viking Day workshop, which was very informative and fun! 


Year 5 and 6 had lots of fun learning about the life of Vikings.  We had the opportunity to explore and create our own Viking objects, including candles, medicines (which did rather smell of garlic) and jewellery.  


In the afternoon, we worked in groups to perform an archaeological dig to try and identify the site where the samples came from.  We discovered a range of objects including, pottery, cutlery and even some bones!



We were delighted to welcome Emma to Topaz class to teach us about Goalball. 


First, Topaz were given a sleep shade and tried to run from one side of the hall to the other.  Then they clapped to show their position and had to travel to the sound of the clap.  


The one side were given a ball, which they had to roll to the opposite side as accurately as possible.  


After that, one side had to throw the ball, whilst the other side were lying down - so they had to use their hearing to save the ball.  They had to aim for the targets to score a goal.


We had lots of fun and enjoyed our Goalball session with Emma.  


Written by James 

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