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Sapphire (Year 5/6)

Our Wales Adventure


Please see Topaz Class Blog for any updates for the year 6 trip to Wales. 



To keep updated on our Bushcraft adventures, please see the blog for Ruby Class. 

Sports Week


Have a look at our pictures below from our enjoyable Sports Week. 

DT week


During Design and Technology Week, we planned, designed, built and evaluated our own shelter.  Firstly, we started planning our shelters and picking materials to prepare for the building day.  All of us succeeded in planning our shelters and the next day we set to work.  As we began to make our designs, many groups found the process extremely challenging! However, everyone successfully created a shelter, which made our teacher content.  Finally, we evaluated our designs by testing our shelters with 3 tests. The 3 tests were to see if our shelter could handle rain, wind and additional weight.  Most of our shelters survived and we had a lot of fun.  We thoroughly enjoyed the week and cannot wait for the weeks to come!


The pictures below demonstrate the different techniques we created during the planning phase of our assignment. As you can see marshmallows were a particular favourite for Sapphire Class! 


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Creative Arts Week


In Creative Arts Week, we worked in different Year 5 and 6 groupings, which was certainly a lot of fun.  We created our own tribal masks, that are now proudly displayed in our classrooms.  In addition, we made bead jewellery with Miss Melchionno and Sunset pictures with Mr Neiman.  With Miss Winwood, we worked in groups to design, plan and perform a traditional tale.  However, there was a twist! We had to perform the traditional tale in less than 60 seconds, which was far trickier than we anticipated.  Please see a video of one of our performances below.  


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Last week, we were involved in a Science and technology week. We took part in lots of different activities.  This is what we enjoyed:

Sina – It was really cool how the foam spouted out as the chemical reaction happened, and that we could change the colour.

Rhianna – I really liked investigating with the cornflour because it was so unexpected.

Georgina – Spinning the colour wheel was really fun and I didn’t expect it to turn white but it did!

Maya – I really enjoyed the telephone investigation because the shorter the string, the quicker the sound travelled and when we stretched the string, it also travelled quicker.

Adriana – I liked the egg drop competition because we got to think of our own way of protecting the egg. It was fun testing it out.

Anastasia – it was really interesting how we could make music with just words to help us to create a beat.

Emily – I thought it was really clever that we could make different rhythms to create music. How you hit the drum in different places it made a different sound.

Amelie – it was really clever how we used different instruments at different times and how we could control the volume.

Court Visit

Court Visit  1

St Albans Magistrates visited us to explain all about the courts. We acted out a court room scenario, taking on the roles of both the defendants and prosecutors. We found the defendant guilty!

October 2016 – Gymnastics

I have really enjoyed PE because we have learnt lots of different gymnastic skills like travelling and jumping. We had a range of equipment to use such as the spring board and vault. By Zara

I enjoyed gymnastics as I learnt how to tuck my head in to do a forward roll. By Gracie

21st October trip to Gobions Wood

Today, we planted crocus bulbs at Gobions wood for Brookmans Park Rotary club. We started in the morning with lots of crocus corns. There was a lot of passion and determination put in to do this. Everyone relentlessly worked together for hours, digging and planting. Soon all the seeds were planted and to celebrate we took a photo with all the adults and children. By Rachel

September 2016 – Tudor art with Miss Shaw

Art is really fun! We have learnt lots of skills to be able to draw portraits and create a clay frame. Miss Shaw has showed us how to go step by step. By Georgina and James S

I like to try new skills and I have learnt how to shade, choosing between B and A pencils. By Elliot.

Curriculum Meeting 2016

BFG workshop

BFG workshop  1 Our class worked together to act dreams to catch.

Tudor Day

Roald Dahl's Centurion Birthday Celebration

Roald Dahl's Centurion Birthday Celebration 1 We performed Roald Dahl's award winning poetry.

Joy of Reading

Joy of Reading  1 We enjoyed the experience.
Joy of Reading  2 After the presentation, we met Caroline Lawrence.

Year 5 and 6 Spellings Autumn 1 to practise at home