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Amethyst (Reception)

The Greatest Show.

Today Reception performed The Greatest Show.  Everyone helped by making posters, tickets and programmes.  We numbers the seats and invited Nursery to see our show.  Everyone played an important role whether it was performing, lighting, helping with sound, showing people to their seats, collecting tickets or giving out programmes.  It certainly takes a lot of work to put on a show.


Sports Week


This week the children have had great fun with a variety of sporting activities. They have worked together in their house teams competing in various activities including water games, targets, beach volley ball, Arsenal Football club, Krav Maga and the Mile.


This week in Reception we have been learning about Sinking and Floating and all the children have been Super Scientists.

In maths we have been doubling and halving numbers.

The children have also been learning abut the Hindu naming ceremony sharing the meaning of their names.


Week commencing  9th July

This week is Sports week and we have some super activities planned.  Please remember to come to school in beachwear on Monday but make sure you have your trainers on.  The rest of the week please wear you PE kits with your team colours for Wednesdays Sports Day.

New Classes.


A list of the new registration groups for next year will be displayed on the door on Monday.  Please make sure you check whether your child is in Diamond or Emerald class.   

Friday 29th June

This week in maths we have been learning about Capacity.  We have been putting containers in the right order form smallest to largest and we have been estimating and measuring their capacity in cupfuls.  WE have also started to learn about ml and litres.  Can you be a detective and see if you can spot ml or litre on any bottles or containers at home?


In Literacy we have been writing all about the Rainbow fish and thinking about a beginning, middle and end to a story.


Next week we will be experimenting with floating and sinking and learning about doubling and halving in maths.  Keep on practicing your phonics and reading at home.  

Week Beginning 18th June 2018


In literacy this week the children have been again at the story 'Commotion in the Ocean' which is a book containing poems about sea creatures. They have been exploring rhyming words and attempted to complete their own rhyming sentences.


In Maths we have been looking at money and recognising the value of each coin. The children are able to recognise most coins and have played shops where they have used them to buy different items from the class shop.


We have also been learning about Weddings in different religions and cultures and looked at Christian, Jewish and Hindu weddings.


Next Week 25th June 2018




In literacy we will be looking at the story of the Rainbow Fish and recognising how stories are made up of a beginning, middle and end. The children will learn a simple version of the Rainbow Fish story, and using a story map and actions retell it orally. They will then have a go at writing sentences to match the beginning, middle and end of the story.




In Maths we will be doing Capacity and looking at different containers and how much water they will hold. The children will order the containers according to their capacity as well as predicting how many cupfuls each container will hold.




We will be continuing to learn and revise our Set 3 sounds.


Week Beginning 4th June 2018


Cultural Week


We have had a very enjoyable week learning about two countries that are taking part in the Football World Cup - Sweden and Australia. Amethyst class had Sweden and Aquamarine class had Australia.


We started the week by discussing what we already know about each country and then made a list of questions about what we wanted to find out. Next we discussed where we would find answers to our questions. Most children recognised that they could use the internet, You-tube, ipads and other forms of technology. We also talked about how we can use information books.


The children used a Powerpoint and fact files to read facts about each country. They then chose one fact that they had learnt and wrote a sentence to share with another child from the other class. They recalled the fact they had learnt from their partners, so that they knew about both countries.


We were very lucky to have August's mum and Emily Smith's mum come into class to talk to us about Sweden and Australia and answer any unanswered questions that we still had.


Finally we had our Cultural Food Festival, where the children brought in food from different countries around the world. The children loved trying new savoury and sweet things.


Thank you to all the parents who contributed the lovely food, it was all delicious!


Next Week


Linked with Australia and the Great Barrier Reef, we will be starting our topic of Under the Sea. In literacy for the next two weeks, we will be looking at the book 'Commotion in the Ocean' which is a book of poems about different sea creatures.  This week the children will be choosing a creature to write facts about.


In Maths we will be learning subtraction facts within 10 and beyond.


Phonics - we will be continuing to learn our set 3 sounds.

