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Ruby (Year 5)

Drumming Workshop 17th March 
Today, we were lucky enough to experience a drumming workshop with Tim. We used a variety of instruments to create our own piece of music as a class! 
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Drumming Workshop!

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Science Week!
13th-17th March
Stay tuned! Blog post to follow! 
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12th December
Our day at Court!

On Monday 12th December, we were visited by members of St Albans Court. First we talked about what you would go to Court if you were caught committing a crime. Then we asked some questions about Court and what you would do there. Then we were given a quiz to complete and it was about how old you have to be to do certain things in life. For example drinking alcohol age 18, entering the lottery age 18 and being responsible for your seatbelt age 14. Reeah, Georgina, Ryan and Jack acted out a crime were an old lady’s hand bag got stolen and had some important things for the old lady but they weren’t useful to the robbers. After break we had a go at re-enacting what would actually happen at Court if there was a crime. Next we were given a part in re-enacting the crime seine. Over all everybody enjoyed the morning and have learned some exciting facts.

By Abby and Olivia

Cultural Week
28th November- 1st December

During cultural week, the whole school learned about a different cultural in each year group. We were learning about Hinduism in Y5 and 6. We’ve been learning about the story of Rama and Sita which is a Hindu story and hats why they have Diwali. With Miss Melchionno we learnt about Christianity and Advent. We made our very own door to go into an Advent Calendar. In each one there was short message saying one thing to do that day e.g. give someone a warm hug. We also drew festive pictures on the front of the door.

By Shari Bassi 

Scenes from the story of Rama and Sita

Scenes from the story of Rama and Sita  1
Scenes from the story of Rama and Sita  2
Scenes from the story of Rama and Sita  3
Scenes from the story of Rama and Sita  4
Scenes from the story of Rama and Sita  5
Scenes from the story of Rama and Sita  6
11th November
Today Year 5 and 6 visited St Albans Cathedral for a Tudor workshop. 
Picture 1 We enjoyed learning about the Monks who worked at the Abbey, and the history behind the building. We even dressed up as monks and assumed different jobs!
Picture 2 We had the opportunity to experiment with lots of different Tudor musical instruments. Can you name any?
Picture 3
Picture 4 We looked at the clothes the rich and the poor would have worn. Reeah is modelling a gable hood, which was favoured by Henry’s 1st wife, Catherine of Aragon.
Picture 5 Having learned all about the dances favoured at Henry’s court, we had the opportunity to have a go at dances popular with the poor. We enjoyed ‘threading the needle’!

21st October
Trip to Gobions Wood

Today, we planted crocus bulbs at Gobions wood for Brookmans Park Rotary club in support of raising money for Polio disease. We started in the morning with lots of crocus corns. Everyone worked very hard and got very muddy in the process!

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Tudor Day

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