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Aquamarine (Reception)

16th-20th October


We started this week off with the children bringing in generous donations for the Harvest festival and attending the Harvest festival assembly where the children heard the story of Jesus and how he helped people by healing them.

Thank you so much for your kind donations, they have now been delivered to a shelter in St Albans.


We have been looking at the story of ' The Lion Hunt' this week and the children have all done some amazing story maps independently. They have worked so hard this week on their writing and are coming on so much. 


Our maths activities have been on repeating patters this week and the children have all had a go at beginning their own patterns. They even had a go at making fruit kebabs and creating patterns out of these. It was also a good chance for children to try different fruits. 


For Diwali we all had a go at making diva lamps and acting out the story of Rama and Sita, Mrs Seewoo very kindly told the story to the children. 


Thank you for making it such a pleasure to teach your children this half term and I hope they have had as much fun as I have in the first term of Reception.  They have all done so well. 


Have a lovely half term. 

Miss Burrett 

9th-13th of October


This week we have been doing lots of work on the Bear hunt story. We went on our own bear hunt in the playground. The children all wrote their own story maps too which were brilliant. 


We made some biscuits and all got to take these home, they were very yummy. The children have been learning our song to go on to our school CD which we will be recording in November. 


 Quick reminder to bring in consent forms for our Mental Heath Dance we will be doing after half term to enabler  your child to be filmed.


Next week: 


Phonics - We will be learning 1:1 green words

Topic- Healthy eating and 'We are going on a lion hunt'

Maths - Recognising and starting our own patterns.


2nd-6th of October


We have had another fantastic week in Aquamarine class.

We have been talking about our favourite books and have been doing lots of activities based on 'The Bear Hunt' which is the teachers favourite book. The children have created story maps of the Bear hunt.


We were also very lucky to have Oynx class come down to Reception to read us the stories that they had written. They were very good and the children enjoyed listening to them. 


This week:


Phonics- j,v,y,w,th


Maths- Looking at 2D shapes


Topic- Continuing to look at the 'Bear Hunt.


Just a quick reminder that it will be individual school photos on Monday 9th of October. 


Have an enjoyable weekend

Miss Burrett

Early Year Curriculum meeting


       25th- 29th September 2017


This week we have had lots of fun learning about Rosh Hashana.  We also enjoyed singing and learning how to use our voices in different ways. In our maths lessons, we went on a search for different objects and had to count them carefully by touching and moving each one.  We also started to use numicon to help with our counting.  We've been doing lots of writing and mark making too,in our choosing time and some of us even made a book about worms!


W/C 2nd October 2017


We will be counting objects, ordering and recognising numbers up to 20.



We will continue to practice all our sounds and introduce the new sounds e, l, h, r, and j.  We have started to blend our sounds to make words.  What words can you make with the sounds we have learnt so far?  Have a look at the sounds picture below.



We will be talking about our favourite books and the teachers favourite books.



Wednesday 4th October 2017  - Nursery and Reception Curriculum meeting.  


Have a wonderful weekend

Miss Burrett 

18th-22nd September


This week has been another great week for the children in Aquamarine class. We have been looking at our memory boxes and decorating them. It has been so nice looking through the children's boxes and seeing the things they have put in there. The children have also enjoyed showing their friends what they have in them. 

We have also been talking about the children's likes and dislikes and having a go at writing about these. 


This has been our second week of phonics and the children are all trying really hard. We have also been talking about what sounds each child has in their names and what sound their names begin with. 


The children all seemed to enjoy their first art session with Miss Shaw and PE with Mrs Zerny.


Next week we will be learning: 


Phonics: c,k,u,b,f

Literacy and topic: We will be talking about or feelings and what makes us feel happy/sad. 

Maths: Recognising numbers and estimating quantities. 


We will also be celebrating Rosh Hashannah on Monday. If any parents want to come in and talk about this or carry out any activities then please do let us know. 


Have a lovely weekend 

Miss Burrett 



11th-15th September


The children have done very well staying for their first week of lunches and full days. They are following their new routine well and are making lots of new friends. We have enjoyed learning about their families and looking through some of their memory boxes. These are going to be decorated next week. 


What we will be doing next week:



We will be introducing the sounds i, n, p, g and o.



We will continue with our topic 'All about me' We will be sharing our memory boxes and decorating them with our names.



We will be recognising numbers 1- 10 and counting and sorting objects.



Our First week in Reception!


The children have all had a brilliant first week in Aquamarine class. It has been so lovely to meet all of the new faces and to see how much all of the children from Nursery have grown over the summer. 

The children have all done really well in coming into the classroom in the mornings and getting used to their new class and teachers. They have had lots of fun using our play dough station, creating models, building things with construction materials and exploring the indoor and outdoor environment.


Next week we are going to be starting our Phonics sessions, working on numbers 1-10 and starting our topic 'All about me'. 

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Year Overview - Reception 2017- 2018

Welcome to Aquamarine Class 2017-2018.

Aquamarine blog will be updated every Friday so that you can see what your children have been doing throughout the week. 


Miss Burrett