As well as hearing each child read individually, we have also started Guided Reading this half-term. The children read once a week with an adult, in small groups. The same book is read by each child in the group and afterwards, we discuss the book to promote the children's understanding and comprehension of what they have read. Questions include  asking the children to retell the events of the story, discuss the motives of the characters and predict what might happen next.


Don't forget on Friday is our Village Day Mufti Day! Children can wear their own clothes in exchange for bringing in delicious cakes for the refreshment stall at Village Day on Saturday!

We have had so much fun  celebrating the Royal wedding. .

W/C 13/5/2018


Last week was another busy week in Reception.  In maths,he children were learning about 3D shapes  and in literacy were producing some fantastic independent writing. During PSHE, we have really enjoyed sharing your family pictures and finding out where your family come from and who are important in your lives.  We have continued to complete our mile a day and regularly share mindfulness times.  We also said goodbye to Miss Burrett who begins her maternity leave.  


This week we are counting in 2's during maths and completing patterns.  In Literacy we are continuing to share traditional tales and focus on independent writing.  We have really enjoyed seeing your homework trolls and tasting your gingerbread biscuits and bread.  


Have a super week

The Reception Team. 


Week beginning 23.04.18


Another great week in Reception. The children have all been so engrossed in the story of 'The Little Red Hen'. They have had a go at adapting the story and changing the characters. Some of the children decided to set the story in a Zoo rather than a farm and had Zoo animals instead of farm animals. They then added these changes to their story maps. Some of the children did some beautiful handwriting whilst writing the story. Mrs Davies was very impressed.


In maths the children were all able to show that they knew the number bonds to 6 and 7. We have been using a song online to help us remind ourselves of the number bonds. The children also had a go at writing down the correct number sentences. We also introduced subtracting to the children this week.


This week in PSHE the children had a chance to write down something that they wished their teacher knew about themselves. This could either be a worry, something that they thought they were good at, something that they were excited about or anything else they wanted the teacher to be aware of. This has helped the children voice some of their concerns that they may not be comfortable sharing orally.


We were lucky enough to have Sapphire Class come down to Reception on Tuesday to show us their Bollywood Dance that they have learnt. The children of Sapphire class taught Reception some of the moves and they then performed this in the playground to the teachers. The children really seemed to enjoy spending time with the older children and also enjoyed learning the dance. After Sapphire class had left some of the children continued to practise the moves they learnt. We spoke with the children about different dances originating from different countries and they all learnt that Bollywood dancing came from India.


Next week:

Topic- We will be continuing our Traditional Tales topic.

Maths- Counting back in 1's, 2's and 3's

Phonice- Continuing to practise our Set 3 sounds.


Have a fantastic weekend.


                                                 Image result for final term in reception

W/C 17/4/18


Welcome back.  We hope you had a wonderful Easter break and are looking forward to enjoying  your child's last term in Reception.



Our new topic for this term is Traditional tales.  We will be looking at 'The Little Red Hen,' 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' and 'The Gingerbread man.' 

This week we have retold the story of 'The Little Red Hen' and have used actions to retell the story.



We have been giving each other directions, using forward and back, left and right. We have been using Bee Bots to help the Little Red Hen find her way.  Also we have been tasting different kinds of bread and making a pictogram of our favourite breads.  



During phonics we have been practising our sounds and some of us are learning the first of the set three sounds, ea, oi, a-e, i-e. 


Here's a list of all the Set 3 sounds and their rhymes.



ea: cup of tea

oi: spoil the boy

a-e: make a cake

i-e: nice smile

o-e: phone home

u-e: huge brute

aw: yawn at dawn

are: share and care

ur: purse for a nurse

er: a better letter

ow: brown cow

ai: snail in the rain

oa: goat in a boat

ew: chew the stew

ire: fire fire!

ear: hear with your ear

ure: sure it’s pure?

tion: (celebration)

tious / cious: (scrumptious / delicious)

e: he me we she be


Click the link below to see how to pronounce at the sounds.


We're really looking forward to another term of super learning in Reception!

Thank you for all supporting our dance festival yesterday.  Although there were a few nerves the children performed beautifully and enjoyed being a part of such an inclusive and diverse performance.  Photos to follow. 


