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Year 5&6 Girls Football, Friday 5th October 2018

On Friday 5th October, Enya, Grace and Melanie from Year 5 and Bailey, Emily P, Evie, Kiera and Megan from Year 6, travelled to Monk's Walk School in Welwyn to take part in the Sports Partnership Football Festival. This was not an inter-school event and, rather than play together as a team, all eight of our girls were made team captains, responsible for leading a group of up to twelve girls from a variety of different schools. During the afternoon, we played both five and seven-a-side games and enjoyed ourselves immensely! Miss Kropman was very impressed with the leadership qualities demonstrated by all of our girls and was delighted to see the excellent football being played, which will set us up nicely for competitive league fixtures later this term! Well done to all of the girls, but a special mention should go to Enya and Kiera, who were awarded certificates from the Monk's Walk staff for showing brilliant ability within their matches. 

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Year 5 Running Festival, Friday 21st September 2018

On Friday 21st September, the year 5 children took part in a Running Festival at Monk's Walk School. There was a Competitive run and also a Fun Run which all the children had the opportunity to take part in.They ran between 2km and 4km, depending upon which race they took part in. In the competitive race we had a some success as Oliver came 2nd place in the boys race, Georgia came 3rd, Eva 4th and Enya 10th in the girls race. All the children who placed in the top 10 have qualified for the Partnership Finals next month. In the fun run we had a number of top ten finishers.

Well done to everyone for excellent effort, results and running!