W/C 26/03/18



We will be looking at how to tell the time to the hour will both digital and analogue clocks.



We will be finishing off our work on the hungry caterpillar.



We will be planting and looking at more lifecycles. 


Please  join us for our Easter open morning, on Wednesday at 9-10.30 where you can join us in some Easter crafts. 


Thank you






Dance festival preparations

W/C 19/03/18


We will be measuring and comparing our beanstalks. We will also be measuring and comparing ourselves and other objects around our class.



We will be reading 'The Hungry caterpillar' and looking at life cycles.  We will draw our own story maps and write our own versions.


Dance Festival.

Dont forget our dance festival on 22nd March at 2.30pm.  Please remember to send in your red and gold costumes this week. 


Thank you 

The Reception Team.









Please find attached a list of the Set 1, 2 and 3 phonics. We have taught Set 1 and 2 and will be moving on to Set 3.


We have really enjoyed watching our chicks grow and develop.  We were lucky enough yesterday to enjoy stroking and handling the chicks.  We had to be really careful to hold them over there wings to protect them. If you look really carefully you can spot their feathers changing.  They were quite messy on our floors too but it was very funny!!



We have had a fantastic week. Our chicks arrived and all 10 have now hatched.  We also had a super trip to the  Farm.  


In topic this week the children have all  been writing their own Chick Diary based on their observations.


Please feel free to come and have a look. 


Next week we will be completing our chick diaries and reading and writing about 

'The Ladybird that heard.'


In maths we will be revisiting 3D shapes and continuing with number bonds to 10.  


Enjoy your weekend 


Reception Team 

Lea Valley Farm Trip.


We had a really super trip to Lea Valley Farm Park.  We saw lots of different animals and were able to feed them too! We were able to play in the inside barn just as the rain came down.  


We had a  lovely lunch and then were able to play with the mini tractors and the giant cushion.

Some of us were brave enough to enjoy the alpine slide too!  


What a super day and a big thank you to all of our helpers.  



W/C 7/3/18


We were so excited when our chicks arrived yesterday and what a lovely surprise to see that one had hatched over night. 


The children have have made some super observations already and are thinking of some great questions.’


‘We have 1 come out, there are 9 to go.’


‘There are three with cracks, I think they will hatch today.’


’it’s bigger than the egg.’


’what will it eat?’


We let you know if anymore arrive. 



The chicks are here!

Week beginning- 26th February 


This week the children have been continuing to read the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. They have created their own story maps and looked to see how their beans have grown. 


In Maths they have been looking at different pairs of numbers that add up to a total of 5. All of the children had a good go at this and they are continuing to make really good progress. 


The Children have all come in to school looking amazing in their World Book Day costumes. We had many different costumes Peter Pan, Red riding hood, A Shark in the Park, The Highway rat and many more. You all looked fantastic. 


We have also been rehearsing our Chinese ribbon dance and dragon dance in preparation for the school dance festival on 22nd March. 


The children have been so sensible this week around school whilst it has been icy and snowy.  Well Done!!


Next Week: 

Topic- Our Chicks are arriving, we are all very excited. 

Maths-  Pairs adding up to a total of 10. 

Phonics- Continuing to recap our phase 3 sounds. 



Farm trip 8th March, If you have not done so please give your lunch choices to the class teachers of the office.

Week Beginning 26th February 2018


Today we have been celebrating World Book Day, and all the children looked fantastic in their different book character costumes. In class we had a look at the story called 'The Arrival' by Shaun Tan. This was a story told through pictures, about a man leaving home and travelling to a different place and how he came across new and different creatures. Some of the children drew their own pictures story board.

World Book Day

World Book Day 1
World Book Day 2
World Book Day 3
World Book Day 4
World Book Day 5
World Book Day 6
World Book Day 7

19th-23rd February 


Welcome back. We hope you had a super half term.  We’ve really enjoyed hearing all the half term news, especially finding out about visits to the Natural History Museum.


We have had a busy week introducing our new topic of Spring. We have read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and have planted our own beans.  We’ve talked about growing plants and baby animal and all the signs of spring. In maths we have been counting objects to 20 and writing numbers to 20. We have a farm shop and a cafe in our role play areas and we are selling food from around the world.  


We have also been rehearsing our Chinese ribbon dance ready for the dance festival on the 22nd March. 


W/c 26th February.



We will be continuing with our set 2 sounds and practicing segmenting and blending for writing.



We will be adding together two groups to make basic addition sentences and writing digits.  



We will be drawing story maps of Jack and the Beanstalk and writing about how we planted our beans. 


Week 5th -12th February


We have been weighing in Maths this week and explored which dinosaurs were heavy and light. We estimated and then compared different large dinosaurs by using some small . This linked in with our Literacy and Topic as we were reading the story of ' Harry and the Bucketful of dinosaurs'. Not only did the children estimate how much they thought Harry's bucket would have weighed. But they also created their own story map too.


We have been learning about Chinese New Year and the children knew it was the year of the dog. The children learnt a ribbon dance and had a go at making some Chinese lanterns and snakes.

We have also been talking about Valentines Day. The children learnt the story behind why we celebrate it and how. They have also made some lovely cards for their Parents.


After half term:


Next term we will be starting our new topic of Spring. We will be getting our very own chicks for the class to see grow and are hoping to organise a trip to a children's farm.


Maths: Recognising and comparing numbers up to 20.

Phonics: Recapping on the sounds we have learnt.



Thank you for helping your children to have such a good half term.

Enjoy your break

Reception Team

Guide Dog Puppy


Today we were lucky enough to have a visit from Mr Thomas and his Guide dog puppy Varley.  We learnt all about the job of a guide dog and we found out how long it takes for him to train.  Nearly 19 months!!!


We hope he comes to visit us again!!

Guide dog puupy

Week Beginning 29/01/2018


This week we saw the return of our class dinosaur. The children were shown photos of the dinosaur around the village in Brookmans Park. They then had to write about where he had been. We then went on a hunt around the school as he had sent us some clues of where he was hiding. We followed the clues all of the way to the Rainbow Room. 


In Maths the children have been writing and working out number sentences. All of Amethyst class have worked really hard doing this. 


In RE the children were introduced to the idea of the natural world such as desserts, beaches and mountains. The children used different describing words to explain the wide variety of natural landscapes that make up our wonderful world.  We then went on a walk around our playground to see what parts of the natural world we could see in our own environment. The children spotted trees, bushes, grass and the beginnings of spring flowers beginning to grow.


Next week: 


Literacy: We will be writing looking at the story of Harry & the Dinosaurs and attempting to sequence the story, using pictures and captions.

Maths: Weighing - Comparing the weight of different dinosaur models using a balance and a spring scale. We will also been making dinosaur biscuits, weighing out the ingredients.

Phonics: Recapping our set 1 and set 2 sounds, practicing our green and red words and holding a sentence. 


Thank you to all the parents who attended our Diversity and Kitemark coffee afternoon.

For those who were not able to attend please take a look at the PowerPoint attached.

We would welcome your views.

Have a lovely weekend. 


Reception Team

22nd - 26th January 2018

Dinosaur Workshop


We had a fantastic morning when dinosaurs arrived in our class for our dinosaur workshop! We looked at lots of different dinosaur models and all the children were able to identify most of the dinosaurs. Graham the Paleontologist showed us the tools he uses when digging for dinosaurs! The children were very excited to see the size of a dinosaur egg that a long-necked dinosaur would have laid. He explained how fossils were made and showed us some great fossils that he had found, such as dinosaur poo, teeth and an egg.We learned that dinosaur poo was called 'coprolite! and all the children had a turn at holding a real fossilised dinosaur egg, which had a real life baby dinosaur in it!



In Literacy the children were shocked to find out that our school dinosaur had gone missing. They all had a go at creating their own 'Missing Posters' to put up around school to find out if anyone had seen him. We later received a postcard with some photos from the dinosaur explaining that he had gone on holiday around the world. The children had to guess from the clues where the dinosaur had travelled to. We are hoping that he hurries  back soon. 



Next week: 


Literacy: We will be writing thank you cards to Graham to thank him for the dinosaur workshop. We will also be trying to track down our school dinosaur. 

Maths: One or Two more than a given number 

Phonics: Recapping our set 1 and set 2 sounds, practicing our green and red words and holding a sentence. 


Reminders: Diversity and Kitemark coffee afternoon Wednesday 31st January 2-3PM all parents and siblings welcome. We look forward to seeing you there. 


Have a lovely weekend. 


Reception Team

Week beginning- 15th January 


This week the children have all done some fantastic story mapping based on the Dinosaur thta came to our school and the story 'The Little Green Dinosaur'. They also found a real Dinosaur egg in our outdoor area which they were all very excited about. The children worked out that it must be a dinosaur egg as it was to big to be a bird egg. We took it inside and have kept it warm so that hopefully over the weekend the egg should hatch. The children are sure that inside it will be a baby T-Rex. Some of the children have done some lovely writing during their choosing time describing what happened when they found the egg. We are all very excited to see what hatches out on Monday.


Next week: 

Phonics: air-that's not fair, ir-whirl and twirl, ou- shout it out, oy- toy for a boy

Maths: Ordinal numbers

Topic: Designing our own dinosaurs and writing a postcard to our school dinosaur who travelling around the world.

Reminders: Dinosaur workshop on Wednesday


They have all had another great week enjoy your weekend.

Reception Team 

Week beginning- 8th January 2018


Reception have had another great week at school. They have all showed a real interest in our dinosaur topic and have all come up with some great ideas to add to our role play areas. They have done some lovely writing and drawings based on the story 'A Dinosaur in our school'. We even had a dinosaur visit Brookmans Park. The children saw photos of the dinosaur in the lunch hall, In ks1 and ks2 and the dinosaur was even sat in Mrs Davis's office at her desk. The children thought that he was getting a telling off for making a mess in our classroom.


In maths we have introduced our new topic of Money. The children are doing really well in recognising their 1p, 2p,5p and 10p coins. 


Thank you to those parents who have paid for our Dinosaur workshop, just a quick reminder to those parents that have not.


Next Week:


Recognising and Ordering numbers to 20.


We will be learning the vowel sounds - short oo, long oo, ar, or.

The phrases that go with these sounds are as follows:

short oo - look at a book

long oo - poo at the zoo

ar - start the car

or - shut the door


Writing our own story maps, talking about the differences between present time and when the dinosaurs were around.

Picture 1

T-Rex Visiting the School

T-Rex Visiting the School 1
T-Rex Visiting the School 2
T-Rex Visiting the School 3
T-Rex Visiting the School 4
T-Rex Visiting the School 5
T-Rex Visiting the School 6
T-Rex Visiting the School 7
T-Rex Visiting the School 8
T-Rex Visiting the School 9
T-Rex Visiting the School 10
T-Rex Visiting the School 11
T-Rex Visiting the School 12
T-Rex Visiting the School 13
T-Rex Visiting the School 14
T-Rex Visiting the School 15
T-Rex Visiting the School 16
T-Rex Visiting the School 17
T-Rex Visiting the School 18
T-Rex Visiting the School 19
T-Rex Visiting the School 20
T-Rex Visiting the School 21
T-Rex Visiting the School 22
T-Rex Visiting the School 23
T-Rex Visiting the School 24
T-Rex Visiting the School 25
T-Rex Visiting the School 26
T-Rex Visiting the School 27
T-Rex Visiting the School 28
T-Rex Visiting the School 29
T-Rex Visiting the School 30
T-Rex Visiting the School 31
T-Rex Visiting the School 32
T-Rex Visiting the School 33
T-Rex Visiting the School 34
T-Rex Visiting the School 35

Dinosaur Topic

Recognising Coins

Happy New Year!

Week Beginning 8/01/18


As part of our 'Sizzling Starter' to our new topic on Dinosaurs, we had a visit from a 'dinosaur' today! The children were very excited to find some enormous footprints! We discussed what type of dinosaur it might have been. We looked at the size of the footprints compared to the size of our own footprints and decided that it must be taller than the classroom. We decided to see how many of our own feet would fit into the size of one footprint. First we estimated the number of shoes that would fit into a footprint, then in groups the children took off their shoes and laid them onto each footprint. We found out that each group had a slightly different number of shoes that fitted into the footprint. When asked why this was, Chloe said "We all have different sized shoes!"


We discussed what we already know about dinosaurs.

Jack told us, "My favourite dinosaur is a T-Rex!"

Zach also said, "They eat plants and bugs".


Johnny decided to write and answer his own question about dinosaurs -

'What do dinosaurs eat? They eat plants.'

Frankie did some super writing about dinosaurs explaining what they are like and how we should run away from them!




Next week we will continue to learn about what dinosaurs eat and learn the terms 'carnivore', 'herbivore' and 'omnivore'. We will be looking at which dinosaurs were big and which were small and how they moved about. Watch out for our dinosaur stomp dance!



We will be learning the vowel sounds - ay, ee, igh, ow.

The phrases that go with these sounds are as follows:

ay - may I play?

ee - what can I see?

igh - fly high!

ow - blow the snow!

We will continue to practise our set 1 initial sounds and blend them together in CVC words.

Please continue to practise the set 1 initial sounds and the green and red words at home.




This week we are focusing on money and recognising coins. We will be using 1p, 2p, 5p & 10p coins to pay for items in our dinosaur museum shop.







Dinosaur Footprints

Dinosaur Footprints 1
Dinosaur Footprints 2
Dinosaur Footprints 3
Dinosaur Footprints 4
Dinosaur Footprints 5
Dinosaur Footprints 6
Dinosaur Footprints 7
Dinosaur Footprints 8
Dinosaur Footprints 9
Dinosaur Footprints 10
Dinosaur Footprints 11
Dinosaur Footprints 12
Dinosaur Footprints 13

Happy Christmas


We finished our term with a fantastic trip to the Pantomime on Monday and a fantastic Christmas party on Tuesday.  We all had lots of fun. 


We would all like to thank you for your kind gifts and your support over the last term and we look forward to working with you all again in the New Year.


Thank you 

The Reception team.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15

Week 12th - 15th December


We have had a fun packed week in Reception this week. We really enjoyed performing our Nativity Play on Wednesday and Thursday and the children looked wonderful in their costumes. We have also learned about the Jewish Festival of Hannakah which started this week, and some of the children shared how they have been celebrating this festival at home. Today we are celebrating Christmas as a school. The children all look very festive wearing their Christmas jumpers. We have all been very lucky to meet Santa and because we have all been very good, we all got a lovely chocolate Santa! 

We are looking forward to going to see the pantomime 'Cinderella' on Monday.


The Reception Staff wish to thank you all for our lovely Christmas gifts, and wish you all a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

27th-1st December


We have had another great week in Reception. The Children have all been working really hard on practising our Christmas Concert so that the Mummy’s and Daddy’s are all very proud. They have been doing a great job at learning our songs and their own words. We are very much looking forward to you all coming to watch it. 


We we were very lucky and had a visit from the local Police Community Officer. She spoke to us about what she does every day and we even got 

to sit in her police car and hear the sirens. Photos will follow


Next week: 

Maths: We will be doing some Christmas Maths activities, decorating Christmas trees, making snowmen and paper chains patterns.

Phonics: we will be continuing our handwriting and reading. 

Topic: We will be focusing on Christmas and our Christmas concert. 


We will continue to rehearse our Christmas concert.


Have a a lovely week. 

The Reception Team

20th November


This week we have been continuing with our Superhero topic. The children have all had a go at uncovering secret messages and following the clues to save the superheros. They have also learnt about real life superheros such as Doctors, Fireman and Policeman. We have spoken about  when and how you should ring 999 and what information you may need to pass on e.g. their addresses.


In maths we have been learning about 3D shapes, their properties and how to describe them to each other.


The children have been busy practising their songs for our Christmas concert as well as recording our school CD on Monday.


It was so lovely to catch up with you all during our parent consultations you should all be very proud of your children and how they have settled into Reception and progressed throughout their first term.


Have a lovely weekend

The Reception Team

We had a very busy week last week.  We started with an assembly on Monday discussing Bullying and we each drew handprints and wrote about why we are unique.  We finished our week with a talent show in aid of Children in Need and have hopefully raised lots of money for this fantastic cause. 



W/C 20/11/2017



We will be practising our speed sound and green words and looking carefully at correct letter formation.



We are looking at 3D shapes and their properties such as faces and corners. We will be going on a shape walk around the school and building models with 3D shapes. 


Topic- Superheroes.

We will be discussing real life heroes such as the police, fire and ambulance and talking about 999 calls.


We look forward to meeting everyone during our parent consultations on Tuesday and Thursday this week.


The Reception team.








Friday 10th November

We've had another fun week in reception and have enjoyed dressing up as Superheroes.  We even thought that the Ice man had been on Monday morning and turned everything to ice.  It was fun being scientists and discovering how quickly the ice melted in different places.  

We have also been learning why we wear poppies and we will be attending a Remembrance day assembly today.  


Next week W/C 13/11/17  



We will be looking at length and comparing and measuring with standard and non standard units.



We will continued to practice and write our set 1 sounds and recognising and reading out green and red words. 



We will be thinking about how we can be heroes and writing what makes us special.


Thank you for your continued support.


The Reception Team

The whole school celebrated Remembrance Day today, and had an Assembly led by Mr Ratcliffe, who was dressed in his RAF Uniform. We had a minute silence to remember all those who have died in war, so that we can live in peace!

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day 1
Remembrance Day 2
Remembrance Day 3
Remembrance Day 4
Remembrance Day 5

Welcome Back


We hope you had a super half term.  We have had a busy week but are really enjoying our new topic of Super Heroes and real life heroes.  The children have been enjoying our new Super heroes den and our Drs Surgery.  They have been dressing up and have been real Super Heroes with their writing.We also enjoyed taking part in the house cross country.


Next week W/C 6/11/17  



We will continue to look at counting objects and actions accurately and we will be looking at 1 more and 1 less than a given number.



We have completed all of our set 1 sounds and have continued to blend words.  We have also started to look at red words (words that cannot be sounded out) such a do, so, I, and my.



We will be writing about our own heroes.


Thank you for your continued support.


The Reception Team.


16th-20th October


We started this week off with the children bringing in generous donations for the Harvest festival and attending the Harvest festival assembly where the children heard the story of Jesus and how he helped people by healing them.

Thank you so much for your kind donations, they have now been delivered to a shelter in St Albans.


We have been looking at the story of ' The Lion Hunt' this week and the children have all done some amazing story maps independently. They have worked so hard this week on their writing and are coming on so much. 


Our maths activities have been on repeating patters this week and the children have all had a go at beginning their own patterns. They even had a go at making fruit kebabs and creating patterns out of these. It was also a good chance for children to try different fruits. 


For Diwali we all had a go at making diva lamps and acting out the story of Rama and Sita. 


Thank you for all your support this half term.  We have really enjoyed getting to know your children and we are delighted at the progress they are making already.


Have a lovely and restful half term. 

The Reception Team.  

Friday 13th October.


We have had another super week in Amethyst class and the children have enjoyed learning a dance in assembly and have been learning some new songs in music.  We have also been on a Bear Hunt and have been drawing and writing some amazing story maps. 


W/C 16/10/2017


We will be introducing the sounds z, ch, qu, x and ng. 



We will continue looking at our favourite books and writing about a Lion Hunt



We will be looking at and recognising patterns.


Hope you have a super weekend.

Mrs Pollington and Mrs Luck.


Bear Hunt 9/10/2017


Yesterday we went on a Bear Hunt.  We travelled across the grass, through a river, in the mud, through a forest and in a snowstorm. What do you think we spotted in a cave? 



Bear Hunt

Bear Hunt 1
Bear Hunt 2
Bear Hunt 3
Bear Hunt 4
Bear Hunt 5
Bear Hunt 6
Bear Hunt 7
Bear Hunt 8
Bear Hunt 9
Bear Hunt 10
Bear Hunt 11
Bear Hunt 12
Bear Hunt 13
Bear Hunt 14
Bear Hunt 15
Bear Hunt 16
Bear Hunt 17
Bear Hunt 18
Bear Hunt 19
Bear Hunt 20
Bear Hunt 21
Bear Hunt 22
Bear Hunt 23
Bear Hunt 24
Bear Hunt 25
Bear Hunt 26
Bear Hunt 27
Bear Hunt 28
Bear Hunt 29
Bear Hunt 30
Bear Hunt 31
Onyx Class came and visited the children in both Reception Classes toady, so that they could read their stories to Amethyst and Aquamarine children. The children in  Onyx Class had written fables suitable for younger children. Both classes really enjoyed listening to the stories.

Sharing Stories

Sharing Stories 1
Sharing Stories 2
Sharing Stories 3
Sharing Stories 4
Sharing Stories 5
Sharing Stories 6
Sharing Stories 7
Sharing Stories 8

  Friday 6th October 2017

Thank you to everyone who attended the Curriculum meeting , we hope it was useful and informative.  Please see the powerpoint from the meeting if you were unable to attend. 


This week we have had lots of fun listening to and making story maps of 'Going on a Bear Hunt'  We have practiced our counting and built some very tall towers.   We've been doing lots of writing and mark making again have started to blend sounds to make words.  


W/C 9th October 2017


We will be looking at shapes all around us.  We will be making shape biscuits and learning about the properties of shapes.



We will continue to practice all our sounds and introduce new sounds. We have started to blend our sounds to make words.  What words can you make with the sounds we have learnt so far?  



We will be going on our own Bear Hunt and making our own Story Maps.  We will also be re telling the story. 


Reminder- We have individual class photos on Monday 9th October. 



 Have a super weekend

Mrs Pollington and Mrs Luck. 

EYFS meeting 4/10/17

       Friday 29th September 2017


This week we have had lots of fun learning about Rosh Hashana.  We also enjoyed singing and learning how to use our voices in different ways. In our maths lessons, we went on a search for different objects and had to count them carefully by touching and moving each one.  We also started to use numicon to help with our counting.  We've been doing lots of writing and mark making too,in our choosing time and some of us even made a book about worms!


W/C 2nd October 2017


We will be counting objects, ordering and recognising numbers up to 20.



We will continue to practice all our sounds and introduce the new sounds e, l, h, r, and j.  We have started to blend our sounds to make words.  What words can you make with the sounds we have learnt so far?  Have a look at the sounds picture below.



We will be talking about our favourite books and the teachers favourite books.



Wednesday 4th October 2017  - Nursery and Reception Curriculum meeting.  


Have a super weekend

Mrs Pollington and Mrs Luck. 

Phonic Sounds and pictures

Phonic Sounds and pictures 1

Friday 22nd September.


This week we have enjoyed sharing our memory boxes, which has helped us to learn more about each.  The children have enjoyed our phonics sessions and have started to blend the sounds they have learnt, to make words.  We have also had fun finding things that begin with the same letter as our names on a sound walk. 


W/C 25/09/2017



We will be introducing the sounds c, k, b, u and f.



We will be estimating and counting groups of objects.



We will continue with our topic 'All about me,' and we will be talking about our feelings and how we can play together nicely.






Friday 15th September.


We have had another super week in Amethyst class and the children have enjoyed having lunch and staying all day. They are getting used to the routines and making friends. We have enjoyed hearing all about their families and they have drawn and labelled some super pictures.


W/C 18/9/2017


We will be introducing the sounds i, n, p, g and o.



We will continue with our topic 'All about me' We will be sharing our memory boxes and decorating them with our names.



We will be recognising numbers 1- 10 and counting and sorting objects.







Welcome to Amethyst Class!


We have had a lovely first few days in Amethyst Class. The children enjoyed exploring all the different areas in the class and making new friends. We have enjoyed seeing their lovely smiley faces!


Next week we will be starting phonics and learning the sounds - m, a, s, d, t.

We will be playing some 'getting-to-know-you' games and starting our topic -

All About Me!

Take a look below at what we have been doing this week!



Year Overview - Reception 2017- 